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Prophetic gear (Challanger) Feet piece/archer

Hello everyone,
I have been farming for my prophetic gear feet piece for 4 weeks now. I ran croc dungeon daily, with either pig pet 50% prosperity/ elite 3h 20% prosperity/ event party 20%. Never missed a day till today to get my last piece. I had only 1 feet archer piece but it was Bracket set. Anyone here can confirm me please, if they had that prophetic archer feet gear dropped or not.
I normally run not only croc but minimum 3 challenger (60 run) each day. sometimes more than 1 char. Really getting frustrated. Thought before raising the issue to Kiritika get some confirmation from you guys.

Thanks in advance.



    they should make tradeable challenger set, since all challenger update ( except ghost ) and memorial uz is all bound to account and character, challenger zones drop rates are ok, just need to be lucky enough but without a craft or trade system, rng and 24h farm is only your friend

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