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Question about assassin late game

Hey, does anyone have a good guide/build for assassin lvl 70 late game?

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  • RomanHolidayRomanHoliday Member, Player Moderators mod
    Accepted Answer

    @Reiatzu collected a bunch of builds and imprint tips and put it into this document: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lheerpUIHktpgSaUfOUMexTkWiPUylpQXznn6MJ-WLc/edit?usp=sharing

    Essentially, the build revolves around you resetting your ghost assassin and hitting them with triple log a bunch of times. If you're not a fan of kill thrust you can change it around a little and make it work for you.

    I'm no expert but a couple of tips I've learned while playing the class:

    *Build fire element and not poison
    *Make sure to keep bleed stacks up as your skills do damage based upon them
    *Keep deep bleed up as much as possible (faster bleeding which means more damage over time)
    *Use deathblast right before your big combos to take advantage of the resistance reduction you get from the awakening
    *Take advantage of your RMB (deathcloud) and how it debuffs the enemy so you do increased damage
    *You can use your RMB after a shuriken volley
    *You can use shatterblade after using your basic shuriken

    Hope this helps!


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