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  • Re: VM 8.5 by EMP

    This must absolutely not be added to the TERA store.
  • Re: Paragon -> Valkyrie Wins [Updated]

    I feel they should have reserved a better name for the class...
  • Re: [POLL CLOSED] Help Name the Next TERA Class!

    Valkyrie wins with 2,971 votes. This poll is now closed.
  • [POLL CLOSED] Help Name the Next TERA Class!

    Votes will no longer be tallied from this poll. It is closed and the results have been recorded.

    As was shown in the recent "It’s Time to Reserve Your Paragon Name" article (which you should all check out), the decided name for the upcoming TERA class is... the Paragon!

    ... or is it?

    Shortly after the release of the article, we started getting quite a bit of community feedback on the Paragon name. Several players stated they didn't like the name or that it didn't fit with their expectations of the class. Because of this, we've decided to do something never before done for a new class - A COMMUNITY VOTE!

    Make your voice heard and help determine the name of the upcoming TERA class! Which name says "glaive-wielding Castanic badass" to you? Votes will be tallied this Sunday, March 5 at Midnight PST.

    To help you in your voting decision, here are a few things we can tell you about the new class and how she will behave. Keep in mind that just like in the overall TERA storyline, there will be some variations between the Korean release of the class and the NA release of the class. Things like item and skill names will not be exactly the same (for one thing, they'll be in English :p ) and may be tailored to the name that is chosen:
    • The class will wield a weapon called a glaive. An agile polearm with a curved blade at the end.
    • All members of this class will be female Castanic.
    • The class is focused on evasion, style, and damage output.
    • The look and feel of some skills use crescent (mirroring the shape of the glaive) and lunar references. They also feature flames, sparks/stars, slashing effects, swirling wind, arcane circle patterns, wave attacks, spinning the glaive overhead, striking the ground (and even fracturing it), charging/rushing attacks, and attacks that leap high into the air.
    • The class is an elite fighting unit previously unknown outside Castanic society.

    NOTE: Do not attempt to sway/influence the poll with multiple forum accounts, and don't encourage others to do so. Creating multiple accounts solely for use on the official forums is against the Forum Rules & Guidelines. It also spoils the nature of the poll. We'll be keeping a close eye on this over the duration of the poll, and those who attempt to circumnavigate the system will risk being permanently banned from the game.

  • Can We Talk About RMHM Drops...

    Hardest dungeon in the game apart from HH, and the drops are horrible. This needs a fix asap @EME.
    Five people fighting over 3 drops (2 handkerchief, 1 envy crystal) is not good enough for this dungeon, especially when you're limited to 2 a day (if elite) or 1 a day (non-elite) because the usual reset scrolls don't work.

    Another thing is that with all these past and current server problems people also lose dungeon runs... This was supposed to have been fixed yesterday.

    What do you guys think?...
  • Strong Bravery and Canephora Potions

    Bravery Potions and Canephora Potions, while quite useful, come with a fairly significant downside... they last 30 minutes, but they have a 60 minute cooldown. That’s how the potions were originally designed to function. There’s been quite a lot of player feedback on this, however, and we’ve been looking into both potions, talking with Bluehole about the items with the intention of reducing the cooldown in order to make potions more useful (and eliminate downtime for players waiting for their potions to be ready).

    One solution is… NEW, UPGRADED POTIONS. These exist, and starting today we’ll be introducing Strong Bravery Potions and Strong Canephora Potions to the game with multiple means of obtaining them. Strong Bravery Potions and Strong Canephora Potions don’t just have a 30 minute cooldown time, they also grant players slightly better benefits than their non-strong versions.

    It may take a little time before these new potions are added to all the places we feel are appropriate (Elite Status rewards being one of those), but our intention is to make them nearly as common as the current Bravery & Canephora potions.
  • Re: Federation Bill store changes

    The Fed Bill store is an odd animal. We've been giving it a lot of thought lately. One problem is that players have so many Fed Bills saved up, any costume we put in there would be instantly bought, bringing the store right back to its current state... nothing new to buy. At the same time, players obviously saved up all their Fed Bills for SOMETHING, so making those Fed Bills useless isn't good either.

    Exarch masks were Alliance rewards, but now that Alliance isn't in the game any more it might make sense to add them at a very high Fed Bill cost... maybe? Another issue is that there are more than a couple cosmetics/mounts in TERA that hold a lot of prestige, partially because of how hard they are to get. Making those things super super easy to get kind of ruins the point of having rare and hard-to-acquire items.


    TL;DR we don't want to [filtered] off players that earned cool stuff the hard way, but we want to do something fun with Fed Bills. The discussion continues :pleased: :pleased: :pleased: :pleased: :pleased:
  • Re: TERA Appreciation Post

    I'm not sure if you realize this, but the reason people criticize this game so much (aside from the "hurrrrr ded gaem" shitposts) is because they like TERA and hate seeing the direction it's going in. These changes aren't good for the goose or the gander. Players would just not say anything if they didn't care about it. So... no. You'll have to forgive me for not taking part in this developer brown-nosing session where we pretend the glaring issues aren't present and for telling you why I think it's foolish.
  • WE DID IT!


    I had this dream when Harrowhold came out that although I was not a member of a big guild or "known" on my server, I could still have a shot at clearing this raid. SO, I spent a week in early December recruiting and cobbled together 30 people. And... we didn't clear. We lost a lot of good players to better raids and impatience, but we kept going. AND... we didn't clear for 6 weeks after that. BUT TONIGHT, WE DID. We cleared phase one, and I am so, so proud to have worked with so many small guild and "unknown" players who dedicated countless hours to learning this raid, training new members, battling soul-crushing despair, and ultimately doing what we had almost given up hope of doing.

    Forum friends, I hope this post gives you some small hope that although BHS and EME seem bent on the destruction of this game, SOME LIGHT STILL SHINES IN THE DARKNESS. <3 <3 <3 <3


    On to phase 2. :)