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[GUIDE] Basics of Archer

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The Archer

A guide to Full Charge, Hawkeye, and Generic Archers
By KattyKira


This is a general guide to describe what archer skills are, the three potential builds for archers, types of Dawn gear for Archers, and miscellaneous limits of archers that they may hit or meet. In no way is this a how to play the game guide or how to play an archer guide. This guide is suited to explain skills and explain overall setups for an archer. In addition, this guide isn’t saying that one way is better than another way. You may find that in using this guide, you will find that a mix of builds or a mix of skills will help you play better for your playstyle than the playstyles that are mentioned in this guide.

About Archer

Archer is like a hybrid class that is a combination of single target damage like Assassin, grouping and interrupts like Catspaw, pet caller like Wolf Guardian, with crowd control skills like Valkyrie and Catspaw use, speed of a Catspaw as well, and in addition, simplified skill system of Psion. To elaborate on this, the skills are always the same total attack power, and this never changes even as you level, just like a Psion. Just like Psions, you will have different skill effects per level added to the skill. In addition, you will be able to have stat adjustments just based on what one skill of three skills you put points in, just like a Psion.

Since a lot about the Archer is similar to skills used by many classes, I’ll use them as examples of it, but won’t go into too much detail about their skills. They are a lot of guides out there by many skilled players that have been playing those classes as mains a lot longer. Therefore, I will leave that to those players to explain.

The Basic Archer Skills

Burst Charge
Just like all classes, this is the skill you use when you are stuck in a situation of being either crowd controlled by a monster or player, or about to be in such a situation where they are using high amounts of damage to on you. This skill is trigger only when the red TAB indicator appears on the screen, just left of center of the screen. It will trigger a burst effect that is green and allows you to attack the monster or player, or to run right after triggering it. Otherwise, if you don’t trigger it or its on cooldown, you’ll be unable to move and must take all the damage that is being done to you.

Combat Mastery
This skill is a skill that automatically levels up just like it does in Psion, as you level your character. It controls the attack power of all your skills causing you to hit harder the higher you level it. Note, that at level 70, this skill should be at level 24.

Evasive Roll
Just like all other classes, this is your running in one direction and press Shift key to do a sudden dash that also triggers invulnerability. It isn’t that useful on Archer, but just remember its one of your Invulnerability skills and use it when you absolutely need invulnerability.

Best Friend
This skill is for use with Roostrel, your hawk attacks. It’s icon you’ll see in the buff notification area on the HUD when you set up for the Hawkeye build. It indicates that all Roostrel attacks do 100% damage or more based on the number of stacks. It is accessible via skills like Dash Attack, Sky Swoop, Winged Windup, Buffeting Shield, Flip Shot, and Rain of Arrows. However, only available on Sky Swoop, Winged Windup and Buffeting Shield at level 4.

Quick Shot
This is your left mouse button skill. It has practically no cooldown and is triggered often by those that don’t like to cycle through their skill rotations. Depending on your build, it is recommended to at least make this a +1 Draw skill, which means you will need to make it level 4 for builds like Charge shot based builds. However, for Hawkeye builds, it isn’t necessary to put any points into this unless you just want to.

Dash Attack
This skill isn’t shown on the skill window at all. It is achieved by jumping in any direction and then pressing right mouse button on your mouse to call Roostrel and have the hawk move you a great distance in that direction, damaging any enemies you hit along that path. It can lead to a long glide distance provided you are high up and the enemies are considerably lower in elevation than you are. Example of this is in the Invasion zone in Xanadu with Tuval in it.


  • KattyKiraKattyKira Member, KOL
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    The Bow and Shot Mastery Skills

    These skills buff a stat or provide a buff in-game when in a combat area to your skills. Only one per group of three can be selected. They are two groups and this guide will discuss them as groups because of how they can only have one of the three skills selected per group.

