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October 30 PTS Notes

A new update has arrived on the Public Test Server! Check out the preview article here.
Please remember, this is an early version of the update build, so all content and naming is subject to change. The goal here is to get the update to you as early as possible, in order to gather player feedback!

Danger Zone

Added a new kind of danger zone: [Challenger]. The first Challenger Danger Zone is “Hall of the Ghost Knight.”

  • Enter through Windhome danger zone highway. (lvl 70)
  • It has seven difficulty levels.
  • Daily entry limit of 20.
  • Drops new weapon: [Daylight].
  • Contains new storyline quest.


Added new gear type: [Daylight].

  • Most powerful weapon in NA/EU version of Kritika Online.
  • Tier 14, Max enhancement level is +21.
  • Drops in new Challenger Danger Zone.
    Can now evolve Thermalar, Pirate King, and Pirate Empress weapons to New weapon. Each evolution needs different materials.

  • The evolution keeps its original enhancement level, charm, appraisal, calculated options.
    Added a new Charm: True Vanquish Shard II.

Here's a handy evolution/enhancement chart for the PTS Update.


Two new pets in Tokina's Pet Lab:

  • Brass Mech
  • Harsilden Mech

Added a new collection.

Bug Fixes

  • Added Item combiner short key.
  • Pet collection menu in Option window(ESC) is now available.


  • MyriasMyrias Member ✭✭

    what about the petgem bug? :(

    edited October 2018

    Daylight evo1 requires Empress evo02 and Daylight evo0 OR Daylight evo0 and empress evo0 (requires new dungeon mats as well) // Daylight evo0 can be evolved from Thermalar evo4 or Pirate King with no mats from new dungeon

    New weapon(s) do not show tier and are missing part of their descriptions.

    edited October 2018


    gimped therma with higher prime

    1 of the missing property appear to give reduced movement speed on boss

    new chest charm is a major troll if it doesnt drop anywhere

  • HectorRNHectorRN Member, KOL

    Please tweak psion's dawn gear
    Right now dusk chestplate greaves & gauntlets are way better than dawn counterparts there is no point spending time farming it if we are not gonna see any improvement on dmg output

    special properties of intrus gauntlets are pretty useless and special properties of chestplate & greaves are not doing dmg and annoying because it makes enemy's attacks slower and you can't iframe special attacks properly or they become invulnerable for longer time because of slow thing.

  • SpireaSpirea Member ✭✭✭

    Petgems still not fixed.

  • MorrigainMorrigain Member ✭✭

    Pet gems not being fixed is intentional. You have to keep an eye on it and spend money on pet gem boxes for materials to extend it. If u mess up u have to spend even more to make a new pet gem once again. At this point they only care about new cash grabs like they new ultra rare pets. Feels p2w man.

  • MCH7FE6Y4DMCH7FE6Y4D Member, KOL

    Feelsvampman. Thanks to the 7 levels of difficulty

  • ReiatzuReiatzu Member, KOL ✭✭✭
    edited October 2018

    Dawn set for many classes is pretty bad and gets outclassed by dusk while for other classes, its extremely strong. They should have left dawn and dusk to be the same tier as it was originally in sea/kr. Might be better to just speed through this set and get to the dimensional set. Seems like a waste of time to go back and tweak every class's gear.

    As for pet gems, I doubt it was intentional since, the renew services is suppose to be similar to Accents. Accents are working properly, but pet gems are not.

  • MyriasMyrias Member ✭✭

    do you have more infos on dimensional gear?

  • RyujinFrostRyujinFrost Member ✭✭

    New weapon could use some more oomph. Empress is still good for human/fey monsters which is our latest ultimate dungeon and Arena as well. Thermelar being good for FM on alts and classes without super burst damage to obliterate everything.

  • SpooklesSpookles Member, KOL ✭✭✭

    Did they just give up on scalable Dailies?

  • KattyKiraKattyKira Member, KOL
    edited November 2018

    Any idea of when this comes to the live servers?

    EDIT: Nevermind, its coming this week

  • MyriasMyrias Member ✭✭

    didnt the stream mention patch this week?
    another broken pts patch that gets fixed on main without retesting...

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