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  • (Quote) DS is a lot worse than Kholdor at t10. If you're really unlucky you might want to evo DS. I'm still using a SH weap because I don't have Kholdor or DS.
  • (Quote) Just keep playing and experiment with the skills. There are other guides out there for more general info as well.
  • (Quote) I won't cover gear in detail because it depends on the player a lot. Generally, you want a Migurdia/Dauntless weapon and Verdia/Nuradin accessories. Kaidaj/Malariya hat, Fomina chest and pants, gloves/shoes can be anything really. (Quote) I…
  • (Quote) It was mentioned before in another post by Smorceror, but Kholdor gear can be evolved. Each piece of gear has their own evolution path and is capped at tier 10. They do not transform into another piece. SH gear is tier 7 so it can be evolved…
  • (Quote) From a purely damage gain perspective, Fomina chest is the best piece. If you don't like the -20% move speed then Syao is a good alternative.
  • (Quote) Everything is kept on evolution while the base stats will get a boost.
  • Some extra clarification on ST entry limits as well as rewards: The 2 clears per week only apply if the last boss dies or the dungeon is manually reset. Resetting will consume 1 clear count regardless of where you left off. Examples: 1. You are cle…
  • Hi, I'm Ice.
  • (Quote) In your crit rate, you're already rounding it because you multiply crit by 0.0004789 (E9 = E8 * E10 was the cell I was talking about). That's why the sheet attack and CR is off. E10 can be replaced by 1/2088 to make it more accurate. Roundin…
  • I've been meaning to make a calculator but I guess it's less work for me now that someone else made it lol. Great job. I just want to correct the CR formula along with some other things. The one thing that everyone seems to miss on the CR formula i…
  • (Quote) The dungeon timer pauses while loading.
  • Since no one bothered to suggest a better scoring method and just said it sucks, I think it should be based on score divided by time taken to complete. For example, a score of 150000 taking 100 seconds to run will give a final score of 1500.
  • (Quote) They also have a player council over at TERA, this isn't a damage control thing.
  • (Quote) It's still probability lmao.
  • (Quote) Special properties aren't too different from one another. All the accessories are about the same, just get any and +15 it for the effect.
  • @Elysuu It's a mix of a few things whether it was for wing rewards or first clear rewards. It's clearly ridiculously strong so I won't get into that. Most complained that people were unfairly getting rewards that they otherwise wouldn't have gotten.…
  • (Quote) Memeleaf removed the gear bottleneck so why was everyone complaining? You would be on equal footing competing for the fastest time without having gear as a bottleneck. It's the closest thing to equalized gear that we're getting. A 29k cr cle…
  • (Quote) Yes I did. At the time I had 165k cr and only SH wep/ring/bella hat, so no EX or aspd buff. I don't think it was as much of a struggle as people claim it to be. You can pm me cause I don't think people care about this stuff. And you're righ…
  • (Quote) Because it's hypocritical to do so. If you enter arena and you're not geared for it, you're stuck there for a reason. Like I said, there aren't even that many offenders to begin with. It's obvious hundreds of greenleafs were sold for the pur…
  • (Quote) Wasn't directing this towards you, but to the people that want rewards when they're hardstuck at 107/112/116 or whatever floor. It's not about being selfish. While the weapon did have a heavy impact, there's clear data that only <50 peopl…
  • First clear rewards are only a temporary advantage, one that is completely irrelevant once arena ranks are removed. The advantage from 116-120 is only a t7 soul gem which is completely random and may not even be useful. So while it does suck that fa…
  • That's actually the best possible outcome for arena. It lets players practice without having the pressure to climb ranks or waste gold. Those hardstuck at 116 now have a bigger incentive to improve and be prepared for when rankings come back. It als…
  • Agree with pretty much everything and I'd like to add a few points as well. Right now gold sinks are far more prevalent than gold sources. The general flow of gold is still messed up. Since gold gain got buffed this patched, a full rp bar generally…
  • At the very least it would weed out a lot of players. Someone with enough skill to clear with greenleaf could probably get a better time using a +15 weapon.
  • (Quote) I'd have to ask him or find the vod, but I remember him saying memeleaf was only used to get a better time at 120.
  • It's definitely a nerf, but I'd like to have seen more because it's still possible to clear with greenleaf. Without helmet 10% proc and using the full timer, poison ticks with a bit of skill damage pushed it down to about 100 bars. Someone with high…
  • (Quote) (Image) Also slower tick rate I believe. Yoko doing testing
  • (Quote) Still a lot.
  • Dropping some hot sticky news... Greenleaf still ticking for lots of damage. hehexd