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  • (Quote) and OP sounds like every other player who wants everything to be handed to him and hasn't entered the ultimate zones. If he's trying to make a point, he should do it objectively. Like what these bugs that he mentioned are, and what he means …
  • Then stop playing. I'm pretty sure very few/no one will notice your absence.
  • (Quote) Etherforce are like special skillpoints. Open the Skills ("K") Tab and click on the "Etherforce" Tab, you'll see special passive skills there. :D
  • a> @OriginOfHeaven said: (Quote) Hard Metal Fragments: used for evo-ing your gear. VERY important resource Glowing Etherforce Crystals: used to obtain etherforce points. I suggest using these to reach 2000 etherforce asap (because you can't use …
  • (Quote) * The only resource I'm having trouble with is the Pure Kritium Shard, which you can get by salvaging useless dungeon loot. The blue and green shards can be easily obtained by trading the small fish (I think it's the silver fish) to the fish…
  • tested using dragon bone rod results are after 2 hours of fishing green lure - 80 useless garbage and 15 sharks white lure - 87 useless garbage and 14 sharks I didn't record other fishes cause I was only testing for garbage and sharks. my conclus…
  • Thanks for your amazing responses! I appreciate all your input and hopefully the community will find them useful as well :)
  • aoe and cc = star monk single target/burst/mobility = void monk I can't say which is better since eveything comes down to player skill at some point