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  • where to exchange kritiums?
  • (Quote) Gear is a major problem right now. I mean if 400k+ CR fights below 100k CR opponent has around 200% advantage and if it is doomblade he has 2000% advantage all he has to do is right click and GG.
  • OK it Became a debate all of a sudden but I will drop my points anyway. 1. There are too many towns and no way to communicate in between towns, but it'd be quite unreasonable for the game to remove its towns. The other option is of course to allow c…
  • (Quote) for pure PVE u probably don't need any of those skills. For PVP u need Lunge Uppercut and that punch or something. The 1st skill is basically the worst trash even berserkers hate it.
  • (Quote) Seriously more buff to doomblades. I mean I know 70% players are doomblade but this makes things ridiculous. And lets not even talk about Psion and Shadow Mage they catch someone that thing is dead. And about Berserker's heal be happy his he…
  • (Quote) Yes on SEA also Psion uses heavy armor coz its melee and has ver less range. Its just like Zerk but a little less mobility.
  • (Quote) Psion lvl 3 gun u should read it before u say psion is perfectly fine. I think u r giving this rating without knowing what gun lvl 3 does. And shadow mage is the same but with no stiff. That's why shadow mage is lower than psion not higher. …
  • And btw CR matters a lot in PVP right now. If there is a doomblade with 400k+ CR and any other classes with same CR and same survival rating as doomblade. Doomblade's right click will rek everything as it deals a massive damage which can only be on …
  • The current state of PVP is absolutely broken. I will just rate classes out of 10 ratings above 10 needs to be nerfed. Psion- 13/10 Doomblade- 12/10 Catspaw Valk Assassin WolfGuardian Berserker- 11/10 ShadowMage FireLord WarpMage- 10/10 Vamp Frost M…
  • (Quote) Maybe if u guys never abused PVP this update wouldn't have been live. Around 90% of the player wont enter PVP without armors unless they conivince someone or have a friend/guildmate. Actual PVP players will always remember so there u go with…
  • To those who are playing on steam. You will have to redirect to Kritika folder in steamapps. For default it is C:\ProgramFiles\Steam\steamapps\common\Kritika and run launcher.exe. Then only you can find the game build options.
  • (Quote) What if I prefer selling inferior items over salvaging. It at least gives 3.7k gold while pure krit shard is so useless.
  • (Quote) No I like the current intro movie. Just add it dont remove the old one. Press ESC once to feature Psion movie and press ESC again to skip. Please. And once again please.
  • (Quote) Well I understand why EME is disabling even the inventory. But I think the guild tab should also be removed. When I press Y it most of times comes in way. Overall good update for actual PvP players. The inventory is disabled because people …
  • OK this game lacks PVE content. PvE is just grind if u haven't noticed it already. Why would anyone wanna keep grinding on and on? A PvE player will just get gears by grinding for hundreds of hours just to grind more and finally when nothing is left…
  • If Personal Trade is just an option where you can invite anyone to a trade directly without reaching AH. It's an improvement. But please don't change the current min- max price. I'd recommend personal trade to be an option where the seller gives ite…