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Dawn of Awakenings Update Patch Note

edited May 2018 in Patch Notes

We go into maintenance to deploy the Dawn of Awakenings update on Thursday, May 31, at 2 p.m. PDT. We expect downtime to last about two hours.


  • We added a second chapter to Kritika Online’s Windhome quests, telling the story of the search for Juli.


  • We added four new Danger Zones, accessible via the Windhome Danger Zone highway:
    -- Suffering Spring
    --- Recommend CR
    ---- Easy: 100,000
    ---- Normal: 170,000
    ---- Hard: 280,000
    ---- Insane: 580,000
    --- Boss: Yacharu [Chieftain] Yogos
    --- Drops include Reide chest and materials.
    -- Dragon Peaks
    --- Recommend CR
    ---- Easy: 120,000
    ---- Normal: 190,000
    ---- Hard: 300,000
    ---- Insane: 600,000
    --- Boss: Dragon Mormoull
    --- Drops include Harkon chest and materials.
    -- Gate Portal
    --- Recommend CR
    ---- Easy: 140,000
    ---- Normal: 210,000
    ---- Hard: 320,000
    ---- Insane: 640,000
    --- Boss: [Nine-Tail] Meguran
    --- Drops include Reide legs and materials.
    -- Worldly Pit
    --- Recommend CR
    ---- Easy: 160,000
    ---- Normal: 230,000
    ---- Hard: 340,000
    ---- Insane: 660,000
    --- Boss: [Space-Time Priest] Xeno
    --- Drops include Harkon legs and materials.
    -- All Danger Zones are connected to the original Kritika Online main story.
    --- Entering each Danger Zone session costs 1 Fatigue Point.


  • The Dawn of Awakenings update introduces a new ultimate zone: the Dusk Pirates' Den.
    -- Pirate Shan is the true leader of the Wasteland pirates, and has been storing treasure in their den.

  • This Ultimate Zone is made for the most experienced players; even those players will find it extremely difficult. It has six stages, each of which costs 1 Fatigue Point. Players can clear the Dusk Pirates’ Den twice per week.
    -- 2nd Stage
    --- Recommended CR: 1,000,000
    --- Drops include [Dusk] Reide or Harkon hands.
    -- 4th Stage
    --- Recommended CR: 1,500,000
    --- Drops include [Dusk] Pirate King weapon.
    -- Ultimate Boss Stage (6th)
    --- Recommended CR: 1,850,000
    --- Drops include [Dusk] Pirate Empress weapon.
    ---- These CR recommendations have been adjusted from the PTS version


  • Added New Titles relating to the new Danger Zones.


  • Second Awakening allows players to advance their characters a second time, unlocking new skills—just as they did when they unlocked their Advanced classes at level 15.
  • Characters who have reached level 70, with a CR of 170,000, in the following classes are eligible for Second Awakening.
  • At this time, only the following classes are able to unlock their Second Awakening quest:
    -- Warriors: Berserker, Doomblade, Fire Lord
    -- Monks: Star Monk, Void Monk

  • After their Second Awakening, the character gains access to six powerful new skills: five active skills and a passive buff skill.
    -- The class name and appearance changes as well.

  • To bring existing skills in line with Second Awakening, we have adjusted skill balance (including imprinting).


  • Berserker
    -- Decreases the bleeding rate of Roundup Assault on Intimidating Roar.

  • Fire Lord
    -- Rapid load now applies to: Uppercut, Lava Wave, Cannon Fist, Meteor Fist, Rocket Smash, Godsbane. (Note: in the current build, Rocket Smash is inaccurately referred to as “Devil Dive” in the tooltip of Over-Energize)
    -- Rapid load increases Fire Lord's Crit Damage.
    --- Decreased Attack Power of Empower.
    -- Fiery Smite spends only one load.
    -- Erupting lava from Hellfire Hot Tub isn't move forward.
    -- Level 4 Prime Attribute change: Increases Damage for 4 sec after Rapid load.

  • Fire Lord Major Imprints have changed.
    -- Flaming Fist: Explosion—Increased Buff Duration.
    -- Wildfire: Damage Buff—Increased Buff Duration.
    -- Double-Tap: Cannon Fist—Increased Damage.
    -- Double-Tap: Empower—Increased Damage.

  • Doom Blade
    -- The additional Damage of Shadow Stride is based on Doomblade's curse.

  • Doomblade Major Imprints have changed.
    -- Cursed Blade: Deadly Draw—Added Spirit Barrage.
    -- Cursed Blade: Doomblade—Increases Dark Bonus by 10 for each stack of curse.

  • Void Monk
    -- Level 1 Prime Attribute changed—Increases Damage by 3%, instead of Attack Power 1000.
    -- Level 3 Prime Attribute changed—Increased Duration
    -- Ultra-Dark is now a passive skill that triggers when using Void Surge twice.


  • We reworked the Etherforce system and updated the UI for clarity.
  • All characters will get their Etherforce points back after update.
  • You can start using the new Etherforce system by talking to Basher in Keskyu Outpost at level 60.
    -- Max level characters can also talk to Basher in Windhome.

  • At level 60, Etherforce points caps at 3000, and increased to 6000 at level 65.

  • Etherforce rewards from daily quests in Starhenge and Xanadu have increased.
  • Each Etherforce step grants specific ability bonuses.
    -- The first step, Valorous, enhances Defense, Attack Power, Accuracy, HP, and in-town movement speed.
    -- The second step (Eager) unlocks as follows:
    --- Clear the Shattered Table
    --- Increase Combat rating to 300,000
    --- Spend 2,000,000 gold..

