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Requesting for Guide: How to manage and gear alts so that they can benefit and farm for your main?

Not sure on how to start with creating, gearing alts with the least management and what type of mats can be funnelled from your alt to your main.


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    I agree with 90% of what Elysuu said, I just have some things I'd like to add here and there.

    @Elysuu said:
    Quick Summary
    1. Grind alts to 65.
    2. Get the level 60 Earring, level 60 Ring, level 55 Necklace from party quests.
    3. Get a full set of any trash level 60-65 armor pieces for alts.
    4. Get the Starhenge supplementary quest gear (weapon, shirt, pants)
    5. Upgrade your quest accessories, weapon, shirt, pants using only the first 250 stability and leave them at whatever it ends up on.
    6. Run Starhenge daily quests on all your alts on Easy mode, buy the 2 daily random Starhenge boxes from Cerulean on all your alts after finishing daily quests. Repeat everyday until your alts have enough Hero Keystones to craft a piece of Starhenge gear for your main. You can transfer crafted gear between all of your characters to share hammers and scrolls to enhance/appraise/recalculate the gear before you equip it on your main. Don't touch anything soul gem related for the crafted piece until you decide to equip the piece on your main, unlocking gem sockets will bind to the character that unlocked them. Charming is okay (both "Bound" and non-bound charms). Ideally you want to +15 each piece before binding it to your main since it's easier to have all your alts contribute with hammers, but it's up to you.

    You can enhance, enhance transfer, reappraise, recalculate, and charm gear without binding it to the character that does it, so keep that in mind as you pass the gear along your alternates.

    @Elysuu said:
    Material Checklist

    • Every alt can buy their own daily hammers and scrolls from Mouri in Xanadu, and Cerulean in Starhenge. If you want Cerulean's daily scrolls and hammers though, you will need someone to carry you on Hard mode for dailies to buy the boxes/hammers/scrolls daily, or you can suffer and do the extra boss soul grind on Easy mode. You can either buy the Starhenge boxes, hammers, or scrolls based on what you want/need at the moment. Boxes if you're still waiting to craft, hammers if you're trying to +15 a piece, scrolls if you're trying to appraise a piece.
    • Run the daily dungeons everyday on all your alts, pick Icefang Tourney Hall on weekends if you want badges, or pick the other dungeon with Lael if you want scrolls. Daily dungeons also give you two 10-Fixit hammers everyday for every alt. Badges are unlimitedly transferrable between your account.
    • 25 Red Boss Souls to buy the scrolls and hammers from Mouri in Xanadu. Trade 10 Red Boss Souls for 10 Green Boss Soul boxes from her to buy the hammers, use the remaining 15 Red Boss Souls to buy the scrolls.
    • Buy the scroll/hammer/badge boxes from the Arena Proprietor depending on what you want. Currently only way to get the Arena Medals is through doing the two PvP event daily quests given by the Arena NPC. You get 60 total medals from the quests, each box costs 30 medals. You have to choose two boxes between scrolls/hammers/badges. In my opinion, you always want the badges so it's a choice between scrolls or hammers.
    • Soul gems are not transferrable, but you can run the soul gem dungeons on your alts anyway in hopes of getting Soul Gem Fusion Coupons which you can transfer to your main.

    Daily Needs For Alts
    26 violet souls (18/hammers - 8/scrolls) 16/daily surprise[optional]
    25 red souls (15/scrolls - 10/hammers) *10 red converted to green

    Running dailies on medium gives you 32 Violet souls a day, I personally don't buy the StarHenge Surprise box unless I have enough leftover.
    You can do 7 runs of skyship on its own for red souls, which will net you 28 souls -or-
    you can commit 90 letters and get 12 runs of skyship for 96 red souls, more hammers, reappraisal scrolls, and badges.

    @Elysuu said:
    Extra Notes

    • Obviously much more efficient if you have a friend or guild to help carry you through the Starhenge daily quests.
    • PvP daily quests might not be viable for you if you don't have a friend or guild to ask for PvP trading, but you can try.
    • Daily dungeons and soul gem dungeons can be done solo. Skyship for Red Boss Souls might take some time if you're trying to solo on your alt, it's up to you whether you think it's worth it to spend the time doing it for Mouri's daily stuff when you run out of souls.

    -A good, active, friendly guild will be more than happy to help you gear up your Main via Alts, especially when it means you can return the favor later, I personally have a very hard time saying no to carrying dailies and letter farms for guildies.
    -Soloing Skyship may or may not be a good option for low CR alts, however it is very easy to find a carry for letter rotations, so long as you have the letters to pay your way in.
    -Daily Dungeons and Gem Dungeons can be done quite easily with 15K CR, which you can get by following the initial quote from Elysuu.

  • How do I transfer stuff from one player to another?


    @XKWAP7XCTL said:
    How do I transfer stuff from one player to another?

    if you mean in the same account, there's an account vault where you can transfer non character-bound items

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