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Closers servers merged with 3x the players of Kritika

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Are we next?


  • Arnica1991Arnica1991 Member, KOL

    Kritika doesn't have servers besides NA and EU. We're divided by channels.
    And I bet people would complain A LOT if they merged NA and EU.

  • YMF7T4L7TPYMF7T4L7TP Member, KOL

    -If you really want more players, then enmasse should re-vamp their agenda of their devopment and focus more on the game incontent. The game is very boring at the moment and even i dont play this game really much, Not really because of the lack of players ( which i will tell soon ), but lack of game content. No new skills( for example 2nd aweakends which will wait for now more than a year for certain classes and even archer has only 12 skills if im not missing something), maps, big enviroment, quests, storyline or really nice made dungeons with a well made theme. Like the old bella/xanadu dungeons. Also that challanger letters where you have to face those bosses lv 1/2/3 Stars in a dungeon, which was an amazing content. Nothing better than fight against a really hard boss in dungeons which you can activate when you have those challanger letters. Why not make lv 4/5/6 or even 7 stars with great rewards? Now you have only those incredible hard dungeons with 8mil CR which have soo less people. That makes it very unintresting for players like me. The game feels like they wanna copy leaque of legends, new champ new champ new champ and pets pets pets. But that does not make it always funnier. Focus more on other things.

    Also what enmasse doing wrong is introducing non stop every patch new gear. with higher stats higher stats. incredible this and incredible that. Everytime they introduce a new gear set, i think. Damm again, my whole gear is now useless, because those new dungeons are only do-able if you have that new gear. They had to stop for a while when they were at unique set from ethernal library and those other 2. And even if you want to evolve higher higher stuff, begin to take now tooo much time, for example daylight evo. 320 of those things ( only with luck 2 drop from the first one) or you MUST participate the event with alandra which you need lucky to get her first and then have her page with those things for 10 pieces.Itjust take too long to get that uber gear. And especially for new people, i dont expect they gonne that far. Settle the introducing newgear set for once and let people make it perfectly so nobody is getting behind or even must invest incredible much time which many people will not doing it only the few hardcore fans. Keep it simple.

    -Also another point of a missing a content in the game, is lacking of a central point where all players comes toghether. To prevent lack of people in towns, you must make a town where all beginners / advantage/pro people come. Think about a lv1 map where you can enter many dungeons from low to high entrance or a market where you can trade of all your items or gear. That central point is where people coming selling their stuff and buying. Which means, high lv 70 and lv 10 people comes all togherter, so the game doesnt make feel empty for new players and experience players. Now you have windhome where only are lv70 people and all new people who comes start in a empty town where nobody is.

    -Make the servers from 3 to 2, which will decrease the separated players over the game

    -Bad thing they did, is making legendary pets buyable in kred and many other items. Which makes for me and many others very unfair for thoise who payed 100+mill to get 1 ( piglet pet kuch kuch). The game has lost it free to play and everyone from lv 1 can get what he want if he play the game, now its gonne be a pay2win game again. Very sad, was not needed. If you craft a good game, you dont need that pay to win system to run the game. ( like old games untill gamecube/ps2/xbox360/ and offcourse blizzard company and leaque of legends.

    Enmasse really missed their shot when they had an huge amount players like last year when they had that award 2017. Those repeating dungones 6times in a row every time when you was lv 60 till lv 65. that huge difference in starhenge with the CR. It just killed it. Im at 2.8m CR (shadow mage my main) i have 90 days of elite, but even i dont log in everyday ( sometimes just for check in and 2x 550 000 gold) to participate events or even getting the kred. Im pretty boring of the game. Its sad cuzz i really loved the game really hard. The upgrade system ( serious the upgrade system is the best compare to every mmo), music, the skills, champs, the game in content and skins were really good, but now its just boring with only seeing, new chars and new items whitout looking at the game itself. If they change this, i deffitnitly( however you write it) will come back. Offcourse if you do all of this and make some commercials, im sure there will be a lot of more players.

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