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New Roadmap

edited December 2018 in General Discussion

4 - 3 days before Year's End

New Dev. Roadmap will release after New Year?



    new roadmap has been due for months now :wink:

  • YMF7T4L7TPYMF7T4L7TP Member, KOL

    agree with a new roadmap

  • BeFrostBeFrost Member ✭✭

    dead end road or a no through road B)B)B)B)

  • RobertSanRobertSan Member, KOL

    @BeFrost said:
    dead end road or a no through road B)B)B)B)

    Lmao bro. TOTAL END GAME :D:D
    I just looking on... drop rate in-game makes me bore! Super

    Boring game turns QUITTING _well, anytime.. :D _

  • A new Dev Roadmap is definitely welcomed, at least to let the player base know what to expect for the year/months to come.

  • NyghtomenNyghtomen Member

    Ok,a few things actually..jus' a few thoughts/suggestions...What's goin on with mages??? Kinda sad one of the first base-classes still doesn't have a Second Awakening Next,the Friend Shop..there's a good few slots still empty think we should get those filled in,say w/ items like rp pots/pies,the elemental potions maybe,perhaps even throw a lil'somethin in for the pets like name change/unbound tickets.Also..Guilds..can we see some more done w/Guild Shops? As a CBTer I remember when the 30-day Elites were in the Guild Shop..now I Ain't sayin bring the 30-days back but a'least the 3-day and maybe throw some Dragonbone Fishing Rods in there too maybe even throw in somethin for pets there too jus' more pricey,since it is Guild Shop make'em work for it via GP-Contributions like say Pet Evo Pills and/or coins_. Finally Make ALL MATS ACCOUNT TRADEABLE AGAIN,makes no sense they once were hence one of the main reasons folks made multiple alts to begin with and now we got characters we rarely next to never play anymore sittin on hundreds if not thousands of mats we can't even touch/use anymore. In short,the issues I see currently - ALL MATS should be ACCOUNT TRADEABLE AGAIN - Make certain items like Dragonbone Rods/Pet Coins/Name Change Tickets/RP Pots/ 3 and/or 30-Day Elite more accessible via updating/fillin-in slots in Friend/Guild Shops and of course last but not least Finish Second Awakenings

  • NyghtomenNyghtomen Member

    Oh and in addition to my previous post..Up Drop Rates for Challenger Zone Gear and Accs. Also,can we get another Enhancement Event and not some discount either but an Actual Enhancement Buff/Blessing like say a 5-9% Enhancement Blessing or a _Added 15-32% @Anvil Enhancement Chance Event that ups Chances of **successful Enhancement**_

  • @Nyghtomen said:
    What's goin on with mages??? Kinda sad one of the first base-classes still doesn't have a Second Awakening

    Frost Mages only recently got their second awakening on the KR Server. Shadow Mages and Warp Mages supposedly are in the works, but nothing as of yet for them.

  • NyghtomenNyghtomen Member

    @3MR9LPCAT5 Well ain't that grand,a'least that answers that question,thanks for that..Now if we can jus' get some folks on board liking and commenting on my other suggestions maybe we can see a nice improvement for the shops and an increase in Guild-Play..and hopefully they'll also show some love w/enhancements&drop-rates as well as making all the mats acct. tradeable again like they use to be..Now wouldn't that be awesome an' a half..laughs slightly

  • There are several posts commenting on improvements, mainly for the game trade and also on other points, but I do not know how things work with the developers, weekly we see that Kritika is the game with less time dedicated to The EME News, sometimes coming to 30 seconds, we no longer have the support of lives showing the new content, because many players can not even test what's new in PTS, man my test char is Test35, I get anxious for uptades, to test and see the Growing game is exciting, but I do not know how big the team is dedicated to Kritika, but clearly we need more people. There are several bugs already reported, some for more than a year and we just do not see anyone on the team dedicated to it. Everything that indicates the game is going very well in monetary return, many playes spend money on the game and even then we are not seeing a commitment of the team with the players. I hope that this scenario changes, because it is a very good game, even with all the problems that exist. Still on the PTS how are we going to test something if every new character is stuck doing all the quests to access the new content? It does not make sense to have this kind of mechanics in PTS. A lot needs to be right and that takes time, I understand, but I want to feel that at least we're being listened to. Do a live review of this highlights in the Forum, several very good and promising ideas have been presented here, we just need someone to listen and to discuss what are possible or not.

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