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  • Can We Talk About RMHM Drops...

    Hardest dungeon in the game apart from HH, and the drops are horrible. This needs a fix asap @EME.
    Five people fighting over 3 drops (2 handkerchief, 1 envy crystal) is not good enough for this dungeon, especially when you're limited to 2 a day (if elite) or 1 a day (non-elite) because the usual reset scrolls don't work.

    Another thing is that with all these past and current server problems people also lose dungeon runs... This was supposed to have been fixed yesterday.

    What do you guys think?...
  • Strong Bravery and Canephora Potions

    Bravery Potions and Canephora Potions, while quite useful, come with a fairly significant downside... they last 30 minutes, but they have a 60 minute cooldown. That’s how the potions were originally designed to function. There’s been quite a lot of player feedback on this, however, and we’ve been looking into both potions, talking with Bluehole about the items with the intention of reducing the cooldown in order to make potions more useful (and eliminate downtime for players waiting for their potions to be ready).

    One solution is… NEW, UPGRADED POTIONS. These exist, and starting today we’ll be introducing Strong Bravery Potions and Strong Canephora Potions to the game with multiple means of obtaining them. Strong Bravery Potions and Strong Canephora Potions don’t just have a 30 minute cooldown time, they also grant players slightly better benefits than their non-strong versions.

    It may take a little time before these new potions are added to all the places we feel are appropriate (Elite Status rewards being one of those), but our intention is to make them nearly as common as the current Bravery & Canephora potions.
  • Re: Federation Bill store changes

    The Fed Bill store is an odd animal. We've been giving it a lot of thought lately. One problem is that players have so many Fed Bills saved up, any costume we put in there would be instantly bought, bringing the store right back to its current state... nothing new to buy. At the same time, players obviously saved up all their Fed Bills for SOMETHING, so making those Fed Bills useless isn't good either.

    Exarch masks were Alliance rewards, but now that Alliance isn't in the game any more it might make sense to add them at a very high Fed Bill cost... maybe? Another issue is that there are more than a couple cosmetics/mounts in TERA that hold a lot of prestige, partially because of how hard they are to get. Making those things super super easy to get kind of ruins the point of having rare and hard-to-acquire items.


    TL;DR we don't want to [filtered] off players that earned cool stuff the hard way, but we want to do something fun with Fed Bills. The discussion continues :pleased: :pleased: :pleased: :pleased: :pleased:
  • Re: TERA Appreciation Post

    I'm not sure if you realize this, but the reason people criticize this game so much (aside from the "hurrrrr ded gaem" shitposts) is because they like TERA and hate seeing the direction it's going in. These changes aren't good for the goose or the gander. Players would just not say anything if they didn't care about it. So... no. You'll have to forgive me for not taking part in this developer brown-nosing session where we pretend the glaring issues aren't present and for telling you why I think it's foolish.
  • WE DID IT!


    I had this dream when Harrowhold came out that although I was not a member of a big guild or "known" on my server, I could still have a shot at clearing this raid. SO, I spent a week in early December recruiting and cobbled together 30 people. And... we didn't clear. We lost a lot of good players to better raids and impatience, but we kept going. AND... we didn't clear for 6 weeks after that. BUT TONIGHT, WE DID. We cleared phase one, and I am so, so proud to have worked with so many small guild and "unknown" players who dedicated countless hours to learning this raid, training new members, battling soul-crushing despair, and ultimately doing what we had almost given up hope of doing.

    Forum friends, I hope this post gives you some small hope that although BHS and EME seem bent on the destruction of this game, SOME LIGHT STILL SHINES IN THE DARKNESS. <3 <3 <3 <3


    On to phase 2. :)
  • Dreamstorms Disabled Indefinitely

    In response to player feedback, and until we can pinpoint exactly the impact of this event on TERA's overall performance, we are disabling Dreamstorms effective immediately.

    We'll continue to monitor network performance and investigate performance surrounding this feature, but until further notice this feature will remain disabled.
  • The new gift boxes

    So basically, I am just going to write a feedback of what a lot of players ( myself included ) are thinking like right now. I dont know about you guys, but to me it seems that Enmasse and its staff is completely out of the touch with its playerbase. IT seems like we are playing one type of a game and ... you guys at the office are playing something completely else ? Unless you really want to shove this game into a dumpster, then props to you, keep on going !

    I am not going to complain about the lag issues and all the issues that you have been having for months now that keep making player base swindling towards the doom for this game. Nope, simply posting a feedback thread about a gifting event and the prizes that make no sense whatsoever.

