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New Dungeons (Selling Carries?)

Anyone got ideas on how buying carries for the new dungeon will work since itll be a 4 man dungeon? Everyone is saying its too difficult for 200-300kcr on the PTS and its just barely solo-able for 400kcr. Wondering how the carries will work and if you guys got any thoughts ab it. Maybe itll be 2 people carrying and 2 people getting carried and each person being carried pays each person doing the carrying


  • It would be too convoluted to work through. It will probably be run as guild/friend group efforts with carries still available for ST for lower CR players to gear up.

  • MPonderMPonder Member ✭✭✭

    First they will gear themselvees with the new set + weapon, then they will sell carries with the OP weapon.

  • Pretty sad how the game ended up. You either whale, or you just get carried. Playing normally won't get you anywhere since by the time you get close, a new update would've already rendered your current goal useless. It's basically a paying simulator either way.

    Iirc, you can at least grind bg in Tera and get your weapon that way.

  • ImSmileyImSmiley Member ✭✭
    edited December 2017

    Abelard is pretty easy to do in party, even duo just take your time .. what do you guys want because it seems like whatever they add y'all never gonna be happy with it i feel bad for them at this point i only did abelard o e and half way trough titans and its hard even for me (396kcr) but its fun for the first in a while now you need to use your brain and figure it out instead of hiting your face against the keyboard and killing the boss.. but its just me i guess not everyone sees it thst way im still having lots of fun with the game as it is, i never had any problems to begin with anyways

    Just few words on this matter.. dont need to agree with what ive said
    Cheers and have a good day :p

  • YavanaYavana Member
    edited December 2017

    I'm not carrying anyone 1-4 right now because the weapon drop rate is abysmal or non-existent. I feel like I would be stealing their money. You can trade 1-3 in each dungeon with rotations, 1 person carries 3 alts, then they get on an alt and one of the alts get on their main and carries 3, etc. You can probably carry first three of Abelard with 275-325k CR depending on skill level and class. Titan dungeon you probably need 400k+ to carry the third boss for 1-3. Titan Dungeon I haven't bothered practicing how to carry the 4th. I assume you can use the same trick as Abelard to avoid eating your run.

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