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Suggestion: Remove fishing

Remove fishing from game.
Make Hux flame crate or w/e is it called from skyship letters give 125 gold kritium shards instead of 50.
Will make all the afk fishers actually play the game more.
Will make people farm in game not only for evo mats, but for boss souls to convert them into letters and then for hammers, scrolls, gkc, ress stones, potions, etc.
Will bring gkc it's value back, so new players can sell gkc from letter farm and earn gold from that, like we used to do before fishing came to our servers.
Will make game less laggy because of idle fishers standing on every channel in town areas.


  • A3E3YJ9K7RA3E3YJ9K7R Member

    As you brought up letters i want to say that I see potential future addition being letters enabled in newer maps of windhome for example instead of forcing players to run skyship. Altho it wont really make any difference if the intrusion bosses and rewards wont be adjusted for higher cr. It's a shame that letters only work in dungeons that are otherwise useless for max lvl players.

    Letters bring people together for common profit and give very clear grinding goals to get the boxes for fixed rewards without drop rng involved, also motivates some people to continue farming blue/green rp.

    If developer some day ends up seeing fishing as an actual problem for the game, I feel like better solution would be deleting current cheap baits and adding bait that makes fishing unable to feed itself instead forcing players to burn their rp everyday if they wish to fish at night. But yeah... I think fishing is ok.

  • MaljasMaljas Member

    Completely agree with OP. Lots of pluses with this.

  • JerryloverJerrylover Member

    Don't remove fishing plz that's my life :'(

  • AistAist Member, KOL ✭✭✭
    edited August 2018

    Fishing is such horrible band-aid fix for the lack of materials actually dropping. I would much rather play the game and get materials than turn on auto fishing before i go to bed at night. Fishing should have never become such an important part of the game. Fishing should be for little side things like potions and Dye points, you know fun little stuff that doesnt actually affect the game. It shouldn't be the main way to get important resources.

  • AngryPurplePurpsAngryPurplePurps Member ✭✭✭

    I don't even think with the removal of fishing would force people to farm as much, there's still RP which limits people to even farm in the game for a long period, which is a huge turn off to them. If En Masse is smart they should think (Talk with Allm) about removing RP like they removed the fatigue system (Naddiac made a smart move) in Closers after the removal of fatigue the player spike in Closers went up because they can now farm for materials easily and at ease without worrying of any limitations.


    but letter farm doesn't require rp. We used to do it on green rp, after farming purple and blue on bella xd. also can use different characters for it, since dungeon only needs 50-100k cr to run at lightning speed

  • PP597W94LAPP597W94LA Member, KOL

    removes the fishing or removes the automatic fishing system and puts some button to have that catches the fish at the right moment, or does the same as the PVP with serves separately for them leaves afk character afk fishing

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