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Fixing Launcher Errors (wall-o-text)

Common issues I have had and how to resolve them.

TL;DR: If you are having problems already and have not started playing yet, you might want to wait until these get fixed lest you spend as much time as me on these issues.

Problem: Installer not even doing its job (not installing)
Solution: Installer might be busted. Redownload it. If still not working then check he default location of the launcher at "C:\Users\Public\Games\En Masse Entertainment" and either a) see if there is an uninstall entry for it and uninstall it or b) delete the contents of that folder.

Problem: It's not opening/launching or gives "Host Single Instance" error
Solution: Wait a bit but If you need to wait more than minute you might have to open the task manager and kill the process. If you are getting that error then MUST kill the process.

Problem: This guys error: https://forums.enmasse.com/kritika/discussion/802/need-help-to-get-on-game-cant-fix-launcher-error (aka unable to download manifest)
Solution: Your modem/router runs IPV6 of some sort and so does your OS but something went wrong. Try disabling and re-enabling IPV6 on your OS. You should not have to reboot for that. Otherwise, reboot your router and/or disable IPV6 on it.
Explaination/Rant: If your OS runs IPV6 (aka has an IPV6 IP) then the launcher will prefer IPV6 for getting manifest and download data. If your IPV6 connectivity doesn't say "Internet" then you will get that VERY CONFUSING error and likely try stupid things like I did and uninstall the game, the launcher, manually removing registry entries before finally bothering to packet capture the launcher and see what is going on leading to a HUGE :headdesk: moment when you see Windows didn't get an IPV6 IP from the router and made a private one.

Problem: I hit "Play" but nothing happens.
Solution: Wait. Gameguard needs to make sure that you are not a cheater (or you a very skilled cheater and are just bypassing it). If you have waited and then waited some more followed by more waiting and still nothing has happened make sure that your anti-virus hasn't tried to nut-kick the launcher/program (add to whitelist!). If your anti-virus is cool then try seeing if Windows UAC needs your attention (press alt-tab) as Lameguard needs admin. If you have a kernel mode debugger turn it off and if it loads at boottime you might need to reboot. If you have done the above but still see just the launcher but not game in your face then try restarting the launcher. Failing that see if either the launcher or the client are taking nap by going into the task manager and killing them.

Problem: Gameguard error.
Solution: Google error number (or see here http://forums.gamersfirst.com/topic/85018-how-to-fix-game-guard-errors/). Error not there but it says you are a cheater, well... Guilty? Don't have what it says you have. Innocent? BAWHAHAHAHA you're screwed. Sorry. No really, anti-cheat sucks it doesn't get the smart cheaters and hurts everyone else =v.v=


  • Problem: "Failed to generate security..."
    Solution: Do not use a "virtual" connection (e.g., VMWare), a bridged connection, or a tethered connection via USB.

  • TehFrankTehFrank Member
    edited June 2017

    The Launcher does not appear to have any updates for it, so the above problems likely still exist.
    Bold warning text will get removed when game launches and/or launcher updates

    EDIT: I accidentally a word

  • The IPV6 thing worked! Thanks alot!

  • Problem: I can't click things on the launcher!
    Solution: Log in to the Enmasse website and redo their account guard thingy.

  • ChicksilogChicksilog Member, KOL
    edited October 2018

    Hi do you know what to do with this? after i patch it on Steam this happen.. D: Hope you can help me TIA! "https://imgur.com/a/IgULRX6"

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