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Roman Holiday's Fashionably Great Fashion Show

Hello and welcome! Last year around this time, there was another Kritika fashion show held. Since that got so much positive feedback from everyone involved, I decided to take another shot at it and produce another fashion show this year! There's an old adage that I took some inspiration from: new year, new you; I figured I could put that to perspective and let everyone express themselves through their costume choices at the start of the new year! In addition to this post, there will be an official announcement on the Kritika homepage so keep an eye out for that! In the sections to come, I'll explain how you can enter, what prizes you can win, and what you can expect from the event.

Participation and Entry

Starting the 11th of January, we will be accepting submissions for costumes. This will run until the 18th, where deliberation will be made following until the announcement of the winners. Here's the official news post: https://kritika.enmasse.com/news/posts/time-for-a-kritika-fashion-show

Upload your images here: https://imgur.com/upload
Submit your images here: https://goo.gl/forms/5xaqzrRgL6d1tPnA2

1 screenshot is 1 submission

Winners for the top 3 best dressed will be announced on the EME news stream on Tuesday the 22nd, and afterwards there will be a fashion show for both NA and EU! These streams will be provided by Labeli from EU and Zeta from NA (check the news post for specific dates). During this fashion show, everyone has an opportunity to show off their costumes and take some group photos. At the same time, these streamers will show off the runner up category winners so make sure to tune in and see if you won!

Prizes and Categories

We have a great mix of prizes for every category of winner. Not only will you receive EMP (Thanks EME!) from your placing in one of these, but since this is a community driven event, we've gathered some in-game rewards to give out as well!

There are 4 categories:

Best Dressed - This is the cream of the crop, the best of the best. Overall, their pictures were just a cut above. Winners from this category will be decided across both NA and EU, so do your best!

Best Dressed Example:

Best Group Photo - Get together with your friends! Only one winner from the group will be selected, so work together and decide who is going to submit!

Group Example:

Best Action Photo - Get creative, strike a pose! This reward will go out to the most action oriented shot, go and capture the essence of what makes Kritika combat so great!

Action Example:

Silliest / Funniest Photo - Everyone needs a break from time to time, show us your wackiest and most original images and you just might walk away with a prize.

Silly Example:

These prizes will be awarded

NA/EU (Best Dressed)

1st place: 3,000 EMP and a Dark Templar Bundle
2nd place: 2,000 EMP and a Red Robotic Battle Bundle
3rd place: 1,000 EMP and an Azorou Pet Bundle

EU (runner ups):

Runner up: Best group photo
Prize: 500 EMP provided by EME and a Windhome Ultimate Danger Zone Package ( 2 Warehouse clears, 3 Eternal Library clears, 2 Eeri's Library clears, and 2 Dusk Pirate's Den clears) to be Provided by InnerDemon

Runner up: Best action photo:
Prize: 500 EMP provided by EME and a Christmas themed bow for Archer provided by Labeli

Runner up category: Silliest / Funniest photo
Prize: 500 EMP provided by EME and a Christmas themed bow for Archer provided by Labeli

NA (runner ups):

Runner up: Best group photo
Prize: 500 EMP provided by EME and a Windhome Ultimate Danger Zone Package ( 2 Warehouse clears, 3 Eternal Library clears, 2 Eeri's Library clears, and 2 Dusk Pirate's Den clears) to be Provided by Roman

Runner up: Best action photo
Prize: 500 EMP provided by EME and a Fortified Bright Allure for Archer provided by Roman

Runner up: Silliest / Funniest photo
Prize: 500 EMP provided by EME and a Sizzlin' Summer Water Bow for Archer provided by Roman


You will be judged upon four different categories that each judge will rate. These four categories are:

Aesthetic - This is your overall look and how pleasing it is to the eye. Maybe the shades of colors, go well with your background choice, or your picture is just easy on the eyes.

Creativity / Originality - This category represents how much effort you put into thinking about what you submit. Some things to consider for this category are background choices, poses, and coordination with your surroundings.

Theme - This is all about a coherent thought. You might have a good costume and a good background choice but does it all go together? Maybe you chose to wear a swimsuit, maybe the beach is the best place for that. Maybe you like a certain color, are there any colorful areas around?

Flair - This category is a bit of a wild card, meaning that it's something that pops or stands out. It could be something as simple as a unique costume piece choice, or the perfect angle. You'll know this when you see it.

Here's an example for you:

Aesthetic: Great! Everything seems to go together and it's pleasing to look at. Maybe a little zoomed out? The feet are floating a little bit but, overall quite solid, probably 8/10.
Creativity / Originality: This isn't a normal spot that's immediately obvious, it took a little effort to get there. Using the default hair isn't commonly seen, and I'd definitely give points for that. 7/10
Theme: 10/10, wearing a swimsuit on a beach, really nice! The background works perfectly with the costume set and the colors go really well together.
Flair: The juxtaposition of being a frost mage on a beach has a nice touch! I'd give this a flair rating of 8, nothing crazy but I like it!
Overall judgement: I like the picture a lot, it has a great theme, and a humorous juxtaposition of being a frost mage in a bathing suit on the beach. The zoom is a little far back but the UI is hidden and it's pleasing to look at. I would give this picture an 8 out of 10.
Things that could have been done differently: Avoiding floating, possibly a different pet or even no pet, zoom in the camera more, try some more unique combinations of clothing, a more dynamic pose


Q: How many pictures can I submit?
A: You can submit up to 5 entries, but you can only receive 1 prize. For example, if you win the best dressed category with an action based photo (3k emp and a dark templar bundle), then you won't be eligible to win the runner up category.

Q: Can I edit my pictures?
A: So long as the picture is an original screenshot from Kritika Online, you may edit the picture. However, this is meant to emphasize your character's fashion, not your editing skills, so keep that in mind if you decide to do so.

Q: How do I hide my User Interface (UI)?
A: By default, F10 will remove your UI.

Q: How do I take a screenshot in game?
A: By default, F9 will take a screenshot. Alternatively, you can use Print Screen.

Q: What about entries from other regions (KR, JP, CN)
A: For fairness, any entry with a variable (costume, background, skill, etc.) that is not available in the NA/EU version will not be considered.

Q: How do I enter my pictures?
A: Upload your images to Imgur, then submit them via the google form located on both this page and the official announcement!


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