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Please explain eme why should players CR & or SR be penalised when they enhance their gear or weapon to +20{In my case i lost about 100k CR when i enhanced my helioflare pistol to +20}
PLZ EXPLAIN :( :( :'( :'( >:) >:)


  • HmoobLaujHmoobLauj Member

    Its a bug thats been around and known for awhile now. Simply put, just leave your gears at +19 and if you don't have enough mats to +21 then don't bother enhancing past +19.

  • OldphartOldphart Member, KOL

    was first time i really took any notice as b4 was low cr but now at just over 5m cr anyway they should have fixed it by now on the NA server anyway too late for that guess i gotta farm like crap for now tc latrs

  • MajorThorMajorThor Member ✭✭

    +20 enhancement bug is still there? I'll add that to my .txt file with all the other reasons why I quit. Eme is trash.


    the sad thing is i personally and other players provided proof ( vid and pics ) of that bug and many other issues ( and they answered that they are aware of them ), and they still didn't fix them, i can understand it may be complicated for them and it may take time, but when those issues are several months old and we have literally no feedback or news about it i have to think they're being just lazy both allm and eme

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