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October 4 PTS Notes

A new update has arrived on the Public Test Server! Check out the preview article here.

Please remember, this is an early version of the update build, so all content and naming is subject to change. The goal here is to get the update to you as early as possible, in order to gather player feedback!

Valkyrie Class Second Awakening

Valkyries gain the ability to awaken to a Noble Valkyrie. After awakening, you will have a new appearance and six powerful new skills: four active skills and two passive skills.
Together with Second Awakening, we adjusted skill balance, including Major Imprints or Prime Attribute Bonus.

Base Skills

  • Chain Stance Basic attack is now Slashing, rather than Crushing.
  • Dash attack is now Slashing , rather than Crushing.

Major Imprint

  • Gain Set: overall changed
  • Pain Set: overall changed
  • Chain Set: 1, 2 changed

Danger Zone

New side Danger Zone: Steelbone Shipyard!

  • Enter through Windhome Danger Zone Highway (level 70).
  • Recommended CR: 1,000k CR or 1,600k CR.
  • Drops new chest and legs gear: [Dawn] Destrus, and [Dawn] Intrus. (These are Tier 12 and can be evolved.)

Ultimate Danger Zone

We have added a new Ultimate Zone—the Secret Warehouse—on the Windhome Danger Zone Highway. The Secret Warehouse is owned by one of the biggest Merchant guilds in Kirenos.
This Ultimate Zone is meant to challenge even the most accomplished players. Players can clear the Secret Warehouse up to twice a week.

  • Drops: [Dawn] Destrus hands, Intrus hands (Tier 12, can be evolved), element accessories, a unique material, and Ultimate Soul.
    The recommended CR is 2,600k to 4,500k.


Expanded to five floors (75 total)

NPC Shop


Items Adjustments:

  • Arena gear
  • DZ90-30m EXP Boost
  • Inferior, Progressive Whetstone
  • Arena Costume Reward (Top 70%)


  • Whetstone III (Bound)
  • Whetstone IV (Bound)

Grand King Piglet

  • Added Hydro Tortoise Pet Crate.
  • New item in Mysterious Box.


Two new pets are available from the Coin Toss:

  • Baron Cogwheel Chibi
  • Prototype Lael Chibi

Known Issues

The Enhancing Amplification Rune behaves strangely in some cases. We’re working on a fix.


  • MCH7FE6Y4DMCH7FE6Y4D Member, KOL

    What about vamps?

  • xFlyToSkyxFlyToSky Member, KOL

    Vamp nerf when?Blooody rush op


    FINALLY. <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  • ForgetMercyForgetMercy Member, KOL ✭✭

    Voidmonk/Ebon Dawn gear is mistranslated and it also becomes character bound on Evo1 the bug has been there since last patch, please fix this on the next patch :(

  • AganiceAganice Member

    +20 gear is bugged and the enhancement bonusses aren't working anymore unless you get your item to +21. Please fix this in the upcoming live patch, it's quite a struggle to get items to +21. Missing out on damage on +20 isn't fun to stick around with until RNGesus decides to give a blessing.

  • MorrigainMorrigain Member ✭✭

    Recommended Cr for the new ultimate dungeon up to 4,5 m cr ? U said a while back the game wouldnt be tuned around +21 gear guess that was a lie.I would very much like some slightly easier ultimate dungeons.


    you should buff rather than nerf with so high cr requirement lmao

  • MCH7FE6Y4DMCH7FE6Y4D Member, KOL

    Bunch of morons. Start paying more attention to what you are translating. I think that a mentally handicapped person is doing the patch. You have a community of players in your ass. Thank you also for a great vamp gear. It will certainly make it easier for me to play. I hope that even more players will leave with this patch.

  • ForgetMercyForgetMercy Member, KOL ✭✭

    Actually regarding the ultimate zone from PTS feedback it seems to be too easy for the Recommended CR i personally think it needs to be buffed things have been becoming easier and easier in the game with people complaining about the difficulty to the point that it's not fun anymore, make it more in line with 4mil CR recommendation, shield breaks too easy, boss gets perma stunned when shield is down.

  • PP597W94LAPP597W94LA Member, KOL
    edited October 2018

    This Ultimate Zone the Secret Warehouse is easier than dusk pirate's den with CR recommended
    the Secret Warehouse only needs 2,600k CR, no need to place (The recommended CR is 2,600k to 4,500k.) These 4.500k cr only creates a misunderstanding about the difficulty of dg


    @ForgetMercy said:
    Actually regarding the ultimate zone from PTS feedback it seems to be too easy for the Recommended CR i personally think it needs to be buffed things have been becoming easier and easier in the game with people complaining about the difficulty to the point that it's not fun anymore, make it more in line with 4mil CR recommendation, shield breaks too easy, boss gets perma stunned when shield is down.

    Is this a joke? 4Mil cr?
    Do you have enough CR to run ultimate zone? because most of players dont...

