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New dungeon (pirat one)

Ok so what the hell is with the shark boss.. its bugged... it has skill cancels... it starts a skill and then goest to next ... feels broken since it can 1 hit u with the skills it can instant cast... also the ultimate armor.... sometimes does not drop... like it drops x100 slower then other times XD wtf another broken thing... and the skilll where it digs under and u have to jump on stones... it sometimes hits you when you are jumping off even tho ur way away from the stone... and the stones dont spawn at all sometimes ..... stupid... bosses like this are reason i have quit other games...


  • KWDYC4F9K7KWDYC4F9K7 Member, KOL

  • A3E3YJ9K7RA3E3YJ9K7R Member

    first of all, you should probably disable to cutscene on your 2nd awakening uptimate from settings as that got you killed in the video. Your attackspeed is too fast causing the skill iframe/animation to be shorter than the cutscene.

    the mass ice shards on the other hand is a bug and the best way to survive is run around first and iframe if close to getting caught and make sure to get hit by ice shards as far from boss as possible and spam potions.

    The new dungeon is annoying and buggy (and yes I can solo it) and doesnt support party play at all like they claimed, we have terrible ping and connection in the dungeon and people who can play everything else in game decently gets random disconnects and lots of lag on same level as fractured memories. Bad optimization coming to play.

    this boss uses the fire attack to the water outside of map and casts map full of ice shards and you cant tab out of it, if you revive after dying to the ice shard bug you cannot move after and have to leave to town (other way is to get frames from getting knocked down.

    shark sometimes doesnt spawn the rocks at all when he goes underground leading into you having to run for 30 seconds for no reason.

    Not even mentioning bad drop rate again for restricted dungeon(2 weekly) that is hard to play and doesnt have a fail safe, basically promoting alt army and carry business again.

    just few things I have noticed about the dungeon.

    They need to take a look at it for sure.


    omg db with 3 mil cr struggles with new ultimate zone, need more buffs asap :'(

  • SpireaSpirea Member ✭✭✭

    He did not wallblade, bad DB.

  • AganiceAganice Member

    What are you talking about? Game is fine, you just play it wrong.

  • Keep practicing, run looks really unpolished.

  • WarFaceSystemXWarFaceSystemX Member, Pre-CBT Tester

    I did fine with a 1.8mil CR zerk, whats ur issue? xd

  • KitsuneCuddlerKitsuneCuddler Member, KOL

    How 2 beat shan 101


    Anyone can give a guide on shark? > @KitsuneCuddler said:

    How 2 beat shan 101

    Can you give a video on how to kill shark effeciently? Ur DB is amazing. Thanks for info. :)

  • WarFaceSystemXWarFaceSystemX Member, Pre-CBT Tester

    who needs to be a DB? Zerk is fine class

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