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want to find friend

Hello everyone!
Im new to this game and a bit shy to wrote here... Second day i play and really like this game so much that i think i stay for very long in it!
But i came from another game just to try i dont really have any contacts and friends in this one. Im looking for friend to play, learn and hang together.
About myself i havent anything to say very much so it would be different from another people except that im adult, very (-very-) patient, polite and serious to all things i try to learn))I really like to progres char and find all aspects of game very interesting so my gameplay more thoughtfull that rushing around. My roles usually in all games/raids are tanking and here ofc i picked one that i probably will understand better.
I would be very happy if i find a friend (or more, which is better ofc))

My server is Tempest reach and name Kairajah.
Hope my friend will find me one day ^^
P.s. My time I EU.


  • I'm and TR and am usually on in the evenings, Eastern (US) time. Feel free to add me, I've been playing a lancer and priest mainly. Rhial and Rhiark are their names
  • Oh thanks much for response :)
    As soon as the tech.maintenance will finish!
  • Is there any people on EU who needs company :-) ?
  • The majority of players are not in the forums but playing only. So your chance of meeting some EU players is better if you just log in the time you're good with and keep on playing. You might even find a buddy to level with
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