    Unlike other classes like Elemancer, the Archer has no classes or awakening classes. Therefore, do not buy the Class Change voucher from the EMP Store as it will do nothing on Psion nor Archer. Instead, just get Skill Resetter to reset these skill groups and all your other skills on Archer. The game will play differently depending on which of these skills you choose from each group.

    Bow Mastery Skills
    This group contains skills to buff one of the following stats: Crit Rate, Attack Speed, or Crit Damage. Be mindful of which one you choose. A Psion has a similar set, but theirs impact their CR, an Archer’s does not impact CR at all depending on which of the three you select. This means that Crit Rate one has no higher CR than Attack Speed skill, nor the Crit Damage one. Most people will likely use Crit Rate stat skill until they are at 90% Crit Rate or 100%. I’ll explain more about this in the limits section later in this guide.

    However, the game plays a bit differently depending on which of the other two you use. Attack speed stat skill makes you feel like a catspaw in speed of your attacks, especially when using Hawkeye build. Although, the harder hitter is the Crit Damage one, but its slow and mostly geared towards a general build or a charge shot build.

    Shot Mastery Skills
    These three, impact either one skill (as is the case for the first two in this group) or a series of skills (as is the case for the Best Friend one). The first two increase either damage to Charge Shot, which is good if you do the bottom row of the Major Imprints, or if you want a general build. Or the Flanking shot, which isn’t that practical after leveling up. But can be helpful while leveling up as each spirit arrow helps add to your damage.

    However, for a Hawkeye build the Best Friend Shot Mastery is a must. It allows you to get a substantial buff to the damage that your hawk can do on the skills that you use of it. This can be helpful while leveling but is most noticeable at end game with attack speed Hawkeye based builds. This guide will explain more about that later.

  • KattyKiraKattyKira Member, KOL
    edited December 2018

    Archer Class Skills

    Note that all Roostrel (hawk) skills do Crushing damage. All bow skills do piercing damage, short of Quick Shot that only becomes piercing attack at skill level 3. Depending on your build you’ll want to max certain skills to level 4. This guide will discuss this in further detail in the next section.

    This section won’t go into depth about how much draw you can generate per skill. This is shown for you when you go through skill sections if you create an Archer.

    Sky Swoop
    This is a Roostrel skill that nearly always turns the enemy to face away from you and damages them as well. At higher levels it can jolt an enemy increasing your crowd control of that enemy, as well as having longer range. At level 4, it becomes one of the Hawkeye skills because it will give you a stack of Best Friend buff.

    Arrow Spray
    This fires 5 arrows that hits multiple targets in a pie piece like cone from your character location. This is a great skill to use at Level 2 since it’s a dependable way to buff your attack speed and movement speed so long as you hit a target. The only way it triggers any effects for the Level 2 and Level 3 is if you hit your targets. If you miss, no problem. You just don’t get a buff or do a debuff to your enemy. At level 4, you get 2 skill presses of this skill. And it works in hand with the top row of the Major Imprints.

    Winged Windup
    This skill is your go to grouping skill at low level and at end game. It creates a whirlwind that pulls enemies together. Level 4 of this is mandatory to use for Hawkeye build, but Level 2 can be great for charged shot builds do to the fact that it pulls enemies from a considerable distance from the center of the vortex. The vortex only hits 5 times unless you get Level 3, which increases duration by 60%. This means that you can hit a total of 8 times at Level 3.

    Charging Shot
    This is the defacto skills to use in the Full Draw Charge Shot build. Charging Shot does various levels of damage based on how long or how much of a full charge you have. If you have a golden glowing bow over your health orb indicator at the bottom left of the HUD, then you will be able to near instantly charge it. This is near instant as it still takes about 1 second to charge up to see the golden glow of the shot. Otherwise, you’ll do little damage, but when on golden glow shot, it has high crit damage spiking.

    NOTE: At level 4, this is an invulnerability skill.

