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  • Hello, yeah most have that problem link to antivirus. The orrible Xincode, think the Antivirus is a 3th part program and block the client ( for me happen after i click on the server list) -.- The only fix for me is disable the antivirus when i pla…
  • https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pbdRUio3OkZONPWFYABrNvTreod8JEzVYm9aWjTGLLQ/edit
  • Game on self have a good combat mechanic, is all the rest around the combat who is totally screwd :rage: Bug over bug over bug, and they not have do a single real good fix, of all the dozen of infinite bug this game have.... :unamused: This is at l…
  • Just to know, what is the point of a new player can do new zone of lvl 70 (Easy Normal) if the quest are marked to be done on Hard Mode xD ? Basically do that on easy normal is just for quest...
  • They remove for War month later, with no reason of that xD
  • and again and again... so boring... pretty useless to report it, becouse they dont do basically nothing -.- all the time see those post is really useless.... EME right now dont care a shit for this game , use it only for grab money thats all...
  • If can maybe try another GPU card, if problem persist on the same machine, maybe there some problem on PC or GPU. And is a new machine, or old potato pc ^^?
  • (Quote) The box x9 i for newbye is a full Evo1 T7 xD For therma remain the same finish the quest for get or rngjesus to drop :wink:
  • Main quest is a little bugged. My friend to have a lot of problem but have resolved to simple drop titan rage and retake. When rreget the mission start an auto teleport inside the two easy zone. And for titan is ok, but for Abe need to find a quest …
  • (Quote) Every single patch is an infinite laugh :D ... god damit.. Is better you guys at EME be a much more focused on what you write on patch notes... ;) . Reputation for a company is the biggest key to win, but if you continue to do so much and s…
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    in Shutdown! Comment by DragoKan April 2018
  • (Quote) Something like that yes ^^
  • Fishing is boring yes i know, but is the only fast and effective method now to get material xD Or farm bella until the dead if dont like to stay still on fishing afk :P There's no other option ^^' Real problem is not get cloth si get hard metal so w…
  • Yes, carried. Or have patience lvl up alt and farm daily for month xD Or try to find a a good guild who can help in the process :P There is no other way ( except buy lot of scroll hammer to full your basic t7 to go step by step solo if whant all fas…
  • Both count not much ppl but totally dead not really xD Choose server with better ping for you and do a try yourself :P For be short, lack of content, lot of bug, lot of stuff on shop xD Right now is only for one who have or patience, or money to was…
  • I have already do a post asking for this, but no one ask the question :unamused: I have tryed to do Unicode / Alt Code more then a time but cant figure out how to set on guild title string :frowning: ... If maybe some, how already have do it, is …
  • So about this mean :joy: : (Image) (Image) Happen from yesterday dunno what the hell is if a bug or some joke of EME guys xD
  • Dying maybe no, lose ppl yes xD But every single game until new update lose player then get again back and over and over :P If not there is a real good implementation who can take dozen of player bonded to the game is normal not have a good player b…
  • Again is not only a question of CR but : IncreaseBoss Dmg, Increase Crit Dmg to bosses,Crit cap, Bonus Dmg cap, accuracy, Elemental Dmg . And i think is a video pre nerf of thuviel helm ^^' Dont remember when Thuviel get fixed / nerfed :wink:
  • Ask for a 4k on this orrible hold engine is ask too much ^^' Don't think they care of 4K user too much :wink:
  • Yeah, thing like wow heirloom are the top, but for now the only helping gear whe have, are the legendary crafted. I mean with the lvl 35 gear one can go further until lvl 50 55 dont give any bonus exp ok, but help a lot on lvling. If one have a l…
  • Any of the costume box SH(SH are a bit more high but not so much xD), or Vindon chance are really low only RNGgesus can help :wink: Happy farming :smiley:
  • 20 € Just for stash expansion ;)
  • Oh well is pretty simple, some special item like the key are buy 5 one time across the account :wink: That mean you buy only 5 during the event, after you have buyed 5 not reset anymore :smile: They not give Kred stuff so easy eheh :smiley:
  • Good guide, i always do simple spam of dungeon, glad to know some FM entry help on the process to lvling :smiley:
  • Seriously, but what's on your mind? Do you want to massacre patch after patch the game? Instead of fixing, all the thousands of existing bugs from the beginning, you keep releasing obsolete things ... Seriously I have no words ... :confused: Thi…
  • Just test ^^' You have two free respec :wink: Or wait a bit until all get to 65 ^^' Then maybe someone post a guide :wink:
  • Galaxy are more an AOE machine xD Plus good party buffer :P I found really fun to play :smiley:
  • (Quote) Exactly what i say, this happen becouse they dont care of bug reporting or other stuff, if a GM really care need to istant fix a stuff not wait so much long xD That's why i say is a game to pass the time brainless...