  • ForgetMercyForgetMercy Member, KOL ✭✭
    edited October 2018

    Exactly and it shouldn't be easier than Pirate's den because it's a new "Ultimate Zone" and is supposed to be the most challenging/end game content in the game. Game shouldn't be going backwards with difficulty, things should be getting harder and not easier.

  • Tensei161Tensei161 Member, KOL

    New ultimate zone is really easy, all you have to do is just follow mechanics and dps-wise like braindead, lol. There is no actual challenging in the game but just grind-fest and gear based, honestly.

    The main problem is that ridiculous CR recommended is too high, and not many of us can complete it with average CR (whales winning once again, ggwp).


    vamp got screwed harder.. bad dawn and dusk gear not enough for new ultimate zone. cycling ult is awful and roll the dice for inferno

  • PP597W94LAPP597W94LA Member, KOL

    @ForgetMercy said:
    Exactly and it shouldn't be easier than Pirate's den because it's a new "Ultimate Zone" and is supposed to be the most challenging/end game content in the game. Game shouldn't be going backwards with difficulty, things should be getting harder and not easier.

    this new Ultimate Zone can even be easy compared to pirate and eeri when it came out more, does not mean it's easy to get 2.600k cr to do it ...

    not all players have all the pet to get the bonus, 9 slot Legendario Badge, soul gem 7, the new 3 Accent, the 3 etherforce slot (which the second and third and ridiculous hard to be complete).
    and for those who have it all they get 4,000k ~ 9,000k CR easy and really should have neither challenge with a new dg that just need 2.600k cr for complete.

    and for those who do not have it with much difficulty should get 2,500k CR even with set full +19 with evo

  • RomanHolidayRomanHoliday Member, Player Moderators mod
    edited October 2018

    Hello everyone! Hope you are all enjoying the PTS, especially you valkyrie mains. I wanted to drop my thoughts here, hopefully they're well received!

    PTS Accessibiltiy

    Making PTS more accessible was a definite plus in this update. We still face a lot of issues like gearing up, but having the new things to test was nice in comparison to the last PTS where we had no Dawn gear. A PTS is a place to test things and it's good to see we can do some of that. Some of the things I thought were good regarding ease of access:

    • Prime Attribute Select Rune
    • Dawn Gear in boxes
    • Ultimate Zone was open and accessible
    • New normal zone was open and accessible
    • Early release of PTS
    • New evolution materials in box
    • Valk A2 works out of the box

    Positive changes

    Not only were there QoL changes for accessibility, but there were some nice changes that look like they'll make it to live.

    Boss souls in dungeons that drop dawn gear is a great addition. It didn't feel great to not have boss souls in Black Market, but I was alright with it because of the new gear that dropped there. But, I will say that seeing them there and in the new dungeon that drops Dawn feels nice, and will feel like a much better experience if you don't get any gear to drop because you will still be getting useful currency.

    Whetstones in Arena are great, even though it's a little pricey as far as the medals are concerned, I enjoy the fact that there's another way being considered for us to acquire Whestone IVs. With the addition of another etherforce orb, this is definitely a plus from me.

    Adding the lightning tortoise for purchase with grand king's desire is a nice touch. It was recently released and having another option to obtain it that is difficult but doable makes pet sets more obtainable. This is something that still needs more work on getting access to these pets, but it's a step in the right direction.

    Arena being extended is a nice touch. I'm not a personal fan of double mobs, but it's more content to challenge myself with so I'm on board with that. I haven't tried it myself so I can't speak to the difficulty, but with new gear floor 70 was getting easier and easier.

    Dawn Gear Balance

    Dawn gear could have been balanced much more appropriately. It feels like some classes got a lot out of their Dawn gear while others had very poor sets that didn't help them much. Valkyrie, Vamp, and Artifex are the most notable among the groups who got a bad set. With Valk getting her second awakening this patch, having bad dawn gear isn't that bad considering the increase in power level the class is getting; valkyrie is going from a low tier class to S tier after the patch goes live. The other two mentioned classes, Artifex and Vamp, struggle to compete for viability. I would like to see these two classes have a very powerful armor set to bring them into viability.

    New Ultimate Zone

    I have seen a lot of mixed opinions about the new ultimate zone. I think that the text is a lot scarier than the reality of the dungeon. Going in on PTS with 2M CR and a pirate king weapon, I was able to almost clear it solo. This was with stats that could have been optimized more readily, assuming it was on live, and without any dawn gear. In my personal opinion, I feel that there are two important things to remember about any zone and CR in general.

