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1 hour maintenance 7/27 9am PDT to 10am PDT

edited July 2017 in Patch Notes

We need to take a brief maintenance in order to deliver the 7/20~7/26 Arena Reward Distribution.

Players that were ranked should receive the reward in their mailbox after the servers come back up.

We expect the process to take less than an hour and be back up and running by 10am.

Thanks in advance!


  • Can you maybe post dates with EU timedates (CEST) too? :)

  • I really hope you're planning to extend the 30% buff an hour too

  • Can someone in the office casually reach under their desk and flip the "Graze" switch while its down, that would be much appreaciated.

  • A3E3YJ9K7RA3E3YJ9K7R Member

    But I worked hard for my 750 acc...

  • really maintenance is needed to do that? Can we get some automation for it...

  • @ShikamaruNara said:
    really maintenance is needed to do that? Can we get some automation for it...

    considering this is a 1 time issue and considering that the rankings are not actually ingame but saved on a different database which isnt even related to the game, yes, they need to take the server down for maintenance and give out rewards 'manually'.

  • eyyyyyy lmao can someone tell me how to stagger bosses in arena over the 80th floor much appreciated xD

  • knoxxerknoxxer Member, Administrator, Moderator, EME Staff, Pre-CBT Tester admin

    All done! Thanks everyone!

  • @knoxxer said:
    All done! Thanks everyone!

    no problem :D

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