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  • If you're still looking for a breakdown of costume and badge system, I have a video going over it and can answer any questions you have afterwards. https://youtube.com/watch?v=jcVVEPYzAUQ
  • Speaking specifically in regards to the wings reward in arena, I agree as well that they should either have their stats lowered or removed and be purely cosmetic, or simply removed from the box, if removing the stats isn't feasible with our client a…
  • You seem to have missed my earlier reply so I'll go ahead and reiterate, none of your opening post is correct. I'm not sure if you simply copy and pasted it from a website with absolutely zero testing, but anyone who has used even a little bit of el…
  • Can you link a screen shot of your weapon. My assumption is you put dark bonus on your weapon and didn't enhance it with dark but that's a guess.
  • I'm not sure if those levels for elements are correct. I have 180 fire and the 60/90/120 buffs do not do what is listed in the first post. They each do a level 1 fire spell, a level 2 fire spell, a level 3 fire spell, which are, an aoe debuff dot, a…
  • (Quote) The whole point of the endgame is farming to try to enhance your gear, it's not meant to come easy, you're not supposed to spam enhance your gear to max, you choose which piece to work on one at a time and farm towards that. As I mentioned …
  • I can answer any ele questions you guys have, we've tested it fully over the last couple days. Ele damage increases your skills damage at 0.3% per 1 point. This effects any skill that has the same element related to the one you are increasing. What…
  • Purple invasions are worse for hammers than blue invasions. Blue invasions give on average 5 durability with 3 blues to 1 purple you'd be getting an average of 15 dura, with a max of 21, and a min of only 9, meaning at worst it would be 1 dura worse…
  • Gold is incredibly easy to farm at level 65, and you shouldn't be needing hammers before max level. As soon as you start making alts as well, you trade their letters over, and your gold supply exponentially increases even more.
  • Hammers are very easy to obtain, every time you do an invasion you receive one in the box that drops from them, and since you can continue to farm dungeons after you are out of rp, so long as you have challenge letters you can farm hammers indefinit…
  • As of right now, you are able to infinitely increase your score in the Memory of Annihilation Danger Zone very easily. I made a twitch clip explaining and demonstrating how to do so. https://clips.twitch.tv/RamshackleHappyPepperVoteYea I believe t…
  • YouTubers are more than welcome as well, feel free to add your YouTube channel and include any information with it that you want.