  • Ability bonuses increase over time by using one of three Etherforce Forges
    -- Inferior – Spend 100 Etherforce, may raise or lower bonuses.
    -- Average – Spend 100 Etherforce and 200000 gold, bonuses either increase or are unchanged.
    -- Superior – Spend 100 Etherforce and 15 Whetstone IV, increases all bonuses.


  • Updated Alandra’s shop.
    -- [Event] Water of Life I: Resurrection buff for 10 min. (Auto resurrection once but not spending resurrection limit)
    -- [Event] Daily Box: Random reward
    -- Alandra's Memento has been removed from the shop, and will be removed from the game on Wednesday, June 6.

  • Added Basher to Keskyu Outpost. (Etherforce)

  • Added Scar to Lantir. (Arena)
  • Added Whetstone IV Box (7 Day) to Maril’s shop. Each box contains 100 Whetstone IV.
  • Added tradeable items to Grand King Piglet’s store.


  • Added an Evo tutorial quest to Gorval.
    -- Players receive [Quest] Deathguard Earrings and learn to evolve them.

  • Adjusted gear rewards from Starhenge quests.
    -- Players receive a gear select box at level 65, and two boxes for completing each Starhenge story quest, for a total of 9 boxes. Boxes have a ton of stuff to help your character progression, including Evo1 and Starhenge gear.

  • Increased the drop rate of Major Imprints.

  • Adjusted the contents of Sealed Mysteriouser Boxes


  • You can now see Former Season Rank Info in Fractured Memories.
  • A UI bug that sometimes occured during auto enhancement is fixed.
  • An incorrect description for the Assassin's Major Imprint has been corrected.
  • An incorrect description for the Star Monk Level 1 Prime Attribute is corrected.


  • AngryPurplePurpsAngryPurplePurps Member ✭✭✭

    Don't like the idea the update is happening in the afternoon, it should've been 10 or 8 AM PDT so servers could go up sooner. But whatever I'll just wait until I start farming to save RP and for 2nd awakening.


    Oh cmon that means i won't be able to play today cause i'm from Europe and the update is 2 pm pdt nice...

  • 5XYJL3W6D95XYJL3W6D9 Member, KOL

    Man, the only thing that i dislike about this is the way you're handling this etherforce transition. Basically we're all gonna log in with a reduction in actual combat ability due to a loss of etherforce. Basically i'll log in with -30 accuracy, -30 attk -30 def and -20 or so Evade, and I can't simply build it back in due to the way the new system works. :neutral:

  • knight6knight6 Member

    @5XYJL3W6D9 said:
    Man, the only thing that i dislike about this is the way you're handling this etherforce transition. Basically we're all gonna log in with a reduction in actual combat ability due to a loss of etherforce. Basically i'll log in with -30 accuracy, -30 attk -30 def and -20 or so Evade, and I can't simply build it back in due to the way the new system works. :neutral:

    Does anyone else get better performance on PTS than on live server?

  • destROYer2357destROYer2357 Member, KOL

    Greetings from KawaiSan!

    This is a really nice update!

    I like how you listened to us and tweaked the values required for the superior EF forge. Thanks EME! Also the enhancement UI bug, that made my life hell most of the times when I wanted to enhance my Dusk stuff is getting fixed. Kudos! Making new EFP system available at level 60 is REALLY a good idea. I like how this isn't the case with other versions. Definitely can say our version is unique. I am liking how this slightly takes a turn from the wrong direction to the right one. If our Major Imprints drop is actually reflected from the trials I'll be putting in, I can say that this is really a very nice aid to the people who need to catch up with existing players. EFP cap increase and EFP rewards from dailies is another appreciable thing.

    Now, to the people that put up some childish complaints above, the Patch release time is a problem? Come on buddy, that is very stupid. Also to someone who said this EFP system is bad, I'd say, this system HAD to be implemented some day or the other since it was already released my ALLM in other servers/versions. So that point is bad too.

    edited May 2018

    Thank you for reducing cr requirements for new ultimate zone.. maybe i'll have to pay less for carries now :)


    cannot unlock wordly pit and pirate's den. pls fix

  • Cant unlock xeno and pirate den! After Soci dies, all it says is "Main Quest Available" with no main quest anywhere! Same issue happened in PTS on 1st day! Did u guys seriously didnt fix it after a MONTH??? I cant get my 2nd awakening without this! Whats the point of this update, if u cant get to the new stuff because of a bug?!

    edited June 2018


  • Reinstalled Kritika just in case it was a problem on my side, but nope, still cant unlock Xeno, thus cant unlock 2nd awakening... Rip Kritika, ill just go play PoE in new league tomorrow...

  • BeFrostBeFrost Member ✭✭

    What's the point of pts if you don't fix bugs before release really guys

    edited June 2018

    Bosses on Pirate Den are bugged apparently. Shark boss doesnt always spawn rocks when he dives under ground making him invulnerable for a longer time than it's meant to be. And Shana, last boss spawns excessive frost waves, on a whole map, making them inevitable and also causing significant fps lag. Please take a look at it and fix asap


    Pls.. have we even got chance to get gunmage and valkyrie sec awaken ? Its not even stated in the future development

  • @CCPDG6TYCA said:
    Pls.. have we even got chance to get gunmage and valkyrie sec awaken ? Its not even stated in the future development

    Gunmage is getting some balance fixes in the upcoming patches they mentioned it here https://kritika.enmasse.com/news/posts/hello-again-kritika-online-players
    Valk and gunmage 2nd awakening on the other hand, well I just hope u love valk so much u are prepared to stick with first awakening till literally every other class gets 2nd (except maybe mages? devs seem to hate them)

  • Have some probleme with 2nd Awaken for Star Monk How, Who, and Where is unlock him ? i'm level 70 with 486,679 Cr and nothing. ( i finish all quests in Windhome, Xanadu ) So how i unlock the 2nd?

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