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Void Monk needs bug fixes and balance changes

I am here to ask for some bug fixes and a few balance changes towards Void monk because I think he really needs these to have better gameplay, more diversity in builds and combos and such. I will use VM as an abbreviation for the Void monk in this post

Firstly I will talk about the bug that is for one very annoying and also impacts the gameplay for everyone who happens to be there with the VM when he uses it and it is the ability "Dark fall". the bug is that, when used, the frame rate drops by a very good margin. For someone with a lower end PC like mine, it goes down to 5 fps while if someone has a better PC it goes down to 15 from 60 or above frames. this affects all the party members and makes it very hard for the VM to land his abilities with all the lag and wastes most of the dark gems he generates.

Secondly, I would like to discuss the VM abilities that are very bad right now even when we put max points into it. Abilities like Piercing punch and double kick are great examples of these kinds of abilities although there are a few more such as Void wave, dark rampage, shattering barrage and hurricane kick but they aren't as bad. the thing with these abilities is that at max level, the damage values are too low to be of any use for us in our combos. if the damage values are ok then other effects are making the ability feel lacking and thus we don't put many points into them which lowers the build diversity we have. ill discuss the problems below.

1. Double kick: Double kick's damage values are very bad and its scalings are very low to do any actual damage in dungeons.
2. Piercing Punch:the scalings for piercing punch is fine. the thing that makes it so bad is the range and charge time. the charge time is VERY high and the max range we get on it is very bad. I would like to see if we could have changes such as increasing the range by quite a bit or making the range fixed (i.e the range does not scale with charge time and stays same) and the charge would have other effects like giving us some more dark gems when fully charged which would make the ability much better.

I request that we get some other damage buffs to other abilities as well since the ability scalings aren't as good as that of other classes. highest scalings are 58 to 60 k attack power while other classes have some 80k to 100k attack power abilities. this difference can make VM fall off in terms of damage when he has the same amount of stats as them which will not put in a good spot as a class.

Thank you for reading through all of this. I hope these changes go through and VM can have more build diversity, and it can become a better class overall.


  • there are some more things i will talk about but right now i have completely forgotten about them so i will post them later


    Read latest patch notes
    And void monk doesn't need more dmg

  • ReiatzuReiatzu Member, KOL ✭✭✭

    I think Void Monk is at a very strong spot right now in NA/EU, or at least comparatively to other classes. Many classes right now have more than 2 useless skills with some mage classes have half their kit not being viable in comparison. But there is nothing wrong with wanting to make your class better. The main focus atm seems to bring up weaker classes like mages and 2nd awakenings to classes who doesn't have it. They will eventually get back to other classes and re-balance them again. I think Allm is releasing a KR balancing patch across all the classes this month. It might have something for monk, but we probably won't see this anytime soon.

  • RomanHolidayRomanHoliday Member, Player Moderators mod

    Void Monk, from a balance perspective, is in a good spot in the North America / Europe regions; they can clear all forms of content (Fractured Memory, Arena, Ultimate Danger Zones, etc.) effectively and in a respectable time. That being said, I don't think that it's in the best of places for the class as a whole. There is very little build diversity when it comes to playing the class as it ultimately comes down to one question: Is this move better than Void Kick? The answer, is almost always no. Void Monk, Doomblade, and Firelord are perfect examples of having a lot of situational skills, but whose strength comes from having one move that is repeatable infinitely assuming you have the resources. This makes you funnel all of your focus into that one skill and figuring out how to use as many of that skill as possible within a given time period. Case in point, Doomblade and Void Monk put all of their imprints towards their respective spammable skills, both majors and superiors.

    There are currently skills that are not worth investing in (piercing punch and dual kick as you've mentioned) and certain skills like Darkfall cause FPS lag regardless of your settings due to the optimization of the skill / game. Void Monk is hard to play and master but it isn't lacking, just leans on some skills very heavily which leads to a repetitive game experience. While I would love to see some changes to improve this situation not only for Void Monk but for Fire Lord and Doomblade as well, I think there are other classes who need attention first so that they become playable and in a good spot as well.

  • Wujek1382Wujek1382 Member

    @Reiatzu said:
    I think Void Monk is at a very strong spot right now in NA/EU, or at least comparatively to other classes. Many classes right now have more than 2 useless skills with some mage classes have half their kit not being viable in comparison. But there is nothing wrong with wanting to make your class better.

    Amen to that.
    U complaining that 2 skill are bad working :D well yeah but my classes in best imprint tree have like 8!!!! skill that are broken or work bad ima 9 if we are talking about FM and FPS drops o/
    Its good that u wanna improve and fix your class but noticed that there are BROKEN classes that CANT DO CONTENT at all or if so there are WHALES.
    Your care/post about VM is good but eme needs to improve/change/loves others classes and need to do it asap.
    Dont take it like a attack on you but im so pissed on eme that "chossen" classes can do stuff easy while other .... are dead. I dont have problems that content is hard, i like it when i need to co-op with friends to do it, but i wish all that "chosen" and broken classes should sweat to do it and runs shouldn't be like 2-6 min but 20 min (ultimate zone) like normal mmo dungeons.

  • I agree that many classes have useless abilities. we should make posts about them so that eme and allm can do something about them rather than us waiting for them to notice first.

    and as far as useless skills go, VM has many as well. like 4 or 5 is what i can remember rn. i just want changes that can give me more build diversity.

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