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Enhancer blessing

Please tell me if someone has had a higher number than this? Seeing results like this is both sad and amazing at the same time. Purely out of curiosity of course.

I think the last I remember seeing posted in the forum was 21% some months ago?



    what's more sadder is this is for a gunmage unless you are preparing for prodigy in august

  • WarFaceSystemXWarFaceSystemX Member, Pre-CBT Tester

    Why did u evo it so soon? should've got it to +11 before u evo one it l3l

  • AngryPurplePurpsAngryPurplePurps Member ✭✭✭

    @NAWAXEYNR5 @WarFaceSystemX ladies ladies ladies, calm down, all Trigg asked was if anyone seen it any higher, no need to be smartasses. I mean why in the heck would a FM want to go Harkon Tunic and why would it matter if Trigg evo'd it so soon, players choice.

  • DiabelliaDiabellia Member, KOL ✭✭✭

    obviously to salvage for that sweet hammer...

  • BeFrostBeFrost Member ✭✭

    why wouldn't you evo it asap .......

  • VixeyRedFoxVixeyRedFox Member, KOL

    That is about my luck and have pushed over that number way more often then not, pushed one just over 27% on a +8 before and just got through a horrid run on multiple items. There is a reason I never work on gear in this game due to how much bad luck and anger I get constantly. Was just trying to upgrade a character with a few of the tier 9. Had one item tier 9 taking 500 stability just getting to +6, the Tier 9 weapon taking close to 1250 stability to +10. Overall for the Acc and weapon took about 3k stability + the 250 all 4 started with so about 4k used in total. and about 2700 or so wheat stones. When you get 40+ fails on about every try from +6 up on those tiers of all things, they should push over some % over, but seems never helps, the game will pass you on first try to +9 or after try 60 when ever it feels like it. Love how most players say getting to +10 is not that hard LOL. Sadly all my caps from the really high %'s happened on my tier 7 rounds months ago had been on my old hard drive that died. Prefer not to look at them as they really get me pissed off and these rounds mostly pushed around 13-18%, but was happening almost every round it seemed after +5.

  • VertanaciaVertanacia Member, KOL

    @BeFrost the reason you don't want to evo it immediately is because evo'ing restores your stability so it's like having free fixi-it hammers if you evo after spending all of the items stability

  • Wujek1382Wujek1382 Member

    @Vertanacia also evolved gear eat more scrolls when u wanna change attributes on it so start from scrolls.... dunno but probably cost of enhance itself is higher for evo item.

  • LabeliLabeli Member, KOL

    Overall enhancing is just pure RNG. But personally i think 20% is what i have gotten.

  • xManiNekoxManiNeko Member ✭✭✭

    My highest was 28.6 from trying to get my ring +14->+15 o.o
    Bad part about RNG, I'm happy that I never had that with +16-+18

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