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  • (Quote) I think minusdkp (Shana from eu) had his full clear streamed.
  • (Quote) Well here's one of my clears with no pots. Couldn't pull up inventory but you can see the +15 glow at least. (Image)
  • (Quote) I thought Spirea was referring to no one clearing 120 last week legit.
  • (Quote) You really think no one has cleared 120 without the weapon?
  • Is there going to be a full reset on arena? A lot of people are under the impression that we go back to floor 1 every week.
  • (Quote) Except they didn't define it as an exploit. If you read the post, they said it was overtuned (more like imba broken but still). I was actually hoping they removed the % damage and changed it to flat, but I guess we have to wait another week.
  • (Quote) Correct, it blew up on a popular stream.
    in rip arena Comment by Ice July 2017
  • (Quote) How does knowing the effects of the weapon relate to knowing if it works in new content? What's your argument even? (Quote) Already agreed to voided rewards on my initial post. I was already close to clearing 116 before I tried the weapon. …
    in rip arena Comment by Ice July 2017
  • (Quote) I didn't know exactly what I was doing the first day. I knew that the weapon existed and what it did. What I didn't know was whether or not arena bosses were immune to it. This is what I mean by people constantly making accusations.
    in rip arena Comment by Ice July 2017
  • (Quote) You would be a horrible publisher if your first response is to ban the player for a dev fault. The weapon's effect has already been showcased by multiple people in videos. Like I said before, they all ignored it when I told people what it a…
    in rip arena Comment by Ice July 2017
  • (Quote) Like I said, I don't think its bannable. If I get banned for trying to write up unintended behaviour then so be it. That's not my concern right now.
    in rip arena Comment by Ice July 2017
  • (Quote) Some knew and forgot, some knew and wrote it off as bad because they didn't test it properly, some knew and stocked up long before the patch was even announced. Also, that was me clearing first day.
    in rip arena Comment by Ice July 2017
  • Let me add one last thing, the weapon itself is an exploit in the loosest term. It's not a cheat or a hack. It's the dev's fault for this oversight and the player's fault for not knowing that this weapon existed all the way back in CBT. Using an ite…
    in rip arena Comment by Ice July 2017
  • (Quote) I'm referring to the current top 10 vs the previous top 10 arena. Anyone that loses CR over a day while being stuck in whatever floor clearly used the weapon. And this can extend to anyone that cleared 120. The numbers will grow every day. I…
    in rip arena Comment by Ice July 2017
  • (Quote) Top 10s will always stay at or around top 10 if they still actively play. Top 3 in their respective class as well. The weapon harms the top 10 more than others and we almost all collectively agreed that it needs to be fixed. It just so happe…
    in rip arena Comment by Ice July 2017
  • (Quote) I'm not calling them babies for reporting an exploit, I'm calling them out because they decided to devolve this thread into shaming people.
    in rip arena Comment by Ice July 2017
  • (Quote) I respect that you made the thread pointing it out. It's these other scrublords complaining that they get kicked out of top 100 because they cant clear floor 99. This doesn't affect them when they can't even reach floor 116. It gets on my ne…
    in rip arena Comment by Ice July 2017
  • (Quote) And who are these people bragging about their placements? Not any of the previous top 10 arena scorers in NA or EU. Don't generalize the playerbase just because you saw 1 scrub talking about their last place 120 clear. I literally just said…
    in rip arena Comment by Ice July 2017
  • None of these players are asking for praise LOL. You guys make it seem like they're asking to be recognized by using the greenleaf. Most of us have cleared it with real gear at some point. This thread is full of babies whining that would never achi…
    in rip arena Comment by Ice July 2017
  • (Quote) Still the same. New arena is also about the same as old arena playing at 60k cr, now you just need to utilize ultra breaks more often.
  • Tfw you gotta find some excuse just because someone is better than you.
  • I heard on stream today that Allm is considering adding more rewards for arena so I just want to provide some insight on the current rewards. After clearing all the floors the medal rewards are very lackluster. Floor 120 gives 50 medals per day whic…
  • The rewards in Arena where we get a random soul gem V, VI, and VII box shouldn't be an RNG box. Unless we get these rewards once a week, then a selectable box like the awesome charm box would be much more meaningful.
  • (Quote) Well old arena is gone now. Best advice I can give is to just play the game. There's no clear cut answer.
  • (Quote) My gear isn't anything special. Just try to stack every offensive stat, it's the same fore every class.
  • Please don't remove wham pots.
  • (Quote) Bless EME and Allm.
  • (Quote) I'm just trying to make sure because that's not the case for other versions. I'm just praying we only get the initial requirement.
  • Also the stream didn't show this, but will every floor have its own CR requirement? If so, could the higher requirements be removed to allow players to really test their skill instead of having an initial gear check? There should only be a floor 1 C…
  • (Quote) That's only if the new arena is a weekly reward and not seasonal, which was very unclear from the stream.