    It is almost always recommended that you take Level 4 of this for your Full Draw Charge Shot builds. However, even for a Hawkeye build, Level 3 is recommended because it gives you a noticeable increase in movement speed compared to Level 1 and Level 2 of the skill, and considerably shorter charge times. It can be a bit tricky to use this skill, but this guide will cover that in the builds section.

    Flip Shot
    This is a must use skill for both the damage, ultra-break, and invulnerability it gives. It is recommended that you get this to Level 4 for the attack power damage bonus and the invulnerability it gives while using the skill. The Roostrel attack of Level 3, hits 3 times and does considerable damage if you use Hawkeye build.

    Flanking Shot
    The blue spirit arrows you see when shooting is, caused by this skill. It isn’t a skill that can be summoned directly, but triggers any time you shoot arrow based skills. It can help you build your golden bow charges for the full charge golden shot. However, it is up to you if you want to put many points beyond Level 2 here. It doesn’t really do that much damage at end game.

    Rain of Arrows
    This is recommended to go to Level 4 no matter your build. It provides invulnerability, but the big thing is that it jolts and damages your enemies in the circle. Only issue with this skill is that you need to aim it. If you use Hawkeye build, then you’ll want this at Level 3 due to the fact that Roostrel will hit the ground in a dive doing high crit damage.

    Three-Fold Shot
    This skill is rather a hassle to use. It is recommended to not use this beyond Level 1 on a Hawkeye build, and to Level 2 at least for Full Draw Charging shot builds. The Level 4 skill won’t trigger the golden chains that show that the enemy is bound, and their attack speed and movement speed is reduce unless all 3 shots hit.

    Arrow Barrage
    With all Archers, the go to skill is almost always an arrow barrage no matter the game. Kritika Online is no difference. No matter the build you use, you will want to get this to Level 4 as quickly as possible because you double your arrow count used for this skill and therefore, increase the damage done. It is also an invulnerability skill at level 2.

    Buffeting Shield
    This is a vortex that stays near your character even while your character moves around. It damages foes and reduces all damage done to you by enemies by 90% for the duration of the skill. It is recommended to get this to level 2 at least for Full Draw Charging shot builds since, you get a buff of 15% to your attack speed and movement speed while the skill is active. However, for a Hawkeye build it is a must to be at Level 4 for it gives a stack of Best Friend buff.

    Note, you’ll likely end up using it as an attack too. This is helpful cause it hits 10 times and does almost half the damage of Arrow Barrage.

    Exploding Arrow
    Not many people will like this skill as it does decent damage at levels 1 thru 3. However, it is a long draw up for levels 1 and 2. And doesn’t do almost double the damage of Arrow Barrage until Level 4. The pull of the enemies isn’t really good for crowd controlling, but is superb at offering another free source of damage.

    The reason this isn’t good at crowd controlling, it may pull a few enemies like 3 or 4, but often when you use it on enemies that are spaced apart or that move a lot, then you’ll end up missing. It is very much a problem with using this skill, and often ends up making this skill a filler instead of an opener skill.

    Flight of Arrows
    This Ultimate skill can at levels 3 reset all your skills and at level 4 max out Best Friend buff for Hawkeye builds and for Full Charge builds max out Draw. It is highly recommended that you get this at level 4. You’ll enjoy it especially at boss fights and helping to speed through runs of Fractured Memories.

    Note, you will want to use all your skills that are apart of your rotation first generally, before triggering this skill. Just because of the reset and maxed out buffs it gives.

  • KattyKiraKattyKira Member, KOL
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    Build Possibilities

    The way the builds for Archer work is based around their Major Imprints and the Bow and Shot Mastery skills used. This changes the way the game plays per build you use. For example, the Full Draw Charge Shot builds want to use Charging Shot skill any and every time the bow above your health bar glows gold. While a Hawkeye build, strives to use skills as fast as possible to keep the Best Friend buff up as much as possible.

    Gear plays a role in builds too and will be mentioned here in each section. It shouldn’t come as no surprise that the builds are also highly about preference and availability of both the gear and playstyles of the individuals that play an Archer character. In this way, this guide will just mention what the author finds helpful in the builds that the author uses for Archer on Kritika Online without mentioning what the author prefers in order to keep this guide from being biased.

