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How to Gold?

How do you guys farm gold after you get 70?
Cause currently I'm doing Wordly Pit, which gives approx 120k gold(depends on repairs) per run, with each run taking around 1:20.
But is there a better way to farm up some Gold? Delta's are nice but It's just 1 mil per day.
Currently sitting at 480k cr and can't get any higher cause I lack the gold for upgrades.

I've seen some Skyship Letter Farm mentioned, but i have no clue what that is... Challenge letters on Skyship?


  • AnimeFTWAnimeFTW Member

    120k cause I have elite atm, without elite it's 60k, adding this as separate cause I can't edit the post :|

  • SpooklesSpookles Member, KOL ✭✭✭

    can do Abelard and Titan 2x a week and sell the signas to a vendor for 50k each. Usually nets you about 4-5 million a character.

  • HijikiriHijikiri Member, KOL

    Just a tip, if you run Gate portal at Extreme mode several times. It gives 100k plus gold each time. Grind there for an hour. You'll be good to go with 2-3mil an hour.

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