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Empress Weapon Shortage

Another casualty of the evolution cost issue is Pirate Empress Weapons. The droprate on these weapons is still pretty poor (as ultimate zones tend to be) and they are either evolved to reach Helio Evo1 or Destroyed when evolving your Helioflare. This means that large amount of them are leaving the market forever. As of writing, the only Empress weapon to be found on the Auction House is Bracers (monk is barely used atm) And I have very rarely seen chat sellers. This leaves the only option being to craft one which is 100m + mats. Add this to the Evo costs and you are looking at a whopping 170m + mats. Almost everyone is bottle-necked at Helioflare since the Quest Weapon evolves into it. This is a great feature, but the unforseen problem is that there is simply not enough Empress weapons entering the pool to support the outflow.

I suggest either buffing the droprate or lowering the cost of crafting significantly. This is putting even more pressure on a already strained gold market.


  • Pretty poor is an understatement. Non-existent is probably the most accurate term.

  • 39AMFLTX7939AMFLTX79 Member, KOL

    Me and many of my friends are facing the same problem.How can we evolve if we can't find a single empress weapon and 170 million excluding the materials is just not possible for everyone.


    they must increase its drop rate like they did with thermalar since now is old content, pretty sure they wont change evo or craft costs soon, or at all

  • W97Y7P6EN6W97Y7P6EN6 Member, KOL

    get elites and farm xeno until you eyes bleed
    at least 120k gold per run, 1-2 minutes each
    you'll get 6 million gold per hour

    edited February 2019

    @W97Y7P6EN6 said:
    get elites and farm xeno until you eyes bleed
    at least 120k gold per run, 1-2 minutes each
    you'll get 6 million gold per hour

    That misses the point though, you are neither adding to the Empress Supply nor the gold supply. The 100m you generate to craft the weapon never goes to other players or helps the economy. Also during that farming you aren't likely to buy anything either meaning you basically exit the economy until you are done farming. You are seeing this alot atm, the economy is slowed to a crawl because everyone is farming for themselves for evo costs and not buying much.

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