    This section will be divided into three sections based around the grouping of the Major Imprints. The sections will be titled Top, Mid, and Bottom named after the top row, the middle row, and the bottom row, respectively.

    The Top row of major imprints is mostly for stereotypical archers from history. For instance, number 3 Top row major imprint only triggers as long no one is near you that is an enemy. This means that you do better damage by using your long-range shots like Charging Shot and more. However, the top row number 1 and 2 major imprints are only effective on targets within 10 meters range, and therefore doesn’t benefit from number 3 major imprint.

    There is no specific endgame gear for this build. You may find you can use Destrus or Intrus of Dawn gear, but those are more practical on other builds than this one. It should be noted that the new armor gear hasn’t came out yet and therefore, this guide will not comment on Public Test Server (PTS) version of the game that may end up being changed by the time it is released on the Live server.

    The middle row is called by some Hawkeye because its entirely dependent on Roostrel, your hawk pet. The gear for this build is dependent on the Dawn Destrus set for Archer. While, there multiple rotations you can use for this build, almost all require spamming Sky Swoop and Winged Windup among the other Roostrel skills.

    A player can set this build up in such a way that they focus on damage doing lots of damage but mainly using Roostrel, the hawk. All bow skills in such a build would be fillers to help you fill in the gaps of damage. Getting all three middle row major imprints grants 5% more damage while Best Friend buff is active for all other skills. It also lengthens the Best Friend buff duration and increases its level by 2 more, so you get a level 4 Best Friend buff instead.

    You can focus on crit damage or attack speed for this build. However, the way the build has a lot of skills that provide attack speed buffs, you’ll likely not need more attack speed unless you want to be at attack speed cap almost all the time while attacking. Note: Attack speed is a hard cap at 200%. Therefore, you can get by without using attack speed and instead use crit damage.

    The bottom row of major imprints is the Full Draw Charging Shot build. It works with the Dawn Intrus for the Archer gear set. You’re go to skill in this build is Charging Shot. You’ll end using this every time the bow over the health orb at the bottom left glows gold. It is likely the most used build on Kritika Online NA server at the time of this writing. However, you’ll less likely use Roostrel for much of anything but filler skills.

    This build has no specific rotation, but you generally use all bow skills with Draw attribute added to them in order to build up enough charge to trigger Charge Shot in the golden form. Although, you also build up for the golden bow so that you trigger the effect called Full Draw from the number 3 major imprint on this row. Full Draw increases your piercing bonus by 30 and your damage from all skills by 4% for every 25 points of Draw you have. NOTE: There is no way to truly tell you exactly how much draw you have.

    In this build you will want to focus entirely on crit damage and on Charging shot from both Bow Mastery and Shot Mastery. However, that isn’t to say that you can’t use Attack Speed or Flanking Shot Masteries for this build. They are just not as practical to use in this regard.


    I have to make a comment on Top Row imprints: "However, the top row number 1 and 2 major imprints are only effective on targets within 10 meters range, and therefore doesn’t benefit from number 3 major imprint" This is false. Both skills are very effective in the 11-25m range. And the 2nd imprint literally lets 3-fold shot hit from basically one end of the room to the other in most rooms. So I'm not really sure what your analysis means?

  • SpooklesSpookles Member, KOL ✭✭✭
    edited December 2018

    One very important thing I would say is that it is very important to max out your ultimate skill, since it resets all your cooldowns. So you can basically use all of your hardest hitting skills, then ultimate skill, then use them all again. I had to respec because I didnt notice this at first. This is pretty much a make or break for Archer skills. They dont hit THAT hard, so on bosses you really need to cycle through everything and then use Ultimate skill to reset everything and then do it again.

