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lvl 70 now what

edited December 2018 in Player Guides

Basically got to 70 and idk how to progress further, what to farm, where to farm.
Not sure if it's relevant but I'm doomblade, currently I'm farming the dragon, seeing as his armor piece fits DB pretty well. But apart from that i have no idea how to increase my CR. I currently have just the free set from story everything except weapon is +8 and weapon is +9.
Would appreciate if someone would show me the way, in how to grow my character into a proper blender.


  • MrAytchMrAytch Member, KOL

    From here on you'll be farming for materials to make more whetstones to keep enhancing, scrolls to reappraise gear and recalculate for best stats, farming best stats in fractured memories, fishing for materials and gold, getting better kagerfield badges, etc... There's a ton to do in the game and you can only optimally run so much on one character. Making alternate characters WILL help especially with this free quest gear now. I'm new myself and thanks to the advice of my guild, which I partially shared with you, I'm over 600k already. Join a guild for additional assist with info and even jumping on farming runs. Most people don't mind because more to join equals better drop chances.

    If anything you can join my guild. Great bunch of helpful and knowledgeable people in Blossom.

  • AnimeFTWAnimeFTW Member
    edited December 2018

    huh.... I thought I needed to farm Titan and Abelard. I can solo the titan but abelard is too much for me with his stunlocks, since he kills me while I'm picking up the crystals or a bit later so at the stage when there are those zones I'm fked and can't even get close to him.
    So to sum it up, I need to fully upgrade the story set and reroll for perfect stats? Also I've been farming the gems and upgrading them.
    Also is which server you are at, cause I'm in EU and if you're in US then i won't be able to join your guild.

    P.S. do you know how to increase the FOV? Cause in quite a few stages the max camera distance from the wheel isn't enough and entire screen is covered in SE's and I can't see boss attacks, so having a further camera would help insanely.

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