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Survival Rating

Is there even point in enhancing those parts of gear that give purely defensive stats, i.e. chest, legs, and boots? I've enhanced all of my skyship legendaries to +9, head even to +11 for that additional 100 crit but honestly the difference in damage received is... barely noticeable. I take like maybe 300 damage less at best from regular mobs. The biggest survival boost seemed to be the increased life pool which let's you take 2-3 more hits.


  • AistAist Member, KOL ✭✭✭

    it feels like defense is kinda broken in this game. In future content it works better (at least in other versions), but right now it feels like you might as well have a 0 SR. With the way things are right now you are either getting one-shot or you are not getting hit. there seems to be very little in between that. Sure sometimes you might get hit a couple times before you die, but rarely is it ever going to make a difference in my opinion.

  • I am at about 25k survival and I dont really worry about any boss attacks besides the big one hit KO attacks. Where as my alt with 10k or 15k, whatever it is, gets one hit by anything. I wouldn't prioritise it over offensive stats by any means but definitely useful once you have finished with your offence. It's about the combination of defence and hp, you have to find that balance but as of now I'm not sure of the actual numbers behind defence.

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