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oh dammit, what do i miss this game ; , ;. you dont wanna know how dissapointed i am.

I wont forget this game, i loved this so much and i met a lot of friends online. When i came home from work or had a bad day, i was just hanging out in the windhome/xanadu, just from the atmosphere. Even i did the 100 runes from starhenge dungeons. Last time, enmasse and allm, both companys screwed it up. For the future, i have lost my faith in your both companys. I still can't a gurantee that your next games will be online for a very very long time. As long that isn't, i cant play your games. Because it feels like i invested a lot of time and pooff game shut down.

An advice: keep in contact with the players ( make videos content with the devolopers of the game and tell the players whats the plan and which direction you want to go with the game) , keep investigate what went wrong and what went good and give the game its time to recover to its health ( if you do updates/ balance changes)

For everyone who played kritika, it was aweseome to play it with you guys. Even though i didn't like every single player in this game. I make videos and pictures before this game get lost:P

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