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Catspaw guide?

New player here. asking if anyone knows a guide for catspaw?


  • Keep hitting stuff till it dies while avoiding all attacks, always works.

  • SorkaSorka Member

    so.. what about weapons, skills etc.? I choose crit with atk speed always, but i am not sure if it is right

  • EroborosEroboros Member
    edited June 2017

    attack speed definitely as spawning off faster allow those 20-combos Cat Scratch proc faster after that you would want crit damage as you always get positioned for backstabs with cat scratches, attack power is also a good alternative if you can't get your hand on crit damage. As far as skill stuffs go you would want to use Lightning Cat (and all the kicks since those are crushing) to break shields, after the boss/elite shield is down, pace your kicks out so that you can weave spiral kill + claw slash in between, you also want to hit cat scratch as soon as possible for some extra stagger, if done right then you can stagger bosses indefinitely be it humanoid or gigantic bosses. Furball is a good escape/utility skill but not worth investing points past lvl 1 in imo.

  • eat sum catnip

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