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  • (Quote) true Im still stuck filling the 3rd orb we have no time to do old daily quests for some etherforce and windhome quests only giving 60 ether action zones are very good but we need more ways to get etherforce maybe passively while farming dun…
  • Please tweak psion's dawn gear Right now dusk chestplate greaves & gauntlets are way better than dawn counterparts there is no point spending time farming it if we are not gonna see any improvement on dmg output special properties of intrus…
  • My wg got bugged too. I cant comple 2a quest because NPC at wolfshadow is missing, I tried everything the sad part is that I already put some gear & emblems on my wg so if I delete him im going to lose my progress
  • yo can craft it at xanadu u need 500k gold and some accesories evo runes so the fastest way is by doing shattered table and crafting it, yes you can get it with hexagrams but its better to use hexagrams for gems
  • Im having the same issues with cooldown reduction I cant use it because my fps go from 40-60 to 15-20 this ability is bugged somehow even it causes lag for all party members, when im playing with friends im always telling them to not use cooldown…
  • I also can´t pass 2nd boss of titan's dungeon, assasin with 270k CR, this boss is constantly removing all bleeding stacks and debuffs , no bleeding stacks = useless asassin im not even close to kill him. is this intended or a bug?
  • Hey luck thanks for the guide again I have an observation your videos are prior to earring's patch you are using 2 - 3 EX Cycloneblade per floor now we can barely use only 1 EX cyclone I think the earring patch was so unfair for most players I mean…
  • Hey luck thanks for the guide, I was wondering what element are you using? and ofensive ability from Fractured memories?
  • Im experiencing worst performamce since update too, Fractured memories is unplayable, I have an old c2q OC 3.2ghz, this game is only using 1 core, the first one. does anyone know any tweeks to force game to use all 4 cores?. Also I cant play in 4-…
  • maybe a problem with launcher, don't panic, you are not banned guys :P
  • Same problem here, I have 3 Chars with 0 entries to ST this week, reset it pls.
  • same problem here. edit: Game is working now, Thanks.
  • same problem here, so sad.