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  • (Quote) Just so you have some visual of the downward spiral Kritika is in: http://steamcharts.com/app/439350 Don't take this post as a 'I hope kritika dies' because it's not and I really enjoyed playing it while it was fun and hope it continues to …
  • I've been let down by Nexon with vindictis and let down by ENMASS with Kritika so game forge might let me down as well but that's life and it goes on. Anyways, I joined in last night to check out the game and holy crap it's hyped. There was major l…
  • They don't usually reply to problems unless it's affecting their sales. I'm not being sarcastic either, this is what I noticed since the start. Still, feedback in important because they make changes on what we post in the forums, it just takes forev…
  • I remember when I had hopes that this would always be a challenging game. Turned out to be a one shot everything game with the same difficulty as opening a folder on your desktop once you are geared enough. There's no challenge except for gearing w…
  • I just logged in to check the dyes for amusement. The good; -The new purple is really nice The bad; -Everything else There is nothing really more to say, you guys really dropped the ball. I would love to know the reason you added 24 off-white pas…
  • Someone post a pic of the new dyes so I can have a good laugh while I eat lunch at work? Thanks fams
  • If they were smart, they would have added black and white with the only option being EMP wayyyyy back in the very beginning. They have being saying forever (over and over) that black and white was exclusive to costumes (mainly the founder pack costu…
  • You can farm unit insignias for recals if that's still available. I'm not sure I don't play this game anymore.
  • I just come to see the entertainment on the forums and it was funny to see that PandAndy child go from uber defensive about the game to ultra salty when the patch notes dropped. 11/10
  • Fishing isnt killing the game just the kritium economy as it was coupled with the exchange event. The developers are killing the game and people are waking up. I saw the light over the past weekend and moved on myself. I havnt logged in for days …
  • @ultifen what are you on about lol I don't care about your experiences in the game. Edited to remove the useless blabber. Double edit: I thought you were smiley responding lol nvm
  • (Quote) Hahahahahahahahahah ignorance is bliss.
  • (Quote) Are you sure about this statement?
  • Im not sure why they do this but it prevents stubborn people like myself from buying these boxes to obtain a generic costume. _ I don't want to look like everyone else_ and im sure there are many others in the same boat. Open the options for custom…
  • (Quote) If I had to guess, its the 24th. Reasons why; -Knoxxor said in the video that one week isnt enough test time for PTS and two weeks is more reasonable for the DEVs -Attendance ends on 24th -Kritium Exchange ends on 24th
  • Y'all need to stop feeding this troll. Titan feedback thread has turned into white knight VS the community. Just ignore it and continue to discuss Titan before it gets locked or deleted.
  • Revert the changes? What about the massive population of players who didn't benifit from the way it was before and are now stuck with this. I hate these flip flop decisions. Indecisive is the word that best describes our dev team currently and its…
  • (Quote) (Image)
  • That video Ice posted really turns me off from ever buying this new box. On the flip side I'm glad I saved my 40k useless garbage from fishing, hopefully there's some good crap to exchange for. (Quote)
  • (Quote) MonkConfirmedNext
  • (Quote) Clearly this dude is working for mmorpg.com. conspiracy alert
  • Last post date from council's on the forums; Andrew3000 - October 2017 Counter - August 2017 Curry-A-Boo - Banned from forums Ice - December 2017 Saitana - November 2017 Schiz - January 2018 Tepheroth - October 2017 Yisel - August 2017 MorgianaSenp…
  • Welcome to Alts Online. Max five characters to level 65 then come back for more advice. See you in a few weeks/month.
  • (Quote) From what I've been told they are not in the RNG table for hexagram exchanges. If anyone knows otherwise please post here because I don't like spreading false info.
  • Catspaw is really annoying to play with in a party and same could be said about Valk. Psion seems to be decent for party play. Vamp can be one of the best mob groupers. Wolf guardians are kinda wasted effort atm. Assassin I'm not too sure about …
  • Personal opinions on alts aside, this is a terrible idea for the game financially now that the game and revenue are built on alts. There's nothing really more to say because you want to change what is essentially the foundation of Kritika which coul…
  • X-Mouse https://www.highrez.co.uk/downloads/xmousebuttoncontrol.htm Been using it since day 2 of beta without any issues, excellent easy to use program but also powerful for advanced users.
    in Mouse Comment by DownIoad January 2018
  • funky fresh fashionistas 1/3/2018
  • Im not very good at memes but I think this will suffice. (Image) The ticket allows entry till the normal reset but the actual event closes before it.
  • Or 130 if you are Canadian. I think the true intention is to gift people stuff tho, not just whale to get all the items (which you can do of course). Because when you think about it, each giftbox is around 20 bucks American which is about the same …