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Ways of getting gold?


  • The Daily Gold Box from Alandra can give you a handful of gold, provided luck in on your side. You will have to spend 2m to buy a box, and 4m for the daily amount. This will give you a potential 100m.

    FM drops Gold Chests which contain gold, but I can't remember from which floor drops Gold Chests (the amount within each Gold Chest varies).

    Provided you are AFK fishing, you can exchange 2 Delta Sharks with Tabbington to get 2m gold every day.

    You can buy 1.1m (I think?) gold from Scar (Arena Medal guy) every month.

    Selling items you don't need that others may want e.g. gear, for gold.

    Farming dungeons and selling gear obtained there and from the reward cards (from Skyship onwards).

    These are the ways I know of to obtaining gold, hope that helped.

  • YMF7T4L7TPYMF7T4L7TP Member, KOL

    -dont buy the loot box 2mil. the chance rate is incredible low.
    - fishing 1.1 mil every day
    - sell items indeed from xanadu/starhenge and windhome
    - arena little bit gold. 1.1 mil every 30 day
    - selling dungeons, only if you have a lot of cr: (
    - using kred from arena scar wolf to buy mysterious keys. 1 key= 10-8mil

  • SpooklesSpookles Member, KOL ✭✭✭

    The items that drop in Abelard and Titan (i forget the name) is also great money considering they sell to the vendor for 50,000 gold each and you get like 40-50 per character (if not more)a week by doing those runs.

  • YMF7T4L7TPYMF7T4L7TP Member, KOL

    ahja you are right, i forgot. unit insignia 50k per piece. 6drops per boss section in titan and abelord

  • @3MR9LPCAT5 said:

    Provided you are AFK fishing, you can exchange 2 Delta Sharks with Tabbington to get 2m gold every day.

    Correction, I meant 1.1m gold, not 2m.

    Also, like someone mentioned above, selling Unit Insignias grants 50k per piece.

  • KattyKiraKattyKira Member, KOL

    What many people do at endgame that have lots of mats
    Another way, and this way requires you to have some gold and materials first to do it. Create charms like Wrath Charms 1 which take 20 million gold to create and a lot of some materials, but once you make it you can sell it for anything from like 40 million gold to 60 million gold roughly easily. But doing methods like this is all about playing the market and testing the waters to see what people need or want.

    Using real world money method
    Yet another way, involves spending real money to get EMP and buying things like the 30-day elite vouchers and selling them. They can go for anything from 37 million up to 60 million depending on how you sell it. If you use gigaphones to sell it, you may get up to 55 million, but most will fall over backwards to buy at 40 to 45 million. If you use Auction house, you may have to wait a few hours to a few days to get it to sell but can sell for like 50 million or higher. Gone are the days where it sells for like 70 million sadly. Only ever sold one at that much.

    Three grinding methods that require no real world money
    Making money without spending a dime, but requiring grinding is a bit easier. Just play the game and salvage everything. Get multiple stacks of Pure Kritium Shards, convert them to Pure Kritium Cores and keep playing the game. Then when you need money use a gigaphone or two and sell the Pure Kritium Shards (convert back to shards) for 'x' amount of gold. Usually, I just as for someone to offer for them.

    Another, which isn't as used much lately, but is definitely helpful each time they come out with a new class is to grind up Passkey Shards and sell them to people that are making new classes and want to evo their Thermalar weapons. Again, use gigaphones to sell this as it's more of a quick sell item around the first week or two of a new class being released. Quicker than doing it through Auction House.

    Wow... Another way, is to get one character of yours high enough to do Step 1 - Step 3 at least of the Ghost Knight challenger zone. If you get a Daylight weapon drop, then sell it that way. It can go for anything from 10 million gold to 80 million gold. Depends on who selling it and how valuable someone finds the weapon. Again I'd recommend using a gigaphone to sell this. It's generally a quicker sell.

    Hope those methods provide you with other alternatives to the ones others have mentioned.

  • NopiNopi Member ✭✭✭

    Right now elite vouchers are selling for as low as 33M (30 day) and 20M (15 day). So I don't see that as a good source of gold right now. And with EME giving the 3 day vouchers freely like candy every other day, people aren't in so much need for vouchers.

    Anyway, with whales and high tier players already swimming in the realm of billions of gold and probably even having to make bank characters just to stash it (game limits a character's gold amount, after all), gold has less value now than ever. 10 million gold is right now less than pocket change. A frugal player can earn about 2-3 million gold just by making a new character and getting it to 70 without doing anything else. More if leveling through elite status. The game does give nice amounts of gold here and there, though, but you must tap multiple resources to get it. Doing stuff like stages, arena and pvp are good ways to get some starter gold. Playing the auction house is still of course the best way to get rich, but you should study the market first to see what's selling, coupled with what you yourself can farm in game easier. Also, do not forget about Kred. It can also be earned in game by trading on kred valued items in the auction house. Kred is slower moving as player trade currency, but allows you to get stuff from the cash shop. Some of that stuff can be resold for gold.

    Keep alert for free elite voucher giveaways from events and from the daily login check in. Elite can boost some of your gold gain while it's active. For example, on elite, you can go to a stage like imprint, which has a high chance to drop gold as the end reward, and get double of that gold, potentially earning nearly 100K from a single imprint stage.

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