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  • low CR runs. Be fun to see who can do the lowest CR run of newer content. Like a 20k CR run of Abelard/Titan? Video proof would be easy enough. They show CR at the start of the video run and cant change gear. Have some limit to revives so people ca…
  • Adding onto this. You dont have to kill each boss 1x. You just pick one of them and kill it. So just 1 challenge run, not all 6. Also, you can only do one or the other each day, not both.
  • Following up on this. You get 2 dailies after you finish the 4/4 new requests (challenge zone quest). I made a better post about it up top
  • (Quote) To be honest, I wouldnt bother focusing on it. The one they give us isnt that great even if it had its stats. I certainly wouldnt pay for runs to buff its stats. I would focus on evoing and enchanting gear before i worry about the talisman. …
  • At minimum they could just reset the quest for everyone and whoever wanted could redo the quest one more time. We would get all the stuff, but have to do the quest chain again and only being able to do it one more time wouldnt really be a big deal. …
  • (Quote) It might be this since i never noticed it before yesterday when i got the talisman. I will check after i get off work today. Edit: Yep, it is the Talisman
  • Side note here. You get a Talisman that does absolutely nothing. Zero stats. You have to refill it somehow to increase the stats on it above zero. From what I can see, the only way to get the items to fill it are form the newest Extreme dungeon whic…
  • oh ok, bleh
  • I hope they reset the questline for everyone. I am in the same boat. I got rid of a lot of the gear not knowing we could upgrade it more in a later patch. If I had known I would have just stored the pieces in my bank.
  • (Quote) I really wish they would address this. I got rid of 3 of those pieces. They AT MINIMUM need to reset the questline and let people do it again if they got rid of the gear.
  • 3 difficulties is fine, but lets be honest, the lower difficulties are basically a placebo. There is no hope of getting drops there and only being able to run it 2x a week means wasting your runs on easy/normal means you are pretty much wasting your…
  • (Quote) Agreed. It needs to be somewhere. Kredd probably the worst option. I think it would be a nice thing to get with FM or Arena coins.Either way, it needs to be made available again. It was removed with no warning.
  • (Quote) This bugs me also, since i have like 3 pieces of this and now I can no longer get the rest of it. you should at least be able to buy this costume with Kredd. Why completely remove a costume from the game?
  • (Quote) I echo the concern here as well. I had evo'd and used all the stuff from the questline on the pieces, but then I got a couple of dusk pieces so I replaced the quest pieces and sold them to the merchant. How will players that got rid of some/…
  • I tossed some of the quest gear because I already had better gear in some slots. What happens to us? We just out of luck?
  • I would like to see older gear be able to be sold on the marketplace for Gold instead of just kredd. Like maybe everything up to Dusk or early Dawn stuff? I understand that the newest gear shouldnt be able to be sold for gold, but why is older gear …
  • i got to over +20 enchanting bonus one time trying to get to 14 or 15. It was really annoying. Logged out for the day, next day got it within the first few tries. My opinion on enchanting is it should be harder to get materials, but fail MUCH less.…
  • While Archer does have the Lotus costume, its missing a ton of other Kredd costumes. She has like one page of costume pieces vs every other class that has like 3-5 pages. I agree though, its time they opened up on the costumes. to add to this..why …
  • can only do imprints 10 times a day, so if you did them 10 times before you got the quest you will need to wait til tomorrow.
  • Psion and Rogue are fine. Its just Prodigy, Archer, and Reaper that are messed up
  • Yeah, its too bad. I wanted to get it for my Artifex and Archer, but not going to spend money on a a messed up costume. Hopefully they fix it before it stops being sold. Not sure how something like this makes it into the game. Did they not look at i…
  • I appreciate what you are saying. Wouldnt the best outcome have been to UP the rewards for high cr rather than Lower the cr for others? These dailies offered 10 badges per run for over a year, now it depends on CR but never goes over 10? Seems like …
  • wow. lol. so they took dailies and instead of making them better for the higher level/higher CR they decided to just make them worse for low geared players? LMAO. What a joke. Was 10 badges per run to much for new players? Jesus. At this point I fee…
  • I am giving up on the game for now. So much new stuff added lately just really tilted the scale beyond "paying for little extra". We have gone well into the pay 2 win area at this point. I have come to the conclusion that no matter how muc…
  • Artifex Power Up / Extreme Power Up (EX skill) is super buggy. Sometimes it buffs for the full length of time, sometimes the non EX amount of time, sometimes it does nothing. Sometimes for the EX increased amount, sometimes for the non ex amount, so…
  • Any plans to maybe work on smoothing out the gear progression or possibly lowering the CR on some of the older content like Ableard/Titan and Eerie?
  • Please make sure to change the Thermal Weapon Selector box to have the Nobilia weapon in it. I feel like this is going to be something you all will forget.
  • (Quote) oh ok, thanks. I didnt know this. At least there is a workaround
  • Are you going to fix the emblem combining? I have mountains of the junky emblems from Titan/Abelard that i can no longer combine.
  • Its on the Test Server as of tonight