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Error: 0111:0001 General Failure We were unable to connect to the TERA Server List.

Long story short, I was playing Tera just fine for over 2 years, but 4 days ago, I had a power outage in the area, and when the power and internet got back up, I'm not able to get in Tera anymore. The launcher always show me the error:
Error: 0111:0001
General Failure

We were unable to connect to the TERA Server List. Please check your internet connectivity, and try to connect again. For more troubleshooting steps please visit the link below.


I tried everything according to the site, but nothing works. I also tried to reinstall Tera, or copy Tera from a working laptop, or reinstall window 10, but none works. The weird thing is this only happens to Tera, I can still surf webs, watch stuffs, play other games (Paladins, Overwwatch, RE6, etc) just fine. Also, I can still connect and play Tera on my laptop on the same network, regardless wired or wireless.

Basically I ran out of idea of how to fix it. I tried to contact support, but the nature of support it will take them at least a week to reply to the ticket, maybe more since it's holiday season. I need some help to figure out what is wrong with my game.


  • ArcherOfEnvyArcherOfEnvy Netherlands ✭✭✭
    This is not a bug report, for technical issues create a support ticket, due to holiday seasons, it's going to be longer than usual to get to your ticket. I'm pretty sure that it states so on the support page as well.
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