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[VoT] !NEW! Kuro Neko Squad !VoT!

Hello everyone and welcome to The Black Cat Squad (KNS)!
Server: Valley of Titans

We are a guild that just formed on Tera, and want to offer some things that most guilds don't.
1. We accept all level players, and go out of our way to help new players understand Tera and its guild settings. We use some of the bank tabs as a means to offer guild-mates better equipment, and as a means to help them progress their levels.
2. We want the focus of the guild to be PvP AND PvE. We are aware that most top-tier guilds do one or the other, but we want to emphasize having fun while interacting with fellow guildees.
3. We want a community. As you can see the link above is to our forums, and we have a ranking system in effect. As you are more active with our community your rank & display status increases within the guild!

We have some clear objectives that we are currently trying to tackle. We are always looking for experienced players to help us carve the foundation of this guild. We ask that you join us, and have fun with being a part of KNS.

Here is our objective list:
1. Acquire enough differing level members to hold different level'd events weekly
2. Introduce a prize system for active members
3. Gain experienced players (Captains) who can run weekly events
4. Get new members registered on the forums to ensure everyone is updated

Knowing this i hope we can move forward together and get a lot accomplished!
Please copy and paste this below to be considered as a captain, everyone else can send a clan request or just post here.
Have you managed a guild in Tera (if yes please explain your guild responsibilities?:
Have you managed a guild in another game?:
Why do you wish to join KNS?:

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