    Combat Rating (CR) isn't what you think

    Combat Rating is often touted as what is required to clear a dungeon. However, there are many things that are flawed with this CR recommendation for dungeons. When considering your CR, the game does not take into account the following:

    • Damage type bonus (Piercing / Slashing / Crushing)
    • Elemental bonus
    • Boss damage
    • Elite damage
    • Crit damage to bosses/elites
    • Fractured Memory ability damage (Element, Human/Fey, Back damage, etc.)
    • Cooldown Reduction from Fractured Memory
    • Special weapon properties (skill damage on thermalar)
    • Skill damage properties from items (Dawn gear)
    • Minor imprints of damage / cooldown
    • Bonuses from major imprints
    • %HP damage (Empress / Bleeds)
    • Active effects from items and artifacts (Harkon/Reide earring, True Shard)
    • On hit effects from items (+15 weapon, +15 necklace)
    • Stat boosting potions (HP, ASPD/MSPD, and DMG)

    In addition to the things that make you stronger, certain things are calculated poorly and give you an inflated value if you don't have your stats distributed in an optimal way. In short, combat rating isn't calculated very well on your stats page. For example, having any critial rating over 2088 (100% crit) will still give you combat rating, but anything above 100% crit does nothing for you. This is what we call CR inflation and stacking crit above the cap; having high attack speed will also influence your CR but does not necessarily mean you have the damage to back it up.

    New AND Old

    CR is just a recommendation that you can often overcome with skill or proper planning. With the two aforementioned things, the headline of 4M CR is quite daunting and many might feel like they are incapable of reaching that threshold in order to be successful in the game. While it might seem that way, I wouldn't be discouraged; if you put in the time, you will find yourself clearing this solo around 2.5M CR or even lower, especially with a group. I personally found the dungeon very tame with not many mechanics to obey and the final boss gets stunned every time his shield is broken (which is frequently). With all the things available to you that were mentioned and even some that I have missed, clearing the dungeon is more readily accomplished than it might seem.

    I think that ALLM and EME should pay attention to the concerns of players who are having a difficult time with older content and find a way to put them on the patch to success. That being said, I don't think the right way to go about solving the issue is to make end game dungeons weaker. Instead, we should focus on accelerating those who are behind and encouraging ways for more experienced and more geared players to interact with those who are behind. In this way, we can help usher newer players into the higher echelons, while keeping the older players engaged.

    Players who have been around for a long time and have been grinding, working on their gear, and practicing their rotations want a place to challenge themselves. We should not ignore a part of the player base, but find a way to In many MMOs I have played in the past, the end game dungeons have always been very difficult and required coordination from many individuals in order to succeed. I understand Kritika is not those games, but it would be nice to see challenges that let players grow and overcome difficult trials in order to achieve success. Kritika combat allows for great experiences and rewards you for playing properly and doing your combos well, I'd hate to see this overshadowed by dungeons that are too watered down and simplified.

    Closing thoughts

    I think they did a good job with this PTS. There were a few things that were asked and passed along that went through like boss souls. It appears that we're being listened to and that gives me a positive attitude for the future. The harshest criticism I have is that there was nothing done to Dawn gear in order to balance it. I feel that Vamp and Artifex could do for some more powerful gear. Valkyrie has some pretty bad Dawn gear as well but now that it's going to be a powerful class, I don't think this should be as big of an issue as it was in the past. While it might seem difficult to please everyone, it's not impossible to come to a resolution between the players who are having a hard time now and those who are looking for a challenge. Instead of putting a divide amongst ourselves we should focus on what we can do to help both sides and keep the whole community engaged and enjoying the game.

  • MorrigainMorrigain Member ✭✭

    It would be ok to make rly difficult endgame dungeons that are challenging even for the most geared players if the dropchance in the ultimate dungeons was better. Like it stands u have to grind the ultimate dungeons and buy carries on alts and still u might get no gear drop at all. When they make the dropchance of the Ultimate dungeons feel good iam all for a very hard dungeon that, if u beat it, almost guarantees a good drop.

  • PP597W94LAPP597W94LA Member, KOL

    you can not leave the whetstone lV Box for each alt of the account purchase (2 box) instead of only 1 alt of the account purchase (2) every 35 days?

    that 200 whetstone every 35 days and very little.
    could be every 1 day can handle 2 whetstone lV Box (1000 medal each) I think it would already help a lot and would have a reason to do PVP for Medal win or create alt for can do Arena Every month.

    and Scar's items
    -whetstone lll amount (300)
    -whetstone lV Box amount (2)
    -fixit-100 hammer amount (2)

    • [Arena] Enhancing Booster Scroll V (15 days) amount (3)
      -Recalculation Scroll amount (500)
      -Reappraisal Scroll amount (500)

    change from (Blind on Pickup) to (Blind to account on Pickup).


    One thing I noticed on the PTS for Vamp is that the cooldown reductions from Prime attribute are really bugged. If your blood level changes (which it always does) the reduction will VISUALLY deduct randomly when your blood changes, but not actually change. So you end up with situations where the skill is visually off cooldown - but your chat is spamming "Can't use skill yet". Very frustrating keeping track of your rotations.

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