    So... why dont you people just do your homework? You have one of the most active forums and yet, as I mentioned previously, you seem to be completely lacking the information that players provide you with. Not only that you dont listen to us, but you dont listen to the player council either that probably ( I am just assuming here ) gave you feedback of what to put inside the gifting boxes as well... gifts themselves.

    So where do I actually start ? Lets start from the beginning. Cause there is quite a bit to discuss about here.

    First of all, the prizes. What the... well, I cant even finish this right now because I am so stunned of how much you deter from what people are suggesting and just doing your own thing that clearly and obviously is not working. I dont know a lot about marketing, but if you have a playerbase that screams for something, and you turn around and completely opposite, you will have a lot of pissed off players that are just going to keep leaving this game more and more. And then of course youre just gonna call it a day and make another server merge. Cause you know, that fixes all the problems. NOT.

    So basically the mounts are pure... what is the word that im searching for here ? Useless ? Bad ? VERY poor decision? Instead of putting the dragons, as everybody has probably assumed you would, if you were actually listening to your player base and if you were actually you know, playing the game, then all this mess that you just created could have been avoided. And hey ! you would be able to earn a lot more money, but you dont need no money ? With all the decisions that you are making, it seems that you are making a lot of money and you dont need anymore, otherwise you would stop doing stupid decisions like these, respectively.

    Instead of putting some costumes that everybody wants, again, you put in 8 useless mounts, couple of emp prizes that I have never heard anybody won, with all due respect, feedstock and spellbinds that we already had a lot of shoved down our throats, two weapon skins that most likely everybody has so far and village atlas and travel journal which will basically make you lose even more elite status buyers since thats one of the core things that elite has.

    What would have been A SMARTER IDEA is to make a poll before you did this, and ask players which costumes would they like. But no, you know everything and how it goes, and now you got a lot of people who were ready to spend money, but they wont. Because again, you seem to be out of the touch completely *slow clap*

    Onto the next one. The prizes that you get for the gifting. Where do I start here ? You implemented two of the same mounts, re-colored as one of the prize and as the last prize. And took out what everybody was expecting, and thats a elite for a year. Are you hinting something ? Cause it sure seems like it.

    First prize is basically something you were giving out for free last year. Another stunned moment when I noticed that, but hey, I dont make decisions, because if I did, or someone that was in the touch with the game, this would never be implemented and you would put something useful back in there for the first prize. Well done, once more. You never seem to cease to amaze me. Me, and a lot of other players.

    Now I am not going to complain a lot about the prizes that you get, because hey, with the gifts that you get from wintera, except for the last one which is one year of elite. I dont think anybody in their right mind would drop 400 $ ( maybe one person out of thousand, but most likely very highly unlikely ) for these prizes because they are not worth it. Not even close. But you dont know this, because once again, as I have stated previously, you are completely out of the touch and everything is working and everything is fine. Thats why you keep losing more and more players. But its fine, its all good.

    Lastly, you also incrased the price of the boxes itself. I mean, thats like shooting yourself in the foot, but hey ! you know what you are doing !

    Best regards, once again, a job well done.
    A concerned player.

  • Decreasing Value of Elite Status

    Updates and decisions made by Bluehole have negated rewards and perks of Elite Status.

    • Daily Bonus Quests
    One of the first perks to lose value by nerfs and it doesn't apply to Vanguard Dailies. Its still advertised as an Elite Status perk on the En Masse Store.

    • Double Gold Boosts
    Gold boosts are pointless since the nerfs to Daily Quests and boosts not affecting Vanguard dailies. And with the removal and lack of #goldsink, gold continues to lose its value each day.

    • Valkyon's Response
    Dungeon completion reward removed with Spellbound update.

    • Rotating in-game mount
    Monthly mount turned bi, then biannually and now has not kept up with the times... With the release of flying mounts, we're stuck in the stone age with Goldensurge.

    • Combat Boosts
    Elite Bravery Potion still has a 1 hour cooldown and is shared with other Bravery Potion. Elite Nostrum is the same item as Prime Battle Solution, which drops like candy and costs about 4 gold each on the Trade Broker.

    • Crafter's Cure
    Crafting has been neutered.

    • Instance Reset Scroll
    Its now a known fact that Bluehole made Instant Reset Scrolls bug intential, reset scrolls no longer work on new dungeons and will most likely not work on Harrowhold raid. Reset bug has plagued Tera players since Fate of Arun update and solutions to intended bug has been stalled in discussions for almost a month, hopefully it doesn't take over three months.

    • Double Dungeon Entries
    Spellbound promo page stated Elite players get double entries.... In Harrowhold promo page, there is no double entry for Elite players.

    Over half the Elite Status perks need to be updated, what do you guys think would make Elite Status great again!?

    @Spacecats @Denommenator @DonkeyProphet
  • Regarding Instance Reset Scrolls

    UPDATE (12/2): To re-iterate, Lilith's Keep and Ruinous manor are not intended to be reset with a regular instance reset scroll both in the previous and current build version.

    Because of this, we will be distributing these scrolls through other means, such as rewards for completing dungeons as we've been doing, or as event rewards.

    UPDATE (11/18 @ 9:03 a.m. PST): Starting today (11/18) until Monday, November 21 at 11 a.m. PST, scrolls will again drop according to the same logic as the previous weekends. I have also updated the OP with this information.

    UPDATE (11/11 @ 8:55 a.m. PST): Starting today (11/11) until Monday, November 14 at 11 a.m. PST, scrolls will again drop according to the same logic as last weekend (see below).

    UPDATE (11/04 @ 4:48 p.m. PDT): Jackpot system was busted. We're dropping them off end bosses now. The rules are much the same, but we ditched the 50/50 chance (we only did this as the jackpot system required it):

    1) Completion of the following dungeons will grant a reset scroll for Lilith's Keep (Normal):

    - Shadow Sanguinary (Normal)
    - Demokron Factory (Hard)
    - Lilith's Keep (Normal)
    - Vault of Kaprima (Normal)

    2) Completion of the following dungeons will grant a reset scroll for BOTH Lilith's Keep (Hard) and Ruinous Manor (Normal):

    - Lilith's Keep (Hard)
    - Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard)
    - Ruinous Manor (Normal)
    - Shadow Sanguinary (Hard)

    3) Completion of the following dungeons will grant a reset scroll for Ruinous Manor (Hard):

    - Ruinous Manor (Hard)

    Scrolls are being distributed as a drop off the end boss in the above dungeons and, upon pick-up, will distribute to all members in the party. All scrolls are bankable but not tradable.

    This is a temporary resolution, we're working on a fix for the instance reset scrolls that will at the very least add back those dungeons that were removed from functionality upon release of Spellbound. Beyond this weekend, we'll continue to come up with some creative ways to get scrolls for the new dungeons in your hands.

    UPDATE (11/04 @ 12:11 p.m. PDT): We're looking into why it's not working currently on live servers. I'll report back with more info as I have it. If it turns out we can't get it working, we'll find some other method to distribute the scrolls.

    UPDATE (11/04 @ 11:18 a.m. PDT): Until Sunday, November 6 at 11:59 p.m. PDT, we'll be distributing reset scrolls for the new dungeons according to the following methods:

    1) Completion of the following dungeons will grant a reset scroll for Lilith's Keep (Normal):

    - Shadow Sanguinary (Normal)
    - Demokron Factory (Hard)
    - Lilith's Keep (Normal)
    - Vault of Kaprima (Normal

    2) Completion of the following dungeons will grant a reset scroll for either Lilith's Keep (Hard) or Ruinous Manor (Normal) at 50/50 chance:

    - Lilith's Keep (Hard)
    - Sky Cruiser Endeavor (Hard)
    - Ruinous Manor (Normal)
    - Shadow Sanguinary (Hard)

    3) Completion of the following dungeons will grant a reset scroll for Ruinous Manor (Hard):

    - Ruinous Manor (Hard)

    Scrolls are being distributed as a jackpot at a 100% chance. All party members will receive the scrolls as a parcel delivery following successful completion of the dungeon. All scrolls are bankable but not tradable.

    We are currently discussing with the developers the situation around instance reset scrolls. While it was by design that the new dungeons could not be reset using existing scrolls upon release of Spellbound (in the sense that these are the build's default settings and it is with these settings the build was shipped globally), we understand this is not the norm in our version, so we're exploring what can be done to improve the situation in response to player feedback. This might include distributing dungeon-specific reset scrolls in the context of an event or giveaway or it might mean allowing the existing scrolls to reset the new dungeons in the build. Any solution would include dungeons that could previously be reset pre-patch (SS, SSHM, DF, and DFHM) as well as LK and RM.

    I'll report back with any new information, timing, etc. once I have it. We are approaching this with urgency and will take some form of action in a short timeframe.