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  • I know it says delivered to character but they mean to your account, so the items should be in your delivery tab. Are you saying it did not appear there?
  • For Eeri: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuYdhEk8eSU I felt this pretty much sums up what kind of attacks you can expect from her.
  • My visit back to EU was a pretty lively experience. I wish I had that costume on NA too lol https://imgur.com/a/4nJaI4S
  • I don't have many good ones, but here are a few with a little comment for each screenshot. :3 https://imgur.com/a/F2NowAs I am tempted to log on EU hangout too even if I didn't make any entries or anything there.
  • A guild related title could be for example "Recruiting". If a player is currently streaming live then "Streaming Live!" Something like that? boring suggestions I know
  • Normally I shy away from pvp, though I have found that part of the charm in parties I have had with my guild was that everyone was as confused as I was. XD It's like we do it more for the fun(insanity) than for the reward.
    in Jelly Run Comment by Trigg January 2019
  • This year has started off wonderfully, forum moderation is a very welcome feature - I think it will help making the forums a more welcome place for thoughts, contributions or just sharing the love for the game as originally intended, possibly even m…
  • Happy New Year to all. <3 Opening post was very beautifully written, so every thing Nopi said I say too. :3
  • How hyped am I for frostmage awakening? I think I screamed the first time I saw the trailer and forgot about everything else. Kept rewatching the entire thing. The trailer itself felt pretty creative with the magical inscription thing, knowledge pa…
  • In the event tab on the top left you will find the current events active, including the shop to spend your kritokens. So far I have not experienced any items there to be bound to character upon purchase so should be safe there at least.
  • The Halloween pets in the scroll crate are also random, and you get two chances should you choose to go for it. It's madness and makes me sick to think about. And what if EME decides "hey let's only let them be obtainable during the Halloween e…
  • I agree to an exchange shop like this. I have a good few alts now and they all have something different maxed in inventory. Never been the type to throw away materials, especially not when some items that were previously useless suddenly became very…
  • The new artifacts could be more useful than they are now when it comes to recycling. I experimented with spare purples how much fragments you get should it break in enhancing, that time it hit +8 before it finaly broke (rip my gold) but only 20 frag…
  • Originally you get the tutorial quest that gives you access to the training grounds once you enter Lantir - Albarik should give it and Saark complete the quest. Try to see if you can find anything like that.
  • If there was ever such a creation project I would certainly be interested in contributing, possibly a painting or something? I know that there used to be other members who also created fanart in the past, maybe something like this could rekindle the…
  • Just doublechecked once I returned from work. NA is still down. But EU is up, I asume it was never down today. Also didn't NA go down roughly at the same time Enmasse are having a server merge over at Tera?
  • Me and some friends have not been able to combine accents or pets, those items are greyed out when trying. Charms, artifacts and emblems seem to work normally since they appear highlighted. * Upon further inspection actually trying to combine emble…
  • ... no title for psion? ok. Glad I got to be around for this update. Can finaly try 2nd awakening.
  • Thank you for the support, guys. And don't worry, as long as Enmasse doesn't have a problem sharing art here then I don't either. I'll be sure to continue posting here once I have new stuff, but that might be around August at the earliest. Enjoy th…
  • Just logged in to thank you, for being there for the ones who need - good man. And good luck with your guild. :3
  • @PhatBaby Asuming you can only see the xp pots and fox pet in your delivery right now. For some reason the costume won't be visible while in delivery tab, but once you move it to your inventory you should get the Operetta costume selector. It is als…
  • During February we got new dye colours in the game - but the patch messed up every costume we had already dyed to random colours. Eme returned dye points spent for the last three months at that point, so I am not sure if you got any points refunded …
  • Since August there was also Fractured Memories, like with arena you can rank in it depending on how high you can go with level difficulty. It was recently set to seasons lasting 2 weeks. Fishing arrived during the end of 2017, a good way to get mate…
  • Bractholme, Monastry, seasonal costumes from the summer and halloween.. I imagine that most players who got those went and dyed them right away, I mean the Roseguard was released during September no? A lot of points would be lost from those. If it i…
  • Thank you for letting us know BearShoes. I don't think my heart could have taken this. Just to illustrate my point, this was my style before patch by maybe 1 hour: (Image) And this is what greeted me after the patch: I don't want to think about…
  • Hi guys.. Finally got my damn comp back but everything was wiped so bye bye fun Tera and Kritika screenshots/vids/memories. I have gotten over most of my bad mood caused by this. I wasn't as sad over the files lost as I was for missing out on all th…
  • I'm not good with words so won't be joining - for the ones who are, best of luck to you all, can't wait to read them. :>
  • A chibi vamp scribble. :3 (Image) Putting this in my forum thread was ok. Thanks again, buddy. Next up is prob a Christmas drawing, if I get the time to work on it anyway. Crossing fingers now.
  • If we're being honest, all the previous options were too much of practically the same thing - it actually kinda stressed me. In my opinion less is better. Still, having like without dislike is weird. I can understand the reasoning behind it, but sti…
  • @RomanHoliday Thanks! If you ask me, I think chibi Christmas rogue is his accomplice. Cuteness is known to distract. I wonder if the other chibis by the salvage machine are in on it too. Except chibi Christmas gunmage, who is still missing.