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Soul Worker open beta

is up if anyone needs a break from the kritika RNG machine.


  • MPonderMPonder Member ✭✭✭

    Is gameforge a bad publisher?

  • MPonderMPonder Member ✭✭✭
    edited February 2018

    Listened there is break in enhance with the need to buy cash item to restore it.

    Have to see if the enhance system is just another thing to milk people, and almost impossible to get high enhance level without $$$

  • rarii763rarii763 Member

    Tried it, and im just going to wait for 70 cap here. The game has great art and a okay combat system, but kritika action is still number one for me :)

  • Tried it and Kritika combat is way better lol

    Skills and movement durant combat is nothing smooth

  • 2EndLifes4u2EndLifes4u Member ✭✭

    soul worker :

    1- enhancement is milking the community after +4 u have the chance to break the item, 10 bucks to restore the item u have 4 chances to break the item and restore it if u consume them all its gone for good u can restore the amount of break of the item by buying cash shop item dont remember the price or u can buy Q.B.D to protect the item from breaking while enhancing

    2-combat is nothing near kritika the flinch is bad the impact of the combo is too weak compared to kritika

    3- optimization way much better then kritika the game is smooth

    well after all its a fun game

  • MyriasMyrias Member ✭✭

    @MPonder said:
    Is gameforge a bad publisher?

    several of my friends got them on their blocklist... they are bad! :/

  • TuerkanteTuerkante Member
    edited February 2018

    gameforge doesnt have the netname failforge for nothing, but for what ist worth, ima give it a try, to Keep me from kritika Burnout. good Thing fishing in the Background hahah xD
    and seeing how neglected kritika is compared to closers, eme isnt any better at the Moment ....

  • Cross on gameforge! To skip absolutely.

  • Agreed, GF sucks, last game I played from them (Air Rivals / Ace Online ) turned into an insane cash grab, the worst I've seen of any online experience I've had.
    SW might be worth a try though. Just don't invest money until you're certain the game is your thing (i.e. you've seen the endgame and how the cash shop affects it and all) because GF's reputation is just that bad. I wouldn't buy a founder's pack equivalent from them even if this was the greatest game in the universe.

    I might be very negatively biased because I've worked with gameforge and I know, from the inside, that their policies resemble those of a certain german dictatorship, especially when it comes to player feedback (and I'm not talking about the kind of whining we get here that just gets ignored, I'm talking about well educated feedback on serious problems) they, at least a few years ago, just removed any and all "bad thing" on their forums to "preserve their image", and one can see very well from just a few posts above mine how good an image they have.

    That said, it's been quite some years. Might be better now (????)

  • DownIoadDownIoad Member ✭✭✭

    I've been let down by Nexon with vindictis and let down by ENMASS with Kritika so game forge might let me down as well but that's life and it goes on.

    Anyways, I joined in last night to check out the game and holy crap it's hyped. There was major lag last night because of the insane amount of people flooding that game and their servers cannot handle it obviously. when I did get to play non laggy gameplay The combat is very similar to Kritika except its much more difficult in terms of the boss especially, they hit like the original Petra from kritika. The combat is not as smooth as kritika but it's still smooth and fluid. The character design is much more limited from what I can tell, basic starting features and clothing that cannot be dyed from what I can tell so far. The visuals are stunning and it feels like you are in an anime.

    Be warned tho, I played for 3 hours last night and during that time I had to reconnect around 50 times because of the buggy dungeon entering issue that's currently happening with the thousands of players flooding the game.

    Kritika is just a very boring game at end game, easily one of the worst I've ever experienced and that's why i left over a month ago. I hope that this game is decent or at least holds me off till monster hunter online fires up.

  • well i jumped the Train last night too, but i didnt have those connect issues. but leveling in soulworker seems horribly slow. like 4 or 5 hrs of gameplay still only lvl 10 Oo. Difficulty wise, it doesnt feel overtuned like kritika yet, where ist either hit and kill first or just die oneshotstyle. but Needs some degree of dodging skills and knowing boss Patterns and lot of room to improve. definetly nothing casual but still not overtuned. and decent game

  • I tried it out a bit yesterday and I did get that constant freeze when trying to entering dungeons, just had to go to "Reset Position" option in Esc to fix it but it does get really annoying as it happens to me like 1-2 times every time I try to enter a dungeon. The gameplay seems fine but a bit slower than Kritika which I like Kritika for being really fast paced, but maybe SW gets much faster at higher levels but felt slower in comparison (Even if comparing starting out in Kritika Vs starting out in SW imo).

    It's not a bad game and I'll probably invest some time in it and maybe even play it a bit today/tomorrow but I'm a bit worried about investing a lot of time in it though...since the GMs said that there still "MIGHT" be a wipe depending on how things go, which I find annoying for there to be a wipe in an open beta. I do like the character designs a lot in SW and I play Stella since I've always been a healer main in mmo's and was sad when there wasn't one in Kritika so I was happy to see one in SW. Which honestly might be why I get the feeling it's slower than Kritika, maybe it's just because Stella is the support that it feels much slower, might have to try out Lily soon then as well.

    We'll have to see how things go for them, since it is gameforge after all and last I rem...there were so bad that **a lot ** of players from EU Tera went to NA Tera because of it lol.

  • SalvatoriSalvatori Member
    edited February 2018

    It's funny how this thread is still open lmao

    I guess EME just don't really care enough about this game or community anymore to have people to moderate the forums huh

  • actually yes while elveling Speed is kinda meh, but endgame it gets a lot faster if you got the correct gear.

  • TwilightPandaTwilightPanda Member ✭✭✭

    I tried the game, and it is booty, just pure booty, nuff said :/

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