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The challenger zones feel too tedious with the drop rates

Hey everyone, so as i've been farming the challenger zones for quite some time now. I feel like the drop rates are really bad.
You can farm on step 7 in a 4 man party (Which allM claimed to yield the highest drop rate) for those 20 runs and still end up with less than 10 or around maybe 15 of the new materials if lucky.

I personally feel like there should be 1 guaranteed material drop each run on step 7 or maybe just an overall increase in the drop rates.

This is just my thoughts on the topic and i would love to hear the community on this!


  • ForgetMercyForgetMercy Member, KOL ✭✭

    A buff for the drop rates on the higher steps would be appreciated, also reverting the challenger zone RP cost to 2 per run would also be greatly appreciated.

  • ReiatzuReiatzu Member, KOL ✭✭✭

    It's not just challenger zones, or higher steps. Drop rates in the game are just generally bad. Unless you have an army of alts or get super lucky, the payout for these zones do not feel rewarding.


    i agree, maybe adding party prosperity potion to piglet shop or elite would help aswell, it's ok since it's the current endgame but all the way rng is meh, maybe a weekly quest could help

  • MorrigainMorrigain Member ✭✭

    Finding a Party who can do step 7 is the problem. If u are lucky and already know the right ppl, great. I searched for the last days for a party that would do step 5-7 without luck. So i would be happy about an droprate increase across the board or a difficulty reduction so that its more accessible. Buffing droprate of step 7 isnt rly necessary imo 10 mats per day is reasonable for an endgame equip. u will be done in a month. So far i get 0-2 mats per day since i cant find a group and have to farm lower steps.

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