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About Korean Version

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First of all sorry for my Bad End my main lang is rus soooo ill try to make my question understandable..
My question to EN MASSE supporters of this game. In a closing letter to the community, the manager told what we have a bonus to start on Korean servers and give a link to register. But there are 2 tips. First and major we need Korean mobile operator or Korean Citizenship for personal something to register. So it nearly impossible to register right now. IS there any plans to make register simple for one who wanna continue playing Kritika on Korean Servers? Translation on English Version Maybe? If this question is fully answer before pl give me a link. If note pls do something to make this question brighter - I dunno like or something else to make this question visible to En Mass employers.


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    My question too. In my case I didn't even see a link for it and I was looking everywhere. Wasted too much time on this its becoming annoying. Nor can find the Korean version of this game anywhere on the web. The game is closing in one day and I can't do anything to transfer. Wish I never even bothered playing this game now that I think about it. I was close to the end of the game and stuck on it, never will know the ending or full story. Also there are some chaotic events where there is a fight and a wall of text next to it. How can even pay attention to both things at once. Plus some missions are not repeatable. So you can't read back things. Everything goes away fast and can't read anything. Later I put together some pieces or record when I can then slow down the video in order to read what is going on and where to progress. Either way I would like to finish this game and wonder if we ever get another chance at it also not sure why it closes so fast. It was out for a less then a year and everything before that was just beta.

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    do any of you have kritika NA resorce folder so i can translate the korean version

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