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Is Vamp too weak ?


Iam a Vamp player on EUW and i want to ask this question to all vamp players out there : Is Vamp too weak (atm) ?
I hope to start a discussion on strenghts and weaknesses of the vamp.

Iam of the opinion, that vamp is indeed too weak. Vamp has not had much luck in the past updates. Attribute boni are plain bad with even the lvl 5 boni only granting us 50% crit dmg for a limited amount of time. The main imprint set most of us use did get the survivablity portion flat out removed from it. Our 2nd awakening gave us a skill that is great in dmg but has the slashing dmg type while most of our dmg skills have piercing and that in turn makes the new artifacts bad for us since we roughly deal 50% slashing and 50% piercing dmg so 1 dmg type gets neglected while most other classes can benefit 100% from the new dmg type artifacts. And last but not least our dawn gear set is one of the worst sets released.
Just a quick comparison between the vamp hat and the ALREADY NERFED cat hat:

Vamp gets 8% dmg on bloody hell which is our nuke and second best dmg skill and 7% dmg to scythe rift which is maybe the 4-6 th most damaging skill.
Cat gets 11 and 12% to her 2 most damaging skills.
And that are only the numbers on the hat if u look at the whole set it gets even worse.

I already heard 1 quick and dirty solution to many of Vamps problems and like to post it here ( i dont remember from whom i heard it so i can't give credit). Make all of Vamps skills 1 dmg type or maybe mix it up like blood restoring skills are slashing and blood spending skills are piercing. that alone can be a huge dmg buff since we can use the new artifact to its full potential and also dmg type gems will be more potent on vamp.

What are your thoughts on the matter ? How could they make Vamp a better class ?
Ty for reading,



    reroll to valk once 2nd awakening come out and switch back when KR does any vamp balancing or enhance xfer gear to catspaw

  • W97Y7P6EN6W97Y7P6EN6 Member, KOL

    "are vamps weak"

    checks arena and FM ranking for vamps

    top 20 can get above 60 arena / can get190 FM.

    so no, no they're not.

  • MorrigainMorrigain Member ✭✭
    edited September 2018

    @W97Y7P6EN6 said:
    "are vamps weak"

    checks arena and FM ranking for vamps

    top 20 can get above 60 arena / can get190 FM.

    so no, no they're not.

    Get your facts straight. only top 11 ppl in fm got to 190 and while 18 ppl managed to get to floor 60 in arena look at the cr of some of the ppl. We got players with over 2m cr who can't beat floor 61. In comparison look at wg while they have far less players on and above floor 60 they got players with 1m cr who beat floor 61. It probably looks like vamps are doing better because there are more geared players playing vamp then wg but in reality wg is the far stronger class.

  • Saltmiester101Saltmiester101 Member, KOL

    Just give us Perma Ulti, 4head. makes it playable.

  • Saltmiester101Saltmiester101 Member, KOL

    Yolo here btw :D

  • deltisdeltis Member

    Ofc it is extremely bad class, 2 of her skills are slashing and the rest piercing, but joke is one of the slashing skills deal half of your total dmg, which means slashing gems are good to use and leaves 90% of your other skills hanging. 2/3 of her imprint sets are just bad and last one isn't that great in our version of the game.

    Ping affects her resource making it work poorly as Morrigan has pointed out earlier in another thread and here's link to some nice ping interaction with class
    The class is only strong when you lag enough. Happy lagging mates.

    Lastly dawn set, everyone gets some good laughs off this. Vamps get 8 and 7% dmg to our ~3-5 most damaging skills, but this means these 3-5 most damaging skills deal 5-2% of total damage becouse inferno deals 50% and bleed 15-50% (notice vamps have lvl1 bleed and rogues have lvl 2 bleed which is around 2x stronger). Both sets are rather useless, only advantage is possibility to enchant these items to +21.
    If someone doubts these numbers i just gave, here's my last seasons best arena run on floor 70 with time 1:05 https://imgur.com/MqVhXfP

  • AetheraAethera Member

    What's this about lag making inferno easier?

    You actually need little lag and high FPS to keep inferno up.

    What is this?

  • IceIce Member, Player Moderators mod

    @Aethera said:
    What's this about lag making inferno easier?

    You actually need little lag and high FPS to keep inferno up.

    What is this?

    The blood pool has a chance of not updating when you have high ping. Blood not going down = more inferno hits = best case scenario for damage. FPS doesn't affect it, only if it gets low enough to the point where your screen freezes it might stop the skill.

  • MyriasMyrias Member ✭✭
    edited September 2018

    for ping issue see:
    currently no feedback. its not an easy issue to fix, as its probably a general engine problem... (like ue3 having problems with badping = bad dps, too)
    as ppl pointed out, bad ping = stronger vamp, which is just bad... not sure if valks-2nd at least will feel fine with good pings.

    vamps still have a good/easy skillset for arena/fm:
    *easy way to pin down mobs/bosses via rightclick
    *lotsa hits = easy thermalar procs
    *7s "stun" spear
    *only 2 imprints needed for huge dmg boost on alts
    *bleed stacking

    i doubt that 5set extra leech intrus effect will change anything important for inferno spams, the extra blood for meathook are only useful for extremly short fights
    the other set is rather meh, too, as pointed out by others before...

    barely noticeable prime bonus stats. the only thing that could be of use is the faster heartstopper usage on high aspd and high def targets (=FM)

    a real weakness imho, vamps are extremely close range. her main imprint constantly drains life though, and with huge hits from ultimate zones, her new blood-passive is basically worthless! normal dungeons (like black market) feel better there, but you can only overgear the ultimate zones with damage, not defense.
    leeching hp back is not an option currently
    she cant really do hitnrun like cats, has no range like elemancer, and gets a constant hp drain even with dodging everything, unfair imho.


    I'll just add that the ridiculous speed of bloody crown is also a weakness... Idk how many times I've overshot safezones or ran into a bad zone trying to just attack. Any kind of lag or input lag and precision movements go out the window.

  • KinhuHKinhuH Member, KOL
    edited September 2018


  • MCH7FE6Y4DMCH7FE6Y4D Member, KOL

    We are the weak!
    We are the proud weak who have throughout history, torn out the throats of those who sit back and boast of their strength!
    We declare now that we, as Reapers's 2a Vamp and 1a Valkiria have taken the throne!
    We hereby declare that we will live as the weak!
    Fight as the weak!
    And as the weak we will destroy the strong!
    As we once were, and will always be!
    Accept the fact that we are the weakest race!
    One that can do anything, because we were born with nothing!
    Now, let's begin the game,
    You've suffered enough, haven't you?
    You've endured enough humiliation right?
    The wait is over, my fellow Vamps!
    As of this moment Reapers, declares war...


    Went to the test server to see what a full set of dawn gear would be like and the results were... totally underwhelming. With perfectly rolled full dawn set(s) and antique + therm / pirate empress fully evolved +19, vamp STILL has damage output issues in pirate / eternal library. The new ultimate zone takes a solid 45 min hacking away to DPS down gulping down a hundred hp pots. This class will not be carrying anyone in the new zone without 10m CR. It's ridiculous.


    let's compare valk 2nd awakening to vamp 2nd awakening arena performance...




    'nuff said.

    vamp is not a popular class in KR region so the odds of vamp specific rebalancing is very low and mythic gear in general is a bandaid fix so that's a year away at least as well

    suggestion: reroll

  • GiggleFairyGiggleFairy Member
    edited October 2018

    Valkyrie 2nd awakening and imprint/skill re-balance fixing to come off pts soon. so it might be a good idea to pick it up.

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