    As for taking Crit or Crit Damage or Attk Speed boost, i just took Crit. I get plenty of Crit Damage and Attack Speed from gear. Taking crit got me to 100% crit rate fairly easily without having to gem for crit or really roll much crit on gear. I used the extra gem slots for Crit Damage and instead of having to roll crit on all my gear it gave me room to roll some damage reduction,hp and other things.

    As far as imprints, I really like the bottom row because it passively gives you more damage when not spamming Charge Shot and the extra pile of added arrows is great. I found the top row kinda useless since I get in close for some skills. I found the middle row kinda meh, I think it would be good for FM vacuuming up everything, but not really that great for bossing.

  • KattyKiraKattyKira Member, KOL
    edited January 2019

    @Spookles I wouldn't recommend focusing on Crit Rate stat bonus, especially when you get your prime attribute gear. The reason to not focus on Crit Rate stat skill boost is because you'll not benefit from the 10% Crit rate bonus from the Prime Attribute. Crit Damage and Crit Damage gems are a better combination, and at Levels 5 of Prime Attribute bonuses, you stand a good shot at having cap (or at least near cap of 600%) Crit Damage once you get the max percentage, which has crit damage for Level 3 and 5 on the prime attribute bonuses.

    In this guide, I tried to avoid stating what build I prefer. I have all the major imprints, but of the 3 sets, top row is kinda meh to me (Sorry, @J6FMCKRXXY , I don't see it as a practical build, kinda like top row of Assassin is just stereotypical ninja, but doesn't do as much as the other two rows do on it). Bottom row is nice, but if you're have any bit of the ability to hit cap on Attack Speed, it becomes a detrimental build because you'll always be max charging the golden bow, but you won't be able to shoot till the 3 sec CD is off. Hence my issue... I was constantly even without taking Attack Speed stat bonus always between 180 to 200% Attack Speed in combat. This issue causes me to be at times waiting a second or two for Charging Shot cooldown, and in Hawkeye build, waiting for some skills to come off cooldown to use. But At least in Hawkeye build I avoid the issue off waiting for a key skill to come off cooldown.

    Therefore, I favor the Hawkeye/Roostrel build, because it not only lets me benefit from the high Attack Speed, but gives me great crowd control and near 100% back time with a 5% damage buff for as long as I maintain the 7 seconds of Best Friends buff, which without a complete set of middle major imprints is only 5 seconds. You can keep the Best Friends buff up indefinitely as long as you are in the dungeon and using one of the Roostrel skills without letting it drop.

    I wouldn't for a hawkeye build use Level 4 of the ultimate skill, all you got to do to get the buff for Best Friends is do a single Sky Swoop... and boom... Or do a single Buffeting Shield (depending on how you build, may need to add a barrage in there or flip shot) and you're in golden bow. Therefore, I recommend putting the 24 skill points into another skill that you'll end up using more often than the Ultimate Skill. However, that's just my take on the whole thing.

    @Spookles The middle row is good for Arena and most WH UZs, but can be a little out of place in Challenge Zones due to the fact that Spider goes into hide mode and isn't impacted by most skills. However, even there it's powerful once you can get the spider out of stealth. The build is all about maximizing back time and locking an opponent down. Use Sky Swoop as much as possible to keep the boss turned away from you. This is like ("is like" not saying it is the best) the best class for maximizing back time when you use Hawkeye.

    With that being said, there little issues with all the builds that may get ignored by some over the others. For me, Hawkeye only has issues when for any reason you lag. Hawkeye is more about close range fighting, because you'll use buffeting shield for both the speed bonus and damage. So you need to be a little close to the enemy. Hawkeye can lock them in place, but can't keep some in the arena turned indefinitely, so you have to know too when not to use Buffeting Shield as well, to help with situations like that. My biggest issue with Hawkeye build comes to how its powerful with just 2 of the 3 major imprints, but when you get the 3rd, it almost becomes a can't live without it build. Even the third imprint of the Full Draw and the Top row one, don't seem to impact the skills as much as having a temporary buff up, nearly permanently.

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