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Your best Screenshot...!!

edited June 2017 in General Discussion

Post best screenshot of any game, let's have fun till OBT hit's :D Not necessarily Kritika <3

Here's mine with one of the Eclair's quote

"I'll defeat it as the revenge for Archie."

And here's one of Cute Little Nobleria <3


  • TriggTrigg Member ✭✭

    Cute characters!

    I don't have many good ones of Kritika yet, but some of my favourites are either silly or a pose I felt lucky with - most of them are of my Wolf Guardian. Though if I have to pick only one then probably the classic victory pose, this particullar one had spirit tornado after effect in it.

    With that said I'd gladly post more of my weirder shots at a later time if that is fine lol.

  • RipleyWRipleyW Member

    I like the MVP pose aswell, Especially Wolf Guardians and Vampire's <3

  • RipleyWRipleyW Member

    So today I got to take these awesome looking pictures...
    Finally hit lvl 60 to try ult skill "Heaven's Gate of Blades" soo gloomy

  • Nothing special, hopefully some cool skills to come

  • TriggTrigg Member ✭✭

    I quite like these action shots you guys, dramatic looking and epic. ~ Keep 'em coming!

    Today's screenshot, it was taken approx 10 minutes before I finaly hit level 65 - featuring a party member, NPC Luami with spirits, spirit wolf and my rogue boots. =3=

  • RipleyWRipleyW Member
    edited June 2017

    I feel like having to add this one, not Kritika it's another mmo but I just had to post this cute Toga, I'm ruling it, looking like goddess
    Bit poor quality I had to crop it from it's original size so it's blurry soz D: physics work like a charm on the dress

  • ShrowdedShrowded Member
    edited June 2017

    Pretty much my goal for cbt XD

    Edit:rip didnt post from my phone, will fix later :D

  • Ash20Ash20 Member


  • RipleyWRipleyW Member

    @Ash20 said:

    What game is that o.0??

  • todd1todd1 Member


  • RipleyWRipleyW Member

    this awesome costume

  • TriggTrigg Member ✭✭

    Those are some amazing shots, especially the centered one with the spread wings by E6JDT9PHH7 - it looks insanely epic, a great shot!

    I tested out some classes during the last day of closed beta. A lot of screenshots this time, yep.

    Future valkyrie with her sensei. She is a little shy of the camera. =3=

    Assassin who is less shy - in fact she enjoys the spotlight.

    Future warp mage with his sensei.

    He is a tricky one. Perhaps one day he really will be like Kachu.

    I hope to get more screenshots during open beta! <3

  • RipleyWRipleyW Member
    edited June 2017

    Nice screenshots guys, especially @Trigg warp mage, he looks cool with his sensei
    and well of course cute with kachu's tail, shhh..

  • TriggTrigg Member ✭✭

    Thanks Ripley! Glad you like him! I like weird screenshots.

    Speaking of weird, here is another. The only battle that ever gave me and my party member buddy a run for our money, was Hux as a 3 star intruder. We honestly did not see it coming, a lot of resurrection stones was used that day. So in aftermath, I ended up... lurking wherever he was.

    *stare -_-

    I wanna see more screenshots from you guys too, please! It's really fun to see a moment from the adventures of your characters.

  • RedCrescendoRedCrescendo Member
    edited June 2017

  • RipleyWRipleyW Member

    @Trigg said:
    Thanks Ripley! Glad you like him! I like weird screenshots.

    Your welcome @Trigg

    Now this looks amazing, I also have Valkyrie 65 and I tried to take screenshot of her Weakest Link skill, but to no avail, I just can't time it right, yours look terrific, also that pink costume matches her darker skin tone

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