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The Happiest Day Ever!

What kind of awful developers are you?
Wasting time of ur customers?
You wanted, Greed, Greed, Greed, Greed, Lootboxes, Greed, P2W stuff, this is what you got, now ur forced to return everyone a refund in EMP because you couldn't listen to make this game better!
Anyways, I have a sweet message for you, YOU ARE the worst developers in the gaming HISTORY, even Gameforge is better than you, They're greedy oh yeah! But not as greedy as you, I could see this coming from a 5th dimension hahaha...
I gave this game one and half, 2 at max years and I was right, It didn't even last more than 2 years.

This is all your greed! Hope you fail with every project in ur life, you don't deserve to bring Asian mmo to us! Let someone else make Asian mmo.
You cut streams every day, there was less stream every day, not giving players free code rewards, not giving anything to f2p players, only P2W.

Most people are sad when they saw the announcement on Facebook official page, I guess I'm one of the few, who actually was so happy to see this game shutting down. You just milked your poor customers more and more towards the end to gain as much as you can before eventually shutting it down. You are horrible! I am just one person, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks the same. Ready to be warned and banned on backup account again!

English is not perfect, but you get the general idea



    dam worse than gameforge that hurts.. :smiley: well they just gave up, the game could not be saved anyways it was too late

  • EME is not the worst developers in the world, because they aren't even a developer, they are a PUBLISHER. And even as a publisher stand point, EME wasn't that bad and are better than Gameforge. You can say what you want, but our version of Kritika wasn't really P2W, sure some parts could be argued to be kind of p2w like pet gems (which didn't even work right) and pet bonus but it was more overall pay for convenience. Everyone's emotion is all over the place so no one is blaming you for out bursts as to be expected, but you should at least be honest about it.

    The fault is on both EME and ALLM on why the game is shutting down, and I felt that EME was starting to really show they care around the end with a lot of the changes they did towards the end of last year. They made the early parts of level 65-70 much more reasonable and gave us more ways to get the important resources we really needed like hammers. Sure content was very slow for us, and we had 2 months of Challenge zones basically, but when you think about it....we were really close to where KR Kritika was so even if the server didn't shut down, we would of had more or less of the same content for another possible month or 2. The only thing we were missing from KR was Halo Mage, Steam Monk, 2 Challenge Zones, and then Raids/Mythics.

    Assuming the server wasn't going to shut down...we would of basically had 1-2 patches of 2 more challenge zones with Halo Mage/Monk, and then prob a few months of Raids. Since KR is basically working on finishing the 2A's for Mages (then need it for Prodigy), we would of had another few months of no content later on the year. That's also not including they prob would of held content for a little longer to change it's balance for us as our version is pretty different from KR. So in the end, EME wasn't making enough money to really justify keeping the server up with all of that in mind, which is something that a lot of the community already felt was going to happen. Though personally, I would of loved to at least get and try out Raids/Mythics, but it is what it is.

    And if you really want another example of how much stuff changes when you get a quicker Developer to help out? Just look at Closers, where they get new content and changes almost every week or 2, which is another game published by EME, but that one just had a more active Developer.

  • PhoenixShiPhoenixShi Member

    After playing the NA/EU version of SoulWorker since the start of their beta, I don't really see where all this hate against GameForge is coming from. They're not perfect, but to me seem completely average when it comes to game publishers in NA, and the EU. EME, and allm really buggered this version of Kritika up from the start, by massively increasing mob stats, and all the changes they made to player trading, and the player market, so not long after our beta, I gave up on the game. EME used to publish two other games (AVA, and ZMR, which are both still shown in their games list at the top of the page), which have since been shut down. TERA people have been complaining is in need of love for years, and Closers doesn't sound like it's doing so well, with a server merger a while back, and some other things.

    I used to like EME, but especially after seeing how Kritika went, I really don't hold them in high regard at all any more, and consider them rather below average considering the track record they seem to have with the games they publish.

  • SpooklesSpookles Member, KOL ✭✭✭
    edited March 2019

    All things considered, I enjoyed Kritika for the most part. It was a fun game, but just to many bad choices and slow updates ended up killing the game.

    As far as ENMasse, they really have gone downhill. Tera is in very poor shape and once again EnMasse seems to have zero say in the content and changes we get to our version. Closers is down to one server. Kritika, AVA, and ZMR are all now shut down (I am still bitter about ZMR). EnMasse used to seem to really care and be involved in their games, lately though, they really seem to care very little and put the absolute minimal effort into stuff (other than the cash shop/cash shop events).

    I would say at this point, they really are worse than Gameforge. Gameforge Tera is much better than our version and SoulWorker is doing pretty well. At least they can keep their games running and seem to care a little bit about their game communities and the content they game versions get.

    After watching Kritika die and Tera basically fall apart, I think I am just done with these online games. Too much effort(or money) for too little reward and in the end, one day that game will probably just be shut down anyways. Guess its back to that 15+ years of backlog games I keep looking at (I still have PS2 games I have't taken out of the plastic wrap)!

    There is always hope someone else picks this up. APB Reloaded is now on it's 3rd publisher. Talk about a game that refuses to die!
    What absolutely amazes me is how they killed Kritika this fast. Hell, Continent of the Ninth (C9), Skyforge, and even Onigiri are still running for god's sake..lol


    metin2 still alive, kritika ded :D

  • ZeroTypeXZeroTypeX Member
    edited March 2019

    EA is by far the worst gaming company, as far as I'm concerned.

    I'll miss this game. It's true that I jumped off the sinking ship pretty early in this game (I quit early last year, due to what I thought was obvious Pay2Win), but it didn't mean that I wanted it to fail. For the short time that I played this game it really was quite fun. I'm sad to see it go, however I will be sure to enjoy this game right up until the servers get shutdown this time.

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