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Fashion Coupons

Ok so sorry if this was already addressed or if Enmasse already said something to it, but where did the Fashion Coupons go ?
I don't get any, doesn't matter what I do (or at least I didn't get any yesterday [UTC +1]) so, did they stealem away from us, are they just missing because something f** up, do we have to buy them from money or some tokens?
What happened?


  • I think they are removing them. BAMs apparently don't drop them, IMS doesn't give any and for ninja there is nothing in the coupon store.
  • VyolVyol ✭✭✭
    That'd be horrible. I DO buy clothes for my characters from the store, but I also love to wear armor one time or another, GOOD looking armour, ecchh ...
  • SinastriaSinastria ✭✭✭
    I don't think this is intended since it's not in patch notes. It's anyway frustrating to not see the bug acknowledged.

    I'm puzzled about how enmasse is handling the situation. I'm not talking about fixing things asap, but simple lack of communication.
  • VyolVyol ✭✭✭
    Sinastria wrote: »
    I don't think this is intended since it's not in patch notes. It's anyway frustrating to not see the bug acknowledged.

    I'm puzzled about how enmasse is handling the situation. I'm not talking about fixing things asap, but simple lack of communication.

    That's exactly what I mean
  • AkizeroAkizero ✭✭
    This issue has been mentioned in the In-game issues thread by several people already. So it would be better to place your input there for a better chance of exposure instead of making multiple threads. Specially now that the search function actually works.
  • SinastriaSinastria ✭✭✭
    Well, that thread is a bit of a fish soup. I mean that a few posted about this and it looks like partecipating at a spam contest to post there again.

    The point about this thread is that something changed 3 days ago, and we don't know if this is intended or not.

    I'm a very patient guy, but i'm surprised about this.
  • VyolVyol ✭✭✭
    I made the thread because everyone ignored the "ingame bug fashion coupon" people, I thougth it'd be better to make an extra thread.
  • MagraalMagraal ✭✭✭
    edited May 2016
    Gonna mention this since it seems like most people haven't figured it out yet. We got a ktera patch with little-to-no NA-specific reworkings (aside from translation). This is why people are having so many issues with things they expect being missing/broken/different from the way they were.

    I assume the fault lies with BHS for this for not including the usual NA changes, so don't be too hard on EME. We do need EME to get back to BHS with the list of required changes ASAP though, so hopefully we'll see another big maintenance soon with fixes.
  • VyolVyol ✭✭✭
    I'm not too hard on EME, no worries, I'm not mad and don't scream around that they f***ckd up once another or so on.
    I'm just mad that no one of the staff addressed the problems and gave a summary of all of the problems and that they're working on it. It's just there, and there's no fix so far.

    Also, Fashion Coupons aren't missing in KR
  • Giving this a bit of a poke to see if anyone has seen/heard anything in this labyrinth of a forum!
  • CatoriiCatorii ✭✭✭
    Fashion coupons don't exist in KTERA anymore. They replaced them with the dressing room ages ago, and they have to buy their fashion coupon outfits with vanguard credits iirc.

    Since EME didn't bother to change anything in the patch from the KTERA version to what NA usually has, they're apparently gone for now, aside from the ones people already have. I'm sure they'll fix it, but who knows how long it'll take since it looks like they didn't tweak literally anything before launching the patch.
  • VyolVyol ✭✭✭
    Ah that's good to know, and that's also ok for me, but as said, the Problem is that no one gave us a statement, a feedback about that they know that and that they're gonna fix it. Atm no one talks to us and this lack of communnication bothers me.
  • MagraalMagraal ✭✭✭
    Ziomicio wrote: »
    EME forgot to change A LOT of things when they ported the new patch from ktera... hopefully it will all be fixed.... hopefully.

    The problem is, as I understand it, that EME doesn't do the 'porting'- they only translate, for the most part. BHS is directly responsible for adding the majority of the stuff we're missing. EME should have realised it was -all- missing a lot sooner, though.
  • NopiNopi ✭✭✭✭✭
    I'm seeing that people now seem to take some responsibility off EME for these glaring errors. I don't hate EME but just saying they have little say when there are supposed to be test builds of this same patch. And they, EME, should have been aware enough to at least notice some of these hard to not notice issues. Maybe they could have at least asked BHS what big changes other than the new class and dungeon rolling were included. These safeguards should have been done before releasing such a patch.

    See. It's not only fashion coupons. Removed were also the in game obtainable reward credits and then there's the whole feedstock mess. These aren't tiny issues and even though I completely understand that maintaining an mmo is a very hard thing, I believe that they should have been aware of these issues, and even know to some extent their implications if they released the patch as it is now.

    TL DR, BHS might make the game, but because EME decided to publish here, they are responsible to release and keep a version with as few problems as possible.

    That's simply my opinion on this matter.
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