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Story, of 2 MMOs

CHAPTER 1:Once upon a time, there was a daddy Smorceror, and a Mommy Spacecats and they took care of the little baby Kritika, protecting its forums from evil doers, and talking to it every day and even playing fun games with it, on stream. One day, kritika is playing with a Catspaw doll, then mamma Spacecats comes, and said "meet your new brother, closers". At first, they do get along, and are friends, but Closers wants all the attention. Smorceror and Spacecats start, to give all attention to little closers. One day, they came to kritika and farted on it, and told kritika that it smells like moldy cheese and then laughed. "it would be good, if that stinky Kritika, wasn't around no more" "Seriously, I was thinking the same thing, that's so crazy" so they started making a plan...

To be continued

(should the story, have a happy, or sad ending, you can decide)


  • ill never understand why en masse decided to take on 2 competing games at the same time.

  • MasazumiMasazumi Member

    It's not like they also care about Closers though.
    Sad ending.

  • AngryPurplePurpsAngryPurplePurps Member ✭✭✭

    Closer hype is bad hype, game isn't even that active either, they should've just focused all their attention on Kritika and make it better before releasing Closer, En Masse has become literally the next Nexon and Failzen (Webzen)

  • Up, for part 2. :)

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