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Crashing when loading character select screen.

edited February 26 in General Discussion

Hey, I've tried loading the steam version, tried editing the .xml, Tried the non-steam version. I was playing just fine prior to equipping a fashion outfit ingame (I can't remember the name), then my client crashed. Now whenever I try to load the game, I can get to the character select screen, then I just crash as soon as the voice line plays, I don't even get to see the characters.

Edit: I tried loading into the EU servers, and I can load into the game onto a character, Which means, It is not my game at all, It is a item my character tried loading, and crashed my game.

Edit 2: It seems to be the Iron Templar Wings that my character tried equipping, that broke my whole account.

Edit 3: Still waiting on them to message back.

Edit 4: still waiting on a fix, No answer yet beside them trying to assume it's on my end.


  • NoxyauraNoxyaura Member, KOL

    https://clips.twitch.tv/PreciousTenuousWaterLitFam Here is the clip of when it happened.

  • NoxyauraNoxyaura Member, KOL

    Here is the attempt when trying to load the character screen https://clips.twitch.tv/LitigiousBrainyPeppermintPunchTrees


    well i can only suggest to send a ticket to support so they can remove the wings and let you login i guess, and hope they will fix that later ( if that's the cause ) if not try to restart your pc but i higly recommend to send a ticket with those videos

  • NoxyauraNoxyaura Member, KOL
    edited February 25

    I sent a ticket with both the videos, Messaged their twitter as well. I've tried loading another character into the EU servers and i could play, but when i load into the NA servers with my normal characters, it instantly crashes. So the only thing it could be is that the item crashes the client, and since it auto loads that character when i load the character screen, it crashes every single time.
    Edit: I also restarted my PC, reinstalled both the steam and the website client, and tried messing with the .XML file, just to test if it was the options of the client. However since I can load the EU servers, It has nothing to do with the game itself on the client/Settings.


    no worries then it's the game problem, they will fix this asap usually they're pretty fast with tickets, it sucks but you need to be used to, game has so many problems but they fix them little by little, ask to refund elite days since you cant even login but wait for their answer first and good luck

  • NoxyauraNoxyaura Member, KOL

    Yeah, They answered me on twitter, Now I'm just waiting for them to answer me on the support page.

  • NoxyauraNoxyaura Member, KOL
    edited February 26

    To anyone who has the blade wings, Do not equip them on the little mage girl. https://gyazo.com/c89c3bea13469594e6bcd16b28c33e66

  • NoxyauraNoxyaura Member, KOL

    https://gyazo.com/379958bde38f589f5a58754b6ab8c59c Case Closed, The forum can be claimed as answered. Thank you! It was the Wings by the way, So hopefully no one does this in the future!

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