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  • Re: Token "buy" shop is exactly the same as ktera...

    ElinUsagi wrote: »
    ....... ( whitte knight mode on )
    yes, but you still can dismanted and get emblem tokens from new materials to buy mwa

    They dont want to play the game, they wanted to get Top tier gear +2 without doing anything at all and then be afk waiting for events to get the +9 later.

    I really hate to do this but you are truly a fu/k/king idiot who doesn't understand the wrong of the conversation.Do yourself a favor and shut the hell up if you not helping in any ways.
  • Re: So some players actually affect TERA??

    perma ban them for exploitation
  • Re: So some players actually affect TERA??

    As a Community Manager myself of another company, I find this completely horrible and questionable on EME's end.

    First and foremost, you created a group of users called the Player's Council for a reason, no? These users are meant to be in close communication with you in order to get a sense of where the community is at, pass along suggestions, and do minor (very minor) moderation of the forums. Then why did you not use those users, give them a NDA (for those who don't know acronyms well; Non-Disclosure Agreement), and let them know said information? That's literally your best (and most optimal from a business perspective) option. But what do you do? Completely ignore this group (which they have admitted you didn't approach them) and then go grab some random users who you have stated multiple times in the past are 'not trustworthy' because of people exploiting things like this, among other things. What kind of PR department do you guys even have running the place? Whose terrible business decision was this?

    Secondly, you can't sit here Sean and say that this is a conspiracy when IT HAS BEEN CONFIRMED BY EVERYONE INCLUDING EME that this was and is indeed the case. When it's been confirmed truth, it's no longer a rumor. It's no longer a conspiracy theory, it's a fact now. A fact you can't sit there and call a conspiracy when you're sitting there confirming it's existence.

    Third of all, we as a player base who are going to suffer because of these exploits have a right to know what the result of the investigation into who abused said exploit and what was done to them. No, we don't need names, no we don't need server locations. No, we don't care to know (I don't personally). However what we need, and will get from you guys if you want to prevent even worse PR (honestly, restructure the PR department) is confirmation that something was done to these users' accounts, either bans, reverts of their golds and items (including inventories and banks) etc. This is an exploit, and you ban people who abuse exploits. So at the very least, a ban is in order. Those people who bought said items from the people also deserve reimbursement for their gold spent because of this exploit. (I haven't participated in buying or selling in this, but hey, everyone who was taken advantage of because of this exploit deserves compensation, 100%.)

    Not to even mention the possibility of all the alternate accounts of the people involved in this whole thing probably abused this too, and they got even more leverage than the rest of us.

    Make this right EME, or you're going to have an even bigger pile of crap to wash your hands of.
  • Hackers in TERA

    From all the information I've gathered so far from Discord, EME really screwed up big time. Prior to hiding the opcodes there were only a few dedicated developers and most people did not understand how the proxy system worked. Since BHS broke the opcode memory injector, opcodes now have to be mapped manually. The result of this is that players who previously only used proxy now feel the obligation to donate or help map the protocol. The amount of people who now understand how Tera netcode works is increased many times, from what I'm seeing there are at least a 3 times increase in the number of developers who now are capable of writing proxy content at a high level after being exposed to the mapping procedure. Even I myself who previously didn't know much about how it works had learnt a lot and I think I can probably program proxy decently if I tried.

    I saw at least 6 people who independently discovered how to map opcodes for memeslash today on Discord and people are now starting to learn how to use Cheat Engine to do function tracing. Even packets not conventionally detectable by logging have been discovered through this method, including the GM panel. Even other regions are taking interest; prior to today there were no TW or RU server presence on Discord so proxy is now guaranteed to spread publicly on those regions.

    I fear there will be a massive hacker epidemic to come, as a few developers no longer hold monopoly on proxy and netcode knowledge. EME I know you're not going to do anything but if you care about this game please do something, I don't like the direction of the discussions I'm reading on Discord and reddit. I still play this game many times a week, but I fear if you don't start actually fixing bugs rather than make fake security updates, the game will be run by hackers.
  • Re: Hackers in TERA

    Tbh, this game deserves to die. Players got sick of waiting for BHS to fix [filtered], they saw their chance to fix it themself and took it. For YEARS ppl asked optimization to BHS. What did they give us? Nothing. Now there is a Noc lag fix, FPS utility/modifications of s1 engine, and even a mod that forces the UI to be processed by the GPU instead of CPU ( bc aparently the option was there, but never enabled). For years players asked BHS to fix ping reliable skills such as Burst fire, Rapid fire and chains (with more than 200ms, u cant chain spring atack, blade draw or Sundering/shadow burst). Now there is a fix called SP.
    Are you really that surprised that ppl took the matter in their own hands?.
    If ppl were able to fix the game as a hobby, BHS could have done it, but they didnt give a [filtered]. Thats why this game deserves to die.
    The pandora's box has been opened, security updates wont do anything. Stop wasting time talking about if proxy is good or bad and start looking for a solution, bc proxy isnt going anywhere, like it or not.
    Also, yea, this post is agains rules of forums and will get closed.
  • Re: Clarification

    The difference is these people did run the dungeons related to previous discussions, using tools or not, while you haven't at all.

    It's like asking someone what it's like riding a bike. One person hasn't even seen a bike in their life, and the other person is using stabilizer wheels.

    Who has the better idea about how to ride the bike. Right, the person who's actually ridden the bike.

    Get a little bit of logic before posting please.
  • Re: 08/24/17 Server Maintenance and Security Update

    Have been avoiding comments on this issue, but I seem to have reached my limits here.

    Lets face it, a lot of idiots who have no idea what the actual situation is will go on saying that these "Third-Party" software are cheats and exploits. True enough, they are in some way, but they fail to understand the true purpose behind them even existing.

    Strangely enough, lets ask the community then. Have you had a lancer use Shield Bash-Onslaught, only to find yourself teleport through the boss? Have you used Slayer's Heart Thrust or Brawler's Haymaker while mobs/boss/bam attack exactly the time your skill hits, only to find out that you got hit somehow (Especially in VSH yea, when Dakuryon does a front slam and you still get hit by it anyways!). Also, have you wondered why when the server lags, skills like Valkyrie's Shining Crescent or Reaper's Shadow Burst takes so much longer to cast?

    Well there you have it, you fell victim to the crux of the problem! That is called ping tax and de-syncs. Now, add that to players who have over 100ms ping all the time and what do you get? You get slow and sub-optimal play. Now you know why these Third-Party software exists?

    So fix the game, not the community, not the people. THE GAME.
  • Re: EME needs to make worth cash shop items.

    UsagiFF wrote: »
    > @Firepenguin said:
    > Go play bns, NC$oft likes people like you and you will like their cash shop, if that's what you're looking for in an mmo.

    I am not looking for a p2w game but a game that your money is worth and things you get throught cash shop won't be handed like candies to people that don't even spend a peny in the game.

    So, you bought a costume 2 years ago. You enjoyed that costume for 2 years. And now you've retroactively lost that enjoyment just because more people have that costume? Your life must be really sad and empty.
  • [KTERA] [Dev Note] Gearing Progression Revamp TL;DR

    Took a long time sorry; I had to get help from few people too. Since this was 32-page document-- it was even separated as 2 parts!-- which is overwhelming for my translating skills and most of them were blah blah blah.

    so instead, we took time to pick main parts and made TL;DR instead. Im sure everyone else would appreciate that better too.

    If you are interested in more details on certain parts or have questions, leave a comment here (don't forget to mention me via @ ) , reddit (i will have a post there too) , or talk to me directly on discord (this is the fastest way to contact).

    Click here for the TLDR document