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Action Zones- ridiculous.

What the hell is with the balance of these zones? The mini bosses hit harder then the level 70 ultimate zone bosses and the bosses are nearly 1hkos. That would be ok if they also didn't have Ultra, so they just swing away while you attack. I always kill them before even getting halfway through their armor bar. Seriously wtf is up with these dungeons? It's an obvious gear check, except your stats are locked? Is there some cheese or strategy I'm missing because I usually just end up ress'ing and zerging the boss to death with big hits.



  • W97Y7P6EN6W97Y7P6EN6 Member, KOL

    your stats are locked there. gear don't matter.
    it's just a ress stone sink for whales and nolifers.

  • SpooklesSpookles Member, KOL ✭✭✭

    Action Zones are just flat out terrible. I did them a couple times and will not be going back. Regardless of gear they are completely broken. Like the guy said they are just a revive stone sink. To bad they arent like imprint dungeons where you just take off your badges and they get 10x easier/faster. Action zones seem to be tuned to around 500k CR , yet dump you in there with about 100k CR. And the SR they give you for these is abysmal. Everything is a oneshot almost. I am not even going to bother talking about the ridiculous mechanics and never ending shield/ulra bars in these.

    There is nothing in these that make me think they are worth doing. Honestly, it would take an INSANE amount of rewards to make me go in and waste mountains of revives every day to do this. A little Etherforce and some other minor junk isnt going to do it.

  • KattyKiraKattyKira Member, KOL

    Like @Spookles said, there isn't anything in Action Zones right now that really seems worth it to get. I was thinking about doing them on my Elemancer, but like @W97Y7P6EN6 said, its a resurrection stone sink. You'll use at least 3 per run if not more. Although, it helps if you go in with more than just you doing it solo, but still someone will end up using a few. And don't waste your water of life potions there. Not worth it for the rewards you can get from Jingo.

  • ReiatzuReiatzu Member, KOL ✭✭✭
    edited September 2018

    Action zones are heavily class dependent. Some classes such a s DB feels terrible to do it in and you'll end up just sinking res stones. Classes like Catspaw and Wolfguardian can 1-2 skill those bosses down. I clear the dungeon with no problem on my catspaw and it takes me 30-40 seconds to clear it. My elemancer is a little bit slower than my cat, but has no trouble clearing it either. She can usually one cycle the bosses down without getting hit in the dungeon. Here are some other tips:

    1) Imprints are important. Imprints makes a huge difference in action zones since stats are locked.
    2) On use items such as harkon earrings and boss artifact does wonders here.
    3) You can team up with one other person for these dungeons. Duo it with a class with high burst damage.
    4) FM skill helps a bit here too such as huuman/fey damage.

  • paffy30paffy30 Member, KOL

    @W97Y7P6EN6 said:
    your stats are locked there. gear don't matter.
    it's just a ress stone sink for whales and nolifers.



    gear doesnt matter regardless dungeon need a dmg nerf its retarded


    i was literally about to make a complaint on forumn on this lol
    spent over 30 res stones trying to clear on elemancer first reaching lvl 65 really retarded fkin en masse dont play their game

  • WarFaceSystemXWarFaceSystemX Member, Pre-CBT Tester

    dOnT pLaY GaMe tHeN iF yOu CaN't dO sOmEtHiNg

  • VarioussVariouss Member, KOL

    the action zone is fine, u can buy daily 6x 25hammers with the coins, its not ment to be solo'd its a duo dungeon and its pure base is your skills
    i do it with a friend and together we use both only 1 max 2 res per dungeon

    if you cant handle the dungeon dont try, its a place where you actually have to fight, not walk around like a chicken and let someone else carry you

  • SpireaSpirea Member ✭✭✭

    Action zone is pretty unbalanced for some classes, wolf guardian takes 30 seconds to clear while Doomblade took me 2 minutes and several res stones.

  • BeFrostBeFrost Member ✭✭

    Frost mage is also very easy

  • VarioussVariouss Member, KOL

    there are a few factors that count

    your class depends on your damage, some can spam high DPS skills while others dont, if you class is a lower DPS team up with a high dps player since this is a 2 player dungeon
    your skills help allot, timing dodges and iframes, knowing your rotations and such
    its a 2 player dungeon, make use of a friend and try to work in tandem with eachother
    your pet skill can help allot to either slow down, damage or heal so dont forget to use a good pet when doing it

  • Doomblade players should try using the bottom 3 imprints for action zones; should result in fewer deaths and faster clears. I don't know if this is the most optimal way to clear with DB's, but I use the bottom 3 & x9 deadly draw, it's usually enough to make it out with 0-3 death's soloing. I do agree that action zones are ridiculous, they're too difficult for the rewards that they give. The damage that enemies do across the board needs to be re-evaluated; defense just scales too poorly in this game for the damage to be this high.

  • I feel the action zones are fine, mainly for the fact that the only thing that is really worth it is the 6 daily 25-fixit hammers (unless you really wanted the npc costume). You can just do all 4 runs of the action zones of 1 day and then you'll be set for the hammers for the next 3 days.

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