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  • Why should they transfer? I mean you shouldn't have bought so many elite packs, it's kind of your fault. Why would you do that if you've seen how population was bad, and dummy could sense that shut down is coming. I guess you're lucky because they…
  • Stay away from Kritika! It's definitely not worth investing money and time in it, there are far more better games than this. I mean the gameplay is nice, the art style is nice, story is nice, characters cobmat everything is amazing! The way they han…
  • You need 170k CR, plus finish all the quests in Ultimate Zone "Eeri's Library" for latter one, well...pay for carries I think run for Eeri is 4.5m gold
  • (Quote) Oh nice, I'm over 170k so I guess I should be fine, I'm all set
  • (Quote) Yeah, I know. I have finished all Windhome quest and already hit Level 70, Does 2nd Awakening have any CR requirement?
  • Which ones? I don't see any new giveaways
  • (Quote) What's Nigga for? You really had to write that? There was nothing that alluded that he was black person, maybe he's White person or whatever not racist don't care? Are you five or what? I hate Racists like you
  • Noblia is older class than Monk, I don't even know who's dumb idea was to release Monk first, this is all rushing, I'd love to play bit Noblia before game closes (I truly and firmly believe it will come down to it) and as for Skydancer, who knows if…
    in close down? Comment by RipleyW May 2018
  • What's that?
  • @GHYGFP5D6M said: (Quote) Good for you, still doesn't change the fact that this game is dead, the only players that are left are whales 1m-2m cr, There's 0 new players, all supposed "new" players in lower towns are probably someone's alts…
    in close down? Comment by RipleyW May 2018
  • Like others said, this game is not new player friendly, all towns are empty, no one to group up with, no guilds to join because almost all still active guilds require 500k-700k cr to join and new players that just hit lvl 65 can't reach that cr fast…
    in close down? Comment by RipleyW May 2018
  • I've had some hopes, but now all they do is nerfing, giving content to 1m CR players only...I don't think this game can be saved, I wish I could change my vote on poll! This is not possible to save, I bet on thousand dollars if this game sees 2019!
  • Lmao Arena Rewards re worked, Haha lmao those who farmed Kred every 35 days on 6 alts made almost 6k kred for free, let me see you now xD! You're going to have to buy kreds from now on
  • (Quote) In every MMORPG Each class plays differently than other, lol
  • I think the game won't last until 2019, hell if it lasts until the end of this year I'll be a saint, with this approach nope, they don't communicate keep postponing big updates...will end as SEA version, if they don't do something, They locked every…
  • Well good luck, anyways I'm sure our version is destined to meet the end like SEA version, we'll see...
  • (Quote) With our Version, everything is possible
  • New Vampire 2n Awakening gives me chills, that laugh at the end! Can't wait! <3
  • That's why I don't play MMORPG's through Steam, not sure why you didn't receive them try to send support
  • Hmm I don't recommend evo weapon they give, I salvaged mine and I'm using Octave until I get Thermal
  • Oh ok, I stored one as well
  • (Quote) Doesn't work on NA for me "Sorry, that code may have expired, been enter incorrectly, or is no longer valid. Please reattempt the code, or confirm that the code is still eligible to redeem."
  • (Quote) None of these codes work for EU either, tho twitter pandora Kritika Jump Scares probably work I wouldn't know, all I know is that I already claimed them at some point
  • (Quote) KRITIKA EXTRA LYFE (Probably working, but I can't enter it now, because I already entered it when Extra Life was going on) EXTRA LIFE CRAFTER PARADISE (Don't remember ever entering it, but for some reason says "Limitation is reached&quo…
  • @Kurumina I <3 you too
  • Get off the Forums already @MCNDP66RNN luul, you reply to every post xDD
  • (Quote) > Exactly, the game is too much alt dependant, it's un-enjoyable to repeat the same dailies on let's say 11 alts, this game started really good and the only thing I like about the game now is combat, but devs show no real interest in thi…
  • Okay, you really took time to write paragraph. You like the game I don't right now, end of story, should've done it like this few posts ago instead calling posts garbage. Oh and I am so, so terribly sorry for not speaking 100% Grammarly correct Engl…
  • I quit because it is too time consuming, where you spend more time on your alts to benefit the main, at least for me, now depends on other people how much busy they are. I have 4 alts, now it's not much, but it's really time consuming considering I …
  • It takes a lot of time to get to +17 without paying. Enjoy content? High CR requirement. Doing all dailies with alts to power my main, I spend most of my time on my alts rather than my main, and yes I don't find that fun at all! Doing